Places to visit in Greenland

The place of Greenland is not actually a green coloured tourist destination. It is indeed one of the coldest places on the face of Earth. The world’s largest island is located in between the Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. It has its location towards the east of the Canadian Arctic archipelago. Greenland is to date associated with Denmark, Norway and Europe as colonial powers. Nuuk Greenland is the capital of Greenland as well as the largest city in the world. The majority of the people speak English and Danish over there. Christianity is widely followed and the Danish krone is used as the currency. There is no president of the country as such but Naalakkersuisut is the Prime Minister of the place.

Food and culture

The cuisine of Greenland is mainly based on non-vegetarian recipes. People generally consume dishes made out of fish, mammals and Birds. The national dish of Greenland is Suaasat. Inuit is the Greenland culture. The majority of the people prefer ice fishing and annual dog-sledge races are also held. Greenland is currently one of the best tourist attractions and it holds dog racing, hiking and ice fishing contests annually.

Best places to visit Nuuk Greenland

Every corner of Greenland has a beauty that is worth exploring. The glaciers and the Iceberg form the major environment of the place. They also act as the reason why tourists would come to the place. The fantastic shapes of sky blue icebergs that keep floating over the sea and oceans look extremely stunning. Also, there are beautiful green colour mountains that have breathtaking wildflowers and hot Springs give nostalgia. The whales and polar bears can also be found.

1.Greenland national museum
Greenland national museum

The Greenland National Museum is an amazing place that has a collection of Vivid paintings and kayaks. You can also find carvings and hunting equipment from early times. Amongst the rarest sites that are available in the museum is the collection of 500 old mummies of women and children. It is said that they have been preserved ever since 1978. Some of them are so well preserved that you can even find facial tattoos of different colours on them. The Museum is also a place for geological exhibition. Located at Nuuk, the National Museum of Greenland is a very Mighty place that Nobita should miss. Book your tickets here.

2.Qaqortoq museum
Qaqortoq museum

You would find the beautiful red coloured Rocky structures that are very attractive in their own way. Qaqortoq is one such structure that is situated in between these many red coloured houses. It exhibits the northern culture and represents artefacts. The beautifully reconstructed blue room and the red room have some of the rarest collections that you would love to see.

3.The northern lights
The northern lights

One of the biggest light shows in Greenland is the northern lights that can definitely give you a spectacular experience. you should plan out or travel to aurora borealis to make sure that you do catch hold of this. The best time to enjoy the thrill is somewhere between the month of November and March. December and February are also favourable because the nights are clear and you will be able to enjoy greater visibility of the light shows.

4.Ilulissat ice fjord
Ilulissat ice fjord

One of the most visited sites in Greenland and also recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004 is Ilulissat ice fjord. Situated on the coast of Disco Bay, the pieces brakes of from glaciers and floats clearly on the coastal waters. The awe-inspiring natural place is definitely going to give a good treat to your senses.

5.Disko line
Disko line

You would definitely love whale watching in the disco line area of Greenland. Specifically, you should plan out the visit during the month of July because that is when the Iceberg melts and whale watching is possible. Apart from the Disko line, you can also enjoy the Greenland Adventures at Nuuk and Qeqertarsuaq.

6.Sermermiut Eskimo settlements
Sermermiut Eskimo settlements

Around 2 kilometres from the town of Ilulissat, you would come across the ancient Eskimo settlements that were exacerbated during the beginning of the twentieth century. It has well-preserved eminent that are quite fascinating to watch. The artefacts are also quite interesting to see. You can roughly take a walk of 1 hour while choosing the centre of Ilulissat in order to reach the museum.

7.Uunartoq hot springs
Uunartoq hot springs

Available throughout Greenland, Uunartoq has an ideal temperature for bathing and helping your body to get rid of stress and multiple diseases. The naturally heated spring merges into a small pool where you will find yourself surrounded by all sorts of Mountain peaks and icebergs. It is a perfect place for a short boat ride as well. Literally, there are thousands of visitors coming to this place just to have a look at the amazing hot spring that is nowhere else
available in Greenland.

8.Viking ruins
Viking ruins

During the Vikings period, Viking ruins are one of the most popular things to see in Greenland. It is said that the settlements died in very suspicious conditions. There is a very fascinating history behind the place that you would love to explore by hearing different stories.

9.Exploring by boats and ferries
Exploring by boats and ferries

On the other hand, Nuuk Greenland, Plan out a cruise amongst icebergs and glaciers to discover the bays and fjords. You can always rent a boat to discover the areas of Greenland. There are beautiful walls of ice that are mighty in shape. The life of Greenland is full of adventure. You can discover it all through sea excursions. The Wonders of Greenland can be discovered Better by joining the local Greenlanders who can help you to rent a ferry.

10.Dog sledging and snowmobile tours
Dog sledging and snowmobile tours

Also, no doubt that exploring the wildlife of Greenland is very interesting. You can get the most irresistible and unique experience by exploring the natural environment of snow. There would be Dog sledging and snowmobile tours. The Winter Times can easily help you to get a tour operator that can help you explore different places of Greenland under budget.

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