Historic Places to visit in World, Romania’s natural beauty is still mostly unknown. As more visitors visit Bucharest, the country’s capital, and the surrounding environs, they discover that the friendly people, folktales, and romantic allure are all very true. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten sites in Romania that everyone should see.  Here are Historic Places to visit in World.


Poenari Castle is a must-see while in Romania if ascending over 1,500 concrete steps to a bizarre castle appeals to you. The cliff-side ruined castle not only offers a little adventure and historical architecture, but it also has a blood-stained past. Poenari Castle is located on a rock face near the Carpathian Mountains on the right side of the Transfagarasan Highway. A landslide devastated much of the castle in the 1800s, but it has since been repaired and maintained so that tourists may view it in all of its beauty today.


Balea Lake is a glacial lake in Romania’s central region, located in the Fagaras Mountains (not far from Poenari Castle). During the summer, anybody may simply rent a car in Romania and drive on the Transfagarasan Highway, or take the cable car from Balea during the winter. The breathtaking beauty is well worth the trip, and everyone who goes is blown away. Stay at one of the few hotels in the region and dine at one of the restaurants with views of the undulating mountains and glistening lakes.


The Transfagarasan Highway is made up of winding highways, sometimes dangerous slopes, and stunning landscapes. Taking the time to go on this wonderful route. Which is ranked third on our list of places to see in Romania, is definitely worth it. On both sides of the route, there are various villages and towns. Offering delicious meals and beautiful vistas as you relax on your journey. As well as quaint motels and various campsites for the more adventurous. Finally,  the Transfagarasan highway was named one of the greatest driving routes in the world by Top Gear. On par with Italy’s famed Stelvio Pass, so if you’re feeling adventurous, hire a sports or luxury car and really let the valves open up the twists and turns of this legendary route.


Also, people go from all over the nation to view the impressive architecture found in Sibiu’s Upper and Lower Towns. This Romanian city epitomises the power and beauty observed throughout the country, with colourful buildings on cobblestone lanes and defensive towers overlooking the Cabin river. Secondly, three 15th-century towers, several historical squares, Roman-Catholic churches (the most notable of which is the Biserica Romano-Catolica), and the Brukenthal Palace are among the city’s attractions.


A narrow winding staircase leads through some of the storybook-like rooms, subterranean corridors. Old fashioned and antique furniture, weaponry, and armour from centuries ago.  All known as Dracula’s Castle. The castle, which overlooks the picturesque village of Bran. It is now a tourist-friendly museum with art and sculptures collected by Queen Marie (the last queen of Romania).


The ancient area of Transylvania is still regarded as one of Europe’s most attractive mediaeval cities. The birthplace of Vlad Dracula (the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s fictitious creation, Count Dracula). The Church on the Hill with its magnificent paintings, the 13th century Venetian House, and the Church of the Dominican Monastery are all popular tourist destinations. Those interested in classical and romantic history can find all they need here!


Also, Timișoara is the largest city in Western Romania, and it is number seven on our list of places to visit in Romania. The unique architectural aspect of this city on the northern bank of the Bega River. As well as its bustling cultural life, add to its allure. Most visitors hear it referred to as “Little Vienna” by the locals, which makes sense if you’ve visited the gleaming metropolis in Austria. Finally, Timisoara features some of Romania’s top musical and dramatic acts, as well as art galleries, museums, and vibrant nightlife.


Firstly, this unusual castle may be found in the city of Sinaia, at the end of a magnificent woodland trail and on a mountain slope. Peles Castle offers everything you could want in terms of magnificent architecture and attention to detail. Grand wooden spiral staircases, bizarre sculptures and unusual art, hidden entrances with secret rooms. And we can see a stain-glass roof that can be opened up during the summer are just a few of the wonderful things you’ll find while touring the grounds. 


This is possibly Romania’s most unusual attraction. People go from all over the world to view the spectacular Biggar Waterfall. Which is located in Cares-Severin County and has distinctive roaring falls. Biggar Waterfall, a major tourist attraction in Northern Romania. Moreover, pours over the crest of a giant rounded stone, where the water is sliced into minute slivers and driven off as little streams. A breathtaking location that is difficult to leave, this is a must-see for any traveller!


Finally, the exterior paintings of bright colours. And, also strange painted figures on a large cobalt blue background made this famous church famous. Thousands of tourists visit this eclectic site every year. Making it number ten on our list of top places to visit in Romania. Locals consider this chapel to be a genuine gem of Romanian culture and history. And it has become a favourite hangout spot during the summer months. Follow us on our Facebook travel group, meet new people and travel together, Historic Places to visit in World. 


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