5 surreal places you must visit

The universe itself is a wonder and from that, this Mother Earth holds unique beauty of its own which most of us never knew. There are some places one would never believe they exist, which are formed by natural phenomenon and looks like a picture coming out of fiction. Following are 5 unbelievable places you should definitely visit once in your lifetime.

1.The sea of stars beach – Vaadhoo Maldives


Have you ever seen a twinkling beach and a shining shore? Well, now you know there exists a beach like that. The beaches in the Vaadhoo islands of Maldives lets you experience a sight of the glowing sea that occurred because of a natural phenomenon. Among billions of underwater creatures, Bioluminescent Phytoplanktons are one which emits light. These are the micro-organisms that grow in water only under certain climatic conditions. Besides the climatic conditions, the stress caused by the motion of the sea and waves. The defence mechanism to lurk away predators causes the organisms to emit light which thereby gives a wonderful view.

The view gives a mystical feel like you’re living in fiction. Although the sight is spectacular, it occurs only at a certain time as nature is unpredictable. According to most of the local people, it occurs in the late summers attracting a lot of tourists. Therefore, don’t forget to visit Vaadhoo while visiting the Maldives. I suggest you not particularly have a trip just to see the beach as I have already stated, nature is unpredictable. Enjoy the vibe of Maldives and if you are lucky enough, you could experience this natural beauty.

2.La Casa Del Arbol (the swing at the end of the world) – Banos, Ecuador 


‘Fly high to the sky’, make the quote come true by visiting La Casa Del Arbol which is commonly known as ‘The swing at the end of the world’. This is one of the attractions of Banos. Although the swing is mainly put to monitor the seismic activity of the active volcano Tungurahua, many visitors are attracted to the swing to experience an exciting moment. The name ‘The swing at the end of the world’ came because It seems like you’re swinging up into the sky from the right angle with a giant drop below you. And, because of this, you can have a post-worthy photo.

 Even though at first the swing has just been attached to the branch of a treehouse without any safety buckles, now it has a seat belt with a lock. After this became popular many swings like these were built in the area such as El Vuelo Del Cóndor and Columpio Fantasias De Volar. So, when you visit Ecuador don’t forget to have a thrilling experience in one of these places.

3.Waitomo Glowworm caves – Waitomo village, New Zealand


‘Riding on a boat on the calm waters and entering into a serene cave with a swarm of glowworms lighting your way’. This isn’t a fairy tale; you could actually experience such a moment in the Waitomo glowworm caves in New Zealand. The light in the caves is because of a species of fungus found in New Zealand known as Arachnocampa Luminosa which are commonly called New Zealand glowworms or simply glowworms. As there are zillions of glowworms that emit a blue-green bioluminescent light in its larval stage, the cave looks like a mystical place of a fairy tale.

There are a few more caves in the country with such natural beauty you should not miss. You could have a black water rafting experience in the Waitomo cave. Besides this, you could have a visit to Ruakuri cave and Footwhistle cave to have a thrilling and beautiful experience. The boat ride may cost you approximately £30 and black water rafting may cost you £80.38. Although it may seem a bit expensive, one should definitely not miss such a wonderful experience.

4.  Diamond Beach – Jokulsarlon, Iceland


Feel the wind over your skin, surround yourself with the serendipity of the glittering icebergs and jet-black sand. Yeah, I know you feel that and such experiences are rare. So, pay a visit to this stunning place in Iceland which is full of shining and glistering icebergs which seems like diamonds on the black sand alongside the beach. And, this is a perfect place for photographers and nature lovers. The icebergs are from the separated glaciers which flow and stop at the beautiful black sand beach making it an eye-catching place. The colour of icebergs may vary from light blue to crystal white and sometimes turquoise green.

This has been one of the famous tourist attractions of Iceland. Even though it is a bit far from the capital, many people come to visit the diamond beach to experience the rare view of crystalline diamond icebergs on the black sand which are formed in different shapes. Therefore, don’t forget to drop by this beautiful beach and have some pictures. Also, try to find different crystalline iceberg shapes which you could relate to some things.

5.The Dark Hedges – Bregagh Road, Northern Ireland


Are you looking for some spooky and thrilling photograph? Then, the Dark hedges in Northern Ireland are the place you are looking for. Even though there isn’t any tourist destination sign along the road, this place has become one of the famous tourist attractions of Ireland. After being used as a location in one of the most popular series known as ‘Game of Thrones’. With a ghost or no ghost, it looks as scary as it is yet thrilling to have such a sight in your life. Many of the tourists get awestruck just at the sight of these spooky trees and branches. So, don’t forget to have a visit to this place and imagine the Grey lady with your great imaginative brains.

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