Virginia Islands

Virginia Island is officially known as the Virgin Islands of The United States of America. The islands are basically virgin islands archipelago that forms a famous tourist destination. The official language of the place is English and it has got Charlotte Amalie as the capital. The country uses the United States dollar as its currency. Time to visit Chincoteague Island Virginia.

Best places to visit and things to do

One of the most prominent things to do on Virginia Island is snorkelling and exploring boating opportunities. You would also come across rum drinks that are quite fascinating in taste. Places like buck Island help tourists have a good place for feeding and bruising. The Fabulous beach has the best things to do. Another tourist destination in Virginia Island is the Jack and Isaac bay access point that helps one to enjoy the White sand and Bluewater. You can snorkel right away on the shore and chill out at cane bay.

Enjoy the best of food and music at Saint Thomas port town that has the best restaurants and bars on the island. You would find a variety of beers and burgers to quench your needs. Also, there is a cruising service available for exploring the island better.

Best places to visit in Virginia Islands

Virginia Island is amongst the top places to visit in the Caribbean because of its exquisite history and natural beauty. There are tropical forests, lush green jungles, rocky covers and curving beaches that can literally give a treat to your eyes. People usually prefer activities like sightseeing, snorkelling, hiking and diving in the Virgin Islands.

1.National Park at Saint John
National park

The Jewel of Caribbean, virgin Island National Park is the single largest tourist attraction that has been existing ever since 1956. It is considered to be a natural beauty with a lot of recreational activities to do around. Nature lovers are definitely going to enjoy the ecological diversity of the park that has more than 30 species of tropical birds and 800 species of plants. Also, there are coconut, palm, sea Grape and different types of trees. And the park is open at all times, so if you are a day person visit and get some vitamin D and if you are a night person enjoy the stars lying on the beach.

2.Trunk Bay Beach
Trunk Bay

The sandy and turquoise water beach of Trunk Bay is a must while visiting the Virgin Islands. Take a ferry ride and feel the wind of the beach. Enjoy underwater snorkelling in the Trunk Bay beach that is nested within the Virgin Islands National Park. For the beginners to make it easy, there is a marked trail underwater. The turquoise water that seems to be a part of creamy sand is a perfect option for photography. The crystal Clearwater has several live species. If you travel in the car you need to arrive early as the parking is limited. Although people visit to enjoy snorkelling and for a sight of crystal clear water, there is also a wide range of food and beverage options for you to try while roaming around.

3.Buck Island reef National monument
Buck Island Reef National monument

The beautiful black Island reef Monument has the best dive site on the Virgin Islands. It is also a perfect option for divers and snorkelers who love to watch tropical fishes and different varieties of sea animals. The buck Ireland also has certain protected beaches that can be chosen as picnic spots and cooking grills. Not only these, but the turtle beach is also one of the best sights to visit as you can see the turtles resting or eating on the seagrass. You could also experience the tropical fish galore and the coral reefs.

4.Peter Island
Peter Island

Peter Island is an amazing place for spending some luxurious time because the hotels and restaurants are slightly expensive over here. The beaches are absolutely white in colouring and you would see the sparkling water. Never to forget the Deadman’s beach which is glorious to watch. Besides these, a luxurious mountain top spa with relaxing massage and high-class treatment is a must while visiting Peter Island.

5. Magens Bay St Thomas
Magens Bay St Thomas

Magen’s Bay has listed in the world most beautiful beaches because it looks Picture Perfect. It is completely covered by coconut palms and green hills. It typically witnesses activities like snorkelling, kayaking, swimming and other water activities. The unique area has diverse habitats and numerous wildlife natives. You could also come across all the conveniences such as rental gears, parking, lifeguards, freshwater showers, food and beverages etc. As it is a well-maintained beach, you need to pay but it is totally worth it.

6.The baths
The baths

Virgin Gorda of virgin islands has THE BATH as one of the best tourist destinations of the place. There are large volcanic boulders and a lot of nearby small attractions that are perfect for honeymooners. Travel through a ferry boat to enter this beautiful place. Once you arrive take as much time as you want to explore and don’t miss out on the caves and rock climbing. You could have some wonderful pictures out there and feel free to ask people if you need to take some pictures.

7.Sandy spit
Sandy spit

Located about Halfway between Tortola and Jost Van dyke, the Sandy spit is a popular option for windsurfers and kites because there is a particular direction where the wind prevails in Sandy beach. Even though it is a remote beach, it gives you a wonderful experience of a perfect Caribbean vacation. You could see yachts all around and is a perfect place for photography. Take a tour around the beach on a yacht and have a wonderful Vacay.

8.Wreck Dives
Wreck Dives

You would always get world-class diving in the British Virgin Islands that features a beautiful atmosphere to explore. If you cannot get to many tourist destinations on Virginia Island, probably Wreck Dives would be the place where you can peacefully stroll. The view of underwater shipwrecks and the coral reefs are definitely a beauty to watch around. Snorkel around and if you are a professional scuba diver you could have a deep water experience.

9.The narrows
The narrows

The parallel sea is divided between Saint John and various caves. the British Virgin Island is a perfect spot for boating and sailing. You can spend plenty of time here and see how things go. The first landing state park is also a must-visit place where you can experience events such as Fishing, boating, picnicking, camping etc. So, try not to miss out on this beautiful place.


The legendary place of Virginia Island has been slightly different because of its flat topography. The ideal place for Windows Surface and characters is always visited by tourist enthusiasts. The place lacks Fame and doesn’t get many people visiting here. But you could look by the bubbling springs from the coral beds and have a warm vacation. Try to stop by all the beaches and bars of Anegada. And don’t forget to visit the Horseshoe reef and Cow wreck beach. Chincoteague Island Virginia.

11.Reef dive
Reef dive

The multitude of coral reefs surrounding virgin Island is worth exploring. You would definitely love to watch a sea lion that is immensely beautiful and is a rare specie. It can destroy coral reefs and has no predators. Reef dive is basically to explore the surrounding coral reefs of the island where you can explore a variety of species of water creatures. Even though you are a beginner there would be no problem as there would be guides and you would also be given diving gear which is protective and helps to keep you safe. Chincoteague Island Virginia.

12.Soper’s hole
Soper’s Hole

The Soper’s hole is a perfect dining and shopping market that has gorgeous invoking visions and lush greenery all around. The harbour is flooded with big yachts that are ready to fetch people so that they can enjoy things better. You could have a wonderful shopping experience in this place where you could collect a lot of crafts and mementoes to keep them as a memory of your wonderful Caribbean vacation. A person who loves to shop and have great food, this is the right place for you.

13. Jost van dyke
Jost van dyke

The Dutch pirate is responsible for the name of this Island. Jost van dyke is popularly used for hosting new year parties and having some Gala time. There are some of the best bars that are worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. The white Bay beach is all covered in sand and Delivers a powerful hangover. Chincoteague Island Virginia.

14.Saint Croix
Saint Croix

The largest US Virgin Island is the best for diversity and beauty. It also has underwater National monuments that are extremely precious and rare. There are around 200 acres of Underwater trails to enjoy and have fun. One of the top snorkelling sites in Virginia Island is cane bay has seahorse sitting, Turtles and eels, Chincoteague Island Virginia.

Chincoteague Island Virginia Tortola

One of the largest British Virgin Islands is a perfect option for beach lovers. If you are just looking forward to watching the Waves and roll out in the tropical drink, Tortola is a place that has everything. Despite being an off league tourist destination, Tortola is a place with iconic imagery and absolute perfection.

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