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A food and culture Paradise, Mexico wears the crown for being the best tourist spot for food enthusiasts. Sharing borders with the USA, Mexico is often dramatized in news for its underground cultures. But aside from that, Mexico is a safe place for tourists as long as you roam in the city. Famous for its food and drink culture. Mexico borders west to the Pacific Ocean and to East by the Gulf of Mexico. Spanish is the National language spoken in Mexico.  Along with 50 other local languages that originate from the old Mexican culture. best beaches in Mexico:

But there’s more to Mexico than Tacos and Tortillas. The United Mexican States also have a lot of famous Architecture and Parks, making it worthwhile to spend a two weeks holiday. As its 11th most populated country in the world, Mexico is filled with warm local residents who welcome criminals anywhere who don’t miss a chance to rob you. So, once you check into a safe hotel, with these 11 Best Places to Visit in Mexico that are world-renowned and acknowledged, begin to see your sight.

1. X caret Park

A resort privately owned by X caret Experiencing Group, the park is built across 85 hectares of land. X caret Park serves as a theme park, Ecotourism Park and luxury resorts all in one place. There is an entry price to get into the park and you can start exploring the many hidden adventures the place provides. Tourists can boat through blue waters that pass through various caves making it a wild experience. You can get a great experience in Mexico climate and you will get more knowledge of Mexico culture.  In this park you can see different types of birds sound, most of the photographs spend a long time to get the best picture of birds.

At night, musical and dance shows have held that mirror the Mexican culture. There is also a custom-built beach shore that you can enjoy having a drink. Even though the resorts are expensive, you can pay for entry tickets for each show and ride.

2. Zona Arqueologica Palenque

A lot of Mexican architecture has Mayan influence on it as the predominant culture flourished in Southern Mexico around 7 the century. Once the race has vanquished, a lot of their buildings were preserved for years. Dated from 226 BC to 799 AD, the Palenque ruins have a great history that is worthy of exploring. Located about 130 km south of Cuidad Del Carmen, Zona Palenque is a famous place to visit in Chiapas City. A lot of fallen architecture has been rebuilt to keep the culture intact. Plan a visit here and learn about the famous Mayan civilization, their way of living and their thoughtful architecture.

This place is a symbol that is also called a symbol of love and support. This looks very high and we can also climb if we want can take pictures, Best Beaches in mexico.

3. Pyramid of the Sun

The Pyramid of the Sun is located at the heart of the Mexican city and is known worldwide. It is the largest building in Meso-America as a whole. The Pyramid, with a history dating back to 200 AD, is a complex structure constructed along the Avenue of the Dead. Open for tourists from morning to evening, you can buy the entry ticket and a lot of tour guides will be waiting for you.

There are also other Pyramids nearby namely the Pyramid of the Moon and Ciudadela, all at once place. Also known as Pyramid De Sol to the locals, you can travel to Teotihuacan from Mexico and return back by evening. Best Beaches in Mexico.

4. Marietta Islands

The uninhabited islands located in the state of Nayarit are a great spot for adventure enthusiasts. As the Mexican Government prohibited fishing and business in these Islands, they have been long abandoned by businessmen. This paved way for the tourism industry, with thousands of tourists flocking to these beautiful islands to spend their summers. There is an abundance of marine life and adventure sports like Scuba Diving, Water Sailing and Snorkeling. The most famous activity though is Scuba diving, where tourists reported seeing Whales, Dolphins and Sea turtles in close proximity. Surrounded by Ocean on all sides, Marietta Islands is the best place to chill out and have an adventure in Bahia de Banderas, Mexico.

5. Palacio De Bellas Artes

Famously called the Cathedral of Art in Mexico, Palacio De Artes lies to the Western side of Mexico City adjacent to the Alameda Central Park. Filled with Ancient Art, Sculptures and Paintings, Although, the famous cultural centre receives many visitors on a daily basis. Built as a National theatre in the late 19th Century, the building was turned into Cultural Museum in the 20th Century.

Besides these, The Neoclassical interior inspired by Italian and Roman architecture is beautiful to look at. Classical music concerts are performed by popular composers every weekend and admission is permitted with a paid pass. Art on the first floor and the Museum on the first floor separate the displays.

6. The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

Mexico is filled with natural wonders and ‘El Arco’ is the best of them. The tiny island formed through years of rock formation lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This point is also called ‘Land’s End’ as the Gulf of California ends there. Home to Sea lions, tourists can either take a Cruise Ship to have a meal and enjoy the Sea. You can also ride a Glass Bottom boat that will allow you to feel as if you’re floating on the waters. Once you reach the base of the Island, a little trek along a few rocks and you will be gifted with amazing views of El Arco. The natural rock formation has a history of more than 115 million years, making it a precious sight to see.

7. Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The prestigious shrine built-in 1709 has a long history of faith with Mexicans. The famous cloak containing the holy image of Lady Guadalupe has long been thought to be the place where the Holy Mary appeared to Saint Juan Diego. However, The new Cloak construction finished in 1974 is a much beautiful version of the old cloak. Visited by millions of people every year, the National Shrine of Mexico is a place for religious gatherings, Best Beaches in mexico.

In other words, It is also a place to observe the complicated yet fascinating architecture of Catholic Churches. Once you climb to the top, you can see both Cathedrals at once. Tourists who come to Mexico make it a ritual to visit the Basilica and pray for some time every year on December 12.

8. Soumaya Museum

Hosting over 70,000 works from famous artists around the world, the Soumaya Museum is both an architectural and historic wonder. The museum, founded in the 1900s, was named after Soumaya Domit, the wife of the museum’s founder, Carlos Slim. For Instance, Featuring a unique structure covered in Silver pentagons, this museum is grand in every aspect. Modern art from the likes of Salvador Dali, Tintoretto and European ancient art from Auguste Rodin fill the entry station of the museum. Soumaya was designed by Fernando Romero and is now the most visited museum in Mexico. Even though, If you are in the city of Mexico, make a visit to Plaza Carso and Plaza Loreto, the twin museums that house Art from over 30 centuries old.

Mexico is a tropical place full of beaches, museums and caves for swimming. There are a lot of hidden gems like Dos Ojos Cenote, Gran Cenote and Agua Azul Waterfalls that provide a serene atmosphere. But if you don’t have a travel guide with you, we do not recommend that you wander into unknown areas that don’t have any locals. But once you are in the City, make sure you visit the above Best Places in Mexico and then travel to the beach shores to enjoy tasty Mexican cuisine along with a few beers.

If you’ve travelled to Mexico and have discovered many more beautiful places, please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. whoah this blog is wonderful i really like reading your articles. Keep up the great paintings! You realize, a lot of people are hunting round for this info, you could help them greatly.

  2. whoah this blog is wonderful i really like reading your articles. Keep up the great paintings! You realize, a lot of people are hunting round for this info, you could help them greatly.

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