Best places to visit in Paris, France

French Kiss is not the only thing that makes France very famous. Indeed there are plenty of tourist destinations that can leave the visitors awestruck in no time. Only when you arrive in a beautiful place can you taste the elegant culture and fine wines of France.

Neoclassical architecture and the most recognizable monuments fill the picture-perfect destination. The Eiffel Tower and the beaches are worth exploring no matter when you visit this location. The Mount Blanca and the charm of the French Riviera remain unfazed always. Here we have compiled a list of some best tourist destinations in France that should not be missed in any case Places to visit in France-

1. Marseilles

Perhaps one of the oldest cities in France is also the second-largest one. It talks about medieval architecture and distinguished venues. The working town consists of several universities and factories, which contribute to the economy of the region. In addition, the Quai des belles is a famous harbour of the city where visitors can easily choose to rent luxury yachts and boats. The natural attractions of the place are astonishingly beautiful. Spend some time in the Majestic limestone clips and regional centre of Arts and culture. Therefore, La Vieille charity is a fancy place with lots of entertaining stuff in it.


Located towards the East Central part of the French country, Lyon is indeed the capital of the Lyon department. The rich history of the place introduces visitors to the basics of French culture. Brotteaux district has several parks and entertainment areas. The popular astronomical clock can be found in the Saint-Jean Cathedral, and souvenir shops and restaurants can also be found in this particular city, Places to visit in France.

3. Strasbourg

The perfect harmony of France and Germany can be seen in another place but Strasbourg. There are plenty of European Institutions and governmental bodies lying in the City. The blend of perfect German and French culture can be seen at this particular place in the form of architectures & languages. There are so many museums that have striking attractions. The Gothic Cathedral has the imported pink rhinestone that is 300 years old. The astrological clock is also very pretty and attractive. The riverfront area of la petite France is a Majestic place with so many characteristics.

The town has a lot of timber work in the houses. The true national DE Strasbourg and muse des beaux-arts are some of the most famous museums over yours. Enjoy the delectable cuisine that is a true blend of German and French flavour. there are also free drinks offered by several breweries. Normally in this location people dine on German noodles, meat and vegetable stew.

4.Loire valley

The popular tourist destination is known for its breathtaking beauty and the Picture Perfect wine-yard. It is a cultural centre in France. The historic villages are also an important part of this place. The valley stretches up to 175 miles along the Loire river. There are some of the most beautiful French villages that include Amboise where Leonardo da Vince used to live during his adolescence. The tourism to Chi non, Orleans and anglers are also quite significant.
One of the most enticing features of this area is the chateaux that are strewn around the dominant green hills. The nobility of France designed the Grand Country brand of luxury palaces.

5. Luberon

If you really want to mingle in the French society, do try visiting the place of Luberon. You would love to explore the charming villages that are known for their heavenly beauty. In terms of biology, Luberon is especially rich in diversity. Approximately 1,500 native species become estimated to engage contributing towards 30% of both the fauna and flora of France. 17,000 marine animals and sub-species including almost 2,300 creatures of Lepidoptera, or approximately 40% of the life forms in Europe. On the frontier of the Little and the Big Luberon, the historical castle of the Marquis de Sade is a place of history and a popular area of tourism in France.

6. Annecy

The wonderful destination has the crisscross canal and various beautiful places to be explored. Annecy can never disappoint you when it comes to exploring the true beauty of France. You shouldn’t skip Chateau Annecy. Versatile and creative, the location is well known in the city thanks to its socio-economic and holiday development. Completely overrun since the roman empire, a Newcastle once dominated the property.

Today, the city of la Croix-Gevrier receives a significant number of visitors who are excited to explore the Savoyard city’s historical heritage. It is also granted a cultural influence by its connection to Annecy. Indeed, the achievement of Cran-Gevrier is the various cultural forms of analysis in qualitative across the year.


How can we miss out in Paris when Counting on the best tourist destinations in France. The City of Love, the Fashion Capital, and the City of Lights are just a few of the nicknames given to Paris. The art and Lori of Paris and not hidden by anybody on this earth. The place is home to several museums and the Cathedral. Do not forget to spend time in Luxembourg Garden and do some shopping in the street markets of the place. The open-air Markets and Flea market are very pleasurable and affordable ll. They have the best shopping stuff renowned fashion designers in the world.

8. Lille

This same city is famous for its beautiful experiences and is located in the north of France. The Grande Braderie de Lille is known as Lille. The place is as beautiful as the most famous delicacy. there are french fries and mussels that are exotic and tasty. After you enjoy a good meal at this place, head to visit the beaux-arts de Lille which is the very famous Museum at this place.

9. Nice

The place in which the famous Pebble beach is located is the origin of Promenade English. The beauty of Saint-Jean cap ferret where you can hang out with your friends and go through the place’s historical monuments is not missed. In the second part of the 18th century, unless a growing number of royal families started to experience their winter elsewhere, the natural environment of the Nice city and its stunning mild landscape attracted the attention of the French

10. Toulouse

The pink city is very popular for its art and culture. You would love to enjoy the drinks and in the place with your loved ones. That is a touch of serenity that would add to the fun and relaxation for Shoppers Stop the famous Japanese garden is very close proximity to this place.

11. Dordogne

We can end our list with a place where we all can spend months and weeks with our beloved partner. As we explored the endless beauty of Dordogne, we would never get tired. The majority of postcard pictures of plants you see are all from Dordogne. The pretty awesome place has the famous wall of Lascaux. It also has the well-preserved heat of Castle and chateau de Beynac, Places to visit in France.

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