Places to visit in the USA in 2020/2021

A trip to the USA will be on everyone’s bucket list. There are more than 50 states and famous towns in the famous North American country that we will see frequently in advertising and movie. The United States is a nation that might need approximately 1 month of tourism to visit all the sectors, full to the brim with both mountain tops, coastline and breathtaking views architectures. Those who know we don’t have too much time, though, and that we have compiled this list for you. Whatever month you are travelling, we have highlighted the Best Places to visit in the USA that month, Best Places to Visit in the world.

1. January – Miami

Known for its active nightlife, Miami is located on the South-Eastern coast of Florida. Being a major port city, Miami offers passenger cruise ships that include parties, dinners and accommodations. Fresh off the new year vibes, Miami in January will have low prices and also fewer tourists compared to December. From Sunny Beaches to Glamorous Pubs, Miami has it all.

2. February – Hawaii

One of the most breathtaking places in the whole world, Hawaii is a culmination of 137 islands. All of them situated in the Pacific Ocean, far off the coast of California. For tourists who want to avoid the hustle of cities, Hawaii is the perfect place to visit in February. The cool breeze that flows through the beaches and forests is something to be experienced. Waikiki Beach, Waimea Canyon, Nepali Coast and Volcano hiking are the famous places to visit in Hawaii.

3. March – Las Vegas

Yes, we know Las Vegas lights up in December. But that’s the reason you would want to visit Las Vegas in the offseason. All pubs, casinos and hotels are filled with minimum tourists in March. This will make your trip a little cheaper in the costliest city. Las Vegas has both Casinos, Golf courts and adventure sports making it a suitable city for tourists of all ages. MGM Grand and Bellagio are the famous casinos to visit even if you don’t play.

4. April – Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is the Greatest Tourist attraction in the USA and for the best reasons possible. The natural wonder has carved itself for more than a million years by the Colorado River. As of 2020, Grand Canyon measures 446 km long, 1.6 km deep and 29 km wide. But don’t worry, you also have access to Grand Canyon National Park that offers Wildlife viewing, adventure activities for people who are interested.

5. May – Aspen

Located in the remote part of Colorado, the Rocky Mountain city is known for its Snow mountain peaks. Aspen has many Ski slopes that offer tourists a variety of adventure sports. May proves to be the best option to visit Aspen for the optimum temperature. Aspen Highlands, Community Church, Wheeler Opera House and Ajax Mountain are the must-watch places in Aspen. Skiing, Snowboarding and Snowmobiling are famous sports.

6. June – Yosemite National Park

If you own a Mac, you probably got across the famous Yosemite Wallpaper. Recognized for its Jaw-dropping beauty and wildlife sanctuary, Yosemite National Park deserves a special visit. The park flourishes in the months of June and July with an abundance of trees. The place is filled with majestic cliffs, mountains and glaciers all around. Car Drives around Tioga Road, Mariposa Grove and Merced Grove is the best way to experience the whole park in less time. A long drive through the Sierra Nevada mountains of California will get you to the National park.

7. July – Denali National Park

Located in the dense mountain land of Alaska, Denali hosts a variety of wildlife species that include rare animals. Tourists are allowed only by foot or dog sledge until the front park. To go further, one must contact the authorities for a narrated bus tour. The single stretch road of Denali Park proves to be a serene car drive with your loved ones. Adventure sports like Hiking, Fishing, Sled Dog riding are available for all tourists, Best Places to Visit in the world.

8. August – Seattle

Seattle is one of the busiest cities in the USA with many International companies setting up their headquarters here. If you need an overview of city life in the US, there is no better place than Seattle. Known for its Pearl Jam and Street Rock, there is a plethora of culture and seafood to mingle with. Pioneer Square, Klondike Gold Rush Park, Woodland Park and Seattle Aquarium are the must-visit places in Seattle, Best Places to Visit in the world.

9. September – Orlando

Please your family and kids with a trip to Orlando – a famous Hollywood destination. Here you can find Live sets, storybook characters and thriller rides, all of them pointing towards a cinema-like experience. The joyous city welcomes millions of tourists every year. Alongside the giant theme parks, Orlando streets are famous for bars, comedy clubs and Pubs. There are also Botanic centres where you can see Alligators, Orchids and other Ocean wildlife in a safe environment. Fly to Orlando in September for the best experience.

10. October – Yellow Stone National Park

As the weather starts to turn cold everywhere, Yellow Stone park with its famous Geysers proves to be the best destination. The park builds in 1872, hosts many hot springs and thermal areas. The main attraction, Yellowstone lies on top of a Volcano hotpot where the mantle keeps rising towards the surface. The geothermal site has been long visited by tourists in Winters to get the much needed warm experience. The park also features megafauna and wildlife habitats along the park borders.

11. November – San Francisco

If you’re done visiting National Parks and Serene Landscapes, it’s time to explore to city. San Francisco is one of the beautiful cities in the USA with a culturally rich heritage. The Golden Gate Bridge attracts tourists from all over the world. Walk, Cycle or ride a bike along the bridge for a serene experience. Also, visit China Town streets for an extensive collection of artefacts that you can take back with you. Fisherman’s Wharf is also famous for its ferry trip to Alcatraz Island.

12. December – New York City

A city of multiple Cultures, New York is the crown child of the USA. Combining Korean, Chinese, Italian, Jewish and African cultures, the city is a mixed culture pot with a little everything for all cultures. Spending your New year here will make sure you get the best of all cultures. Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Ellis Island and Empire State Building are famous tourist locations. There is also Neon light shows across Times Square and Broadway performances every day.

Whatever month it may be, the United States of America is a culturally rich place that has maintained the top position in tourist places. You can find beaches, adventure sports, snow mountains, Rich cities and Old architecture all in one place. So, pack your bags and visit these 12 Best Places in the USA by month with your family, Best Places to Visit in the world.

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