The landlocked country is the seat of Government and capital of La Paz. The largest city of Bolivia is Santa Cruz De La Sierra which is also an industrial centre. Spanish is the local language of people and the majority follow Christianity. The total population of the country is 11 million with more than 36 indigenous languages are spoken here. Boliviano is the local currency of Bolivia. Summer and New year will be the Best time to travel to Bolivia salt flats.

Culture and Food

Bolivian culture is influenced by Spanish traditions and art. The fashion of handicraft is completely prominent in the nation. Education has a major role to play as there are public and private universities that help the youth of the nation to become literate. The cuisine of Bolivia includes rice, beef, meat and chicken as the prominent food. People also consume fruits and vegetables in order to remain in good health and shape.

Places to visit in Bolivia

The Peaceful place of Bolivia is centrally beautiful and fascinating. It has some of the most breathtaking tourist destinations with decent facilities. The country charm and beauty never fades away and it is definitely going to give you an amazing experience while you explore it.


Rio de Janeiro beach is responsible for the term Copacabana that is indeed famous worldwide. You can also spend some time in the nearby Titicaca lake that has a magnificent Cathedral that delivers a pleasant experience to the travellers. It would be recommended to visit Isla Del SOL so that the scenic and serene beauty can be enjoyed. There are plenty of other tourist destinations that you must visit about wasting any time at all. It would be recommended to visit Rio de Janeiro somewhere between the months of February and November. Because the climate is completely favourable at that time. It is also advisable to avoid ruining your trip by visiting the place during the month of December and January because the temperature is not so suitable then.

Santa Cruz De La Sierra

Located in the Amazonian part of Bolivia, Santa Cruz is one of the most appropriate tourist destinations that deserve attention from every visitor. It has several famous tourist destinations and a number of nightlife clubs to give you unhindered pleasure. The best time to pay a visit to this place is during the month of September and November because the beaches become all the more attractive during that time.

La Paz

The astounding economic and political centre of the country is really beautiful with some of the most unique tourist destinations. You can visit the local markets with cable cars. Also, have a tour of the magnificent town that is located somewhere at an altitude of 4000 metres above sea level. You will be having a short but memorable trip to this place. The best time to visit La Paz is specifically during the month of April and October when the temperature is naturally dry and cold.

Salar De Uyuni

Moreover, Salar De Uyuni is a destination that is spread over 10,000 km long. The truly beautiful place is unique and has a charm of its own. The salt hotel has earned a good reputation and a lot of popularity. Also, visitors can also have a pleasing exploration of the nearby cities that have hundreds of different things to explore. If you are on a Short trip to Bolivia, Salar De Uyuni is the place that can give you a great experience. Summer is the Best time to travel Bolivia salt flats.


The white city of Bolivia has incredible beauty and vividness. It is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions that is even listed by the UNESCO list ever since 1991. Also, The mesmerizing cathedral and placid cemetery hold utmost importance. They are indeed considered as one of the major attractions that fascinate the tourists by leaps and bounds. But, You must also plan out a visit to the lovely is centric pink Castillo De La Glorieta Castle that doesn’t deserve to be missed even if you are in a sheer hurry.


The gourmet Metropolis of Bolivia offers some of the most world-class restaurants that have an absolute Spanish atmosphere. You would be able to invest a good evening at this place because there is everything that makes it distinct and unique. However, the best time to pay a visit is specifically during the month of March and April Best time to travel to Bolivia salt flats.


Located at an altitude of 4000 metres above sea level. The mesmerizing place of Potosi has more than 800 active mines where thousands of people work. The city has plenty of tourist destinations that must be explored because they give a complete glimpse of mother nature.

Reserva Eduardo Avaroa

If you are looking forward to some adventurous trip in Bolivia. Reserva Eduardo Avaroa is a place where visitors can feel delightful. You can combine the trip by visiting the Chilean city of San Pedro where there is an amazing National Park situated. You would be able to spot the flamingos. Laguna Verde and many different types of species can precisely give you a good experience. As a piece of information, You must be ready to bear cold temperatures because they might drop below -10 degree Celsius. Best time to travel Bolivia salt flats.

The winters are literally freezing and you need to make special arrangements so that you can comfortably stay at this place. Any time of the year is convenient to visit but special arrangements for managing winter has to be made. In final words, Bolivia is one of the most attractive and beautiful tourist destinations that give the feel of heaven on earth itself. It has more tourist destinations than any other country in this world. Do not forget to plan things beforehand so that you never miss an opportunity to spend sufficient time here.

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