Argentina is a Spanish Nation and is officially known as the Argentine Republic. Situated towards the southern side of South America, the place is bordered by Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. The eighth-largest country in the world has Buenos Aires as the federal capital. Plan your  Argentina Vacation Packages according to the season. The country uses Spanish as the National language and follows Christianity as the major religion. The current president of Argentina is Alberto Fernandes. People use Argentine Peso is the local currency.

Culture and food

The multicultural land of Argentina is significantly influenced by Europeans. The country had Spanish, European and Italian immigrants that decided its culture. People follow American and European style fashion and Designs. There are bars offering live music of different varieties. Argentine cuisine is a blend of Mediterranean, Spanish and Italian immigrants. But, People survive on local agricultural produce and are known to consume the special Argentine bbq that no other country genuinely matches. The people of Argentina have an image of eating good food. People invite each other for family dinners and also celebrate Sundays preparing the traditional Argentine cuisines. The homemade food preparation includes french fries, pasta and patties.

Things to do in Argentina

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina would give you a major glimpse of the country. It has diverse European architecture and numerous attractions that are eye-pleasing for everybody. Above all, One can also visit Tango that is designated as the world heritage of humanity by UNESCO. You can enjoy a yummy dinner along with exploring the clubs and nearby neighbourhood places.

Best places to visit in Argentina-

Even after the spike of a covid-19 pandemic, Argentina did not lose its charm and still remains one of the most attractive tourist places in the world. Some of the best places that you would love to explore in Argentina at any point in time are-

El Calafate Snow mountains

The Perito Moreno Glacier is the major reason why you should visit the place of El Calafate. The park has walkways that are created in a way that you can have a clear cut glimpse of glaciers. It is very enjoyable to view the natural beauty of Argentina that is growing by leaps and bounds each day. You can also view huge chunks of ice breaking away and falling into water from this particular place.


Trekking in Sown mountain.

Ushuaia is said to be the place where the World Ends. Many people enjoy spending time at this particular budget-friendly place in Argentina. There are arrangements for local boat tours so that you can spot away the Penguins and the sea lions to have a good experience. If you are lucky to visit Argentina on a specific season, you would be able to spot the local whales here.


Beach Mountain

The wine of Argentina is like no other. Perhaps, if you would like to get the genuine taste of Argentine wine, Cafayate is the best place you can visit. Take a short walk and you will find yourself surrounded by a number of vineyards that would give you the perfect options. You can also enjoy a romantic afternoon with the beautiful scenic beauty of the place.


The ideal climate of Salta makes it one of the best tourist destinations in the country of Argentina. There are so many bars and lively cafes that can give you a perfect afternoon. Also, there are beautiful churches and local parks that can make your tourism worthwhile. Visit the place of Cerro San Bernardo where there are a number of food stands so that you can enjoy the local Argentine cuisine to the core.


Taking a trip to Argentina would be incomplete if you miss out on Bariloche, which is a beautiful lakeside town. There are snow Laden mountains and plenty of national parks that can take away all your attention at once. The place of Bariloche has no shortage of tourist accommodations. you can take advantage of the blue skies and enjoy hiking with your friends and companions.


The northern province of Argentina has stunning beautiful mountains that will definitely make you forget the other part of the world. You must specifically explore this place using a rented car. There are accommodation arrangements towards the Northern side of the town where there is a good opportunity to purchase handicraft items and souvenirs made by the localities. Plan with Argentina Vacation Packages guider.


The wine capital of Argentina is also the supplier of the world. Apart from exploring the original wine of Argentina in Mendoza, there are plenty of other things to do. The visitors can take a horse riding trip to watch the riverside and also take paragliding trips that would definitely make your tourism special. Plan with Argentina Vacation Packages guider.

Iguazu falls

Iguazu is notably one of the largest waterfalls in the world. You will definitely need some extra time exploring the place because the walkways are constructed to give a heavenly feel. There is no doubt that you could get wet while walking near the falls but then everybody should appreciate mother nature from the bottom of the heart. Plan with Argentina Vacation Packages guider.

Puerto Madryn

In other words, If you want to explore the complete wildlife of Argentina, Puerto Madryn would be the place that can give you an amazing experience. The only place in Argentina that can help you to explore the local wildlife that includes sea lions, elephants and orcas that can be spotted throughout the year. Puerto Madryn is more special because you would be able to swim with the sea lions here. The playful and inquisitive species can astonishingly give you a good selfie picture. Plan with Argentina Vacation Packages guider.

Buenos Aires

Similarly, As already mentioned, the capital of Argentina has everything that you would like to explore. It has the special Sunday Market that has plenty of hipsters coming and selling craft beers. Palermo is known for the nightlife and Recoleta is the local Supermarket. Discovering the streets of the Argentine capital would give you a vivid experience in itself. For instance, Eat, drink and enjoy in the local restaurants and have delighting tourism.

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