Best places to visit in New Zealand

The photogenic country of New Zealand offers some exotic beauty and unbeatable tourist places. There are places full of mountains, beaches, thermal glaciers, and native forests. The environmentally preserved place was also the first one to become Covid free during the pandemic. New Zealand is a mix of cosmopolitan cities and beautiful villages. It has Pristine beauty that should be discovered if you are looking forward to exploring one of the most beautiful tourist places in the world – Here are the best places to visit in New Zealand.

1. The Coromandel Peninsula

The Coromandel Peninsula is known for beautiful sand that makes it a Picture Perfect place for exploration. It is also one of the natural wonders of the world because the place has been reached in Golden mining. Do not miss out on the hot water beach where visitors can create their own hot pool and enjoy the spring underneath the warm sand. The natural beauty of New Zealand is not just limited to a couple of places and destinations. Indeed there are so many beautiful Treasures for Travelers to visit. The natural beauty of New Zealand covers up some beaches that are perfect for Mountain biking, outdoor activity, and sport. New Zealand is also a destination where you can find several accommodations where there are home-like arrangements for food and breakfast. The Coromandel Peninsula itself has places for fine dining that visitors can explore.

2. Sky Tower

The height of the Sky Tower is around 328 meters and is the tallest freestanding structure that helps in better telecommunication throughout New Zealand. There are arrangements for lunch and breakfast as well. Spend your time at Orbit revolving restaurant and you will be able to create some good memories with your partner for sure.

3. Fiordland National Park

Counted among the World Heritage sites, Fiordland National Park has sculpted glaciers and dramatic landscapes to attract visitors. Visitors would love to explore the virgin rain forest and the beautiful lakes that are quite romantic. There are also tall and attractive mountain peaks that one can select for supporting and doing different activities. The path is definitely the best place for hikers and sports flowers. One can also practice sea kayaking as it is commonly seen over here.

4.Bay of Islands

Located in the north of Thailand, you just have to take a drive of roughly 4 hours from the north of Auckland to reach out to the beautiful bay of islands that are famous for their uniqueness. With more than 144 islands in a single place, there is no limit to selling and yachting on them. The place further gets its beauty from the penguin, whales, and dolphins that have a permanent residence over here. Visitors can also enjoy sea kayaking and strolling over the sands.

5. Fox and Franz Josef Glacier

Among the major tourist attractions of New Zealand is the Fox and Franz Josef Glacier. It is spectacular for its natural beauty as you can see rivers having a lot of ice flowing over them. The gentle coastal climate makes the place a perfect tourist destination and you can explore it on foot as well. Hire a guide to discover the intricacies of the region and also visit the frozen landscapes that have a history to tell. The fascinating hot pools are just perfect for visiting at least once in a lifetime.

6. South Island Queens town

The remarkable tourist destination is the adventure capital of New Zealand. It is also among the topmost tourist destinations in New Zealand because of its vivid character. You would love to spend time in jet boating river rafting, Rock climbing, Mountain biking, and paragliding. There is so much at Queens town to fuel the visitors. Enjoy exploring the stunning Alpine scenery and also so click pictures with your loved ones. Queens town has first-class hotels, shops, galleries, and Spa centers. It is not only a place for sightseeing trips but also a lovely destination to relax.

7.Lake Taupe

The glittering lake Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand. There is also the famous Tongariro National Park that is just spectacular for its beauty and volcanic features. The national park has dramatic beauty and turquoise lakes. It also brags about Alpine rose and hot Springs. Indeed the arrow Alpine crossing is a popular place selected for daytime strolling. You can choose the place for hiking and practising low-level sports activities.

8. Rotorua North Island

The most active geothermal region of New Zealand includes Rotorua where you can find pools of boiling mud, volcanic craters, thermal geysers, and steaming thermal Springs. Visitors can discover the place by simply choosing a walking tour of the geothermal wonders. They can easily explore interesting attractions and learn about the rich Maori culture as well. People who seek adventure in New Zealand can indulge in skydiving, Mountain biking, and different activities that are popularly practiced over here. You can also visit the famous champagne pool and lady Knox geyser.

9.Abel Tasman National Park

Among the great walks of Best places to visit in New Zealand, the Abel Tasman coast track is one of the sunniest places in the country of New Zealand. There are beautiful Penguin and dolphins that create a panoramic view. Photographers would love to spend time in the weathered rock formation specifically in the split Apple rock.

10. Aoraki Mount cook

Situated in the heart of the Southern Alps, the highest peak of New Zealand is none other than but Aoraki Mount cook that lies in the borders of Aoraki National Park. It is said that sir Edmund Hillary was trained here and the place is the top destination for Mountaineering as well. The diversity of flora and fauna is appreciable over here. With more than 300 species of flora and fauna and over 40 species of Birds, Mount cook villages are amongst wonderful places for exploring and organizing sports activities like stargazing, hunting, scenic flights, and hiking. Here we end the list of best tourist destinations in New Zealand and hopefully, you find at least a couple of them for yourself.

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