The city of Colombia is the capital of South Carolina which is the largest city in the United-States. Colombia is the centre of the Metropolitan statistical area and has a whooping population. It is also the 70th largest metropolitan statistical area as estimated by the United States. Colombian Peso is what they use as the currency in the City. Below we have collected the top 10 best places to visit around Colombia. Best time to travel, Safe tips, Things to do in your Colombia travel.

Culture and food

The community Theatres depict Colombian shows in various places. People of Colombia are quite fond of shows and exhibitions. They’re also comprehensive museums that exhibit a lot about science, technology, art and culture. The Colombian culture is quite inspired by the Spanish. People mostly follow Catholicism and have traditionally rich beliefs. There are no racial groups that maintain ancestral heritage. The festivals of Columbia include the Barranquilla carnival, and the Holi week in Popayan.

If there is something most interesting about Colombia, it is the food of the place. There are Pristine beaches and diverse gastronomic scenes. People are mostly into consuming non-vegetarian dishes and pot prepared recipes. Some of the most commonly consumed recipes in Columbia include bandeja paisa, arepas, empanadas, Patacones, sancocho.

Best things to do in Col0mbia

Earlier, people did not even consider visiting Colombia because they said and believed that it doesn’t have anything interesting. The change truly began when people started receiving some exotic travelling experiences over here. The beautiful and vibrant city of Columbia is rich in culture and has a plethora of tourist destinations. Here we have got some of the best places to visit in Colombia that you will not find in any other place in this world. Here is the list of the top 10 best places to travel to Colombia

1. Tierradentro Tombs

Best places to visit Tierradentro Tombs
Tierradentro Tombs

These tombs are preserved ever since the 7th century and have the most treasured archaeological findings. Taking a Short trip to Tierradentro is definitely worth it. Tierradentro is one of the most exotic places that doesn’t need you to care about the crowd. There is a tiny entry fee and the visitors can explore a lot of things like Tombs and on-site Museums.

2. Tayrona National Park

Best places /Tayrona National Park/ colombia
Famous-Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park is a natural attraction of Columbia that is bordered by the Caribbean Sea. If you love challenges and want some hiking trails over here, tayrona National Park has some of the most exotic seashores near it. It is one of the three Colombian Caribbean national parks with coral reefs on its territory.

3. Laguna de Guatavita de Guatavita
The Laguna de Guatavita

For an adventure laden tour, do not forget to visit Laguna de guatavita tourist destination that is a very interesting place with sparkling water and interesting cultural things. It would definitely make your journey to Columbia incomplete if you would not visit this place. Enjoy a guided tour to the state-protected reserve and also spend some time learning about the culture of the native people.

4. San Andres Island

Colombia/San Andres Island
San Andres Island

You can take a short boat trip from San Andreas Island where there are beautiful blue coloured sights to catch up. If in case you are looking forward to more active experiences, you can also rent a canoe that is quite nearby a couple of few more tourist destinations.

5. Coffee Plantation Tour

Colombia/Coffee Plantation Tour
Coffee Plantation Tour

None of the travellers should miss out on the Colombian coffee plantations that are very exotic. You must also try to grab a cup of fresh black coffee that is much mesmerizing than any other beverage in this world. Hacienda Venecia is the plantation that offers delicious cups of coffee they seem to be one of the best things in Colombia.

6. Cali


If you love to dance and do some Salsa, the place of Cali is the world capital for it. The vibrant capital has a Gothic-style church that was built back in the 1930s. Also, there are some of the most beautiful buildings that have stained glasses. Cristo ray is yet another most significant Statue of the place that stands erect with a height of 26 metres. Take a soft walk up to the town and drink the local fruit beverage that has a bit of alcohol.

7. Santuario de Las Lajas

Colombia/Santuario de Las Lajas
Santuario de Las Lajas

One of the most beautiful places that have been a part of Columbia architecture is Santuario de Las Lajas. The place is located on the border of Columbia with Ecuador. The Gothic style Cathedral is built over the deep river George. It is very gorgeous to see from far away. Indeed, the high cliff church has an interesting history behind it. You would never like to miss the place because of the views and breath-taking scenes it has.

8. Cartagena’s Old Town

Colombia/Cartagena's Old Town
Cartagena’s Old Town

One of the oldest and Spanish colonial settlements in South America includes Cartagena’s. The town is rich in culture and history. It has a lot of interesting things to view in the empty streets that have a myriad of fruit trees and tropical fruits sold in the streets themselves. Finally, after reaching the place of Cartagena, you would feel as if there is some type of energy that has come within you.

9. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá/colombia
Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

The ones who are fond of discovering different types of religious structures can explore the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá which is quite popular. Also, the salt centric place is very beautiful and interesting to spend some quality time. During the weekends, the visitors can learn about the salt industry in the church itself.

10. Amazon Jungle

Amazon Jungle-colombia
The Amazon Jungle

With a lot of devastation taking place, Amazon jungles should not be missed if you are on a tour to Columbia. The lifetime opportunity helps one to experience nature in the finest way possible. There are a couple of companies that offer excursions to the Jungle that range from One Day to one week. The sports lovers are definitely going to have a Gala time at this place. It would disconnect you to the cloud world and throw you in a relaxation ground where you can get rid of all your negativities. Likewise, if you have ever dreamt of sleeping under the stars, the Amazon forest in Colombia is the ideal place for it. You can enjoy traditional food during the Jungle experience.

Finally, This was all about the best things to do and places to explore in Columbia. Hopefully, our guide was helpful in helping you to attain the basic facts and knowledge about the City.

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