Santorini Bucket List: 6 Best Places to Visit

Santorini is a popular destination for amazing sunsets. Pearly white houses with bougainvillea, blue-domed cathedrals and gorgeous windmills. Newly born couples from all over the world want to see its renowned sunsets in Oia. Swim in hot springs and enjoy their cuisine at the most magnificent resorts in Greece. Whether you are travelling in or taking the boat from the other islands, you won’t miss the spectacular vista of the mainly submerged caldera (volcanic crater). Flora and Oia are the most attractive destinations of the island. Small settlements cling to the cliffs between the two towns and provide calmer and more relaxing holidays. Santorini boasts more than amazing views and colorful beaches. The island also houses old archaeological sites and is worth touring museums. Get an ATV or an intelligent automobile and enjoy the robust island on undulating roads. Just get ready to stop at every turn because the vistas are endless.

1. Firá

The capital of Santorini, Florence (Thirah) consists of whitewashed cubical buildings and terraces. And, rounded roads, little places and churches with their blue dome, located 300 metres above the caldera on the cliffs. From Skala’s tiny harbour Firá may be accessed either on the steep curving route (587 steps). Or by walking or on the motorhome (mules are for rent). The panorama path that leads you along the caldera cliff may also be accessible from nearby villages through the Fira to Oia.

2. Oia

Oia is famous around the world for its famous sunsets attracting tourists. Located 12 km up from Firá on the North tip of Santorini, Ía (Oia) is a beautiful photo-perfect town with a large number of whitewashed homes, many transformed into small, elegant shop hotels with infinity swimming pools overlooking the caldera. It lives like Firá, but takes care of a higher-class customer.

3. Caldera Cliff Wall

The calder is the sea-filled volcanic crater that was left behind and is formed by a huge volcanic eruption that blasted the centre out of the island approximately 3 600 years ago. It is still home to volcanic activity with 12 kilometres by 7 kilometres, and the two hot springs and gas emissions Kaimeni’s islands rise to the middle. Several companies provide one-day boat trips to the caldera, including hot spring bath and lunch on Thirassia, a small island in the west of the caldera that offers wonderful views of Santorini over the waters.

4. Red Beach at Akrotíri

Under a magnificent red wall, underneath the site of Akrotiri you can locate the famed Red Beach. The beach may be reached from Akrotiri through a route. It is also possible to take a bus to Fira or drive and park next door till a steep walk leads to the beach. A boat from the ports of Akrotiri, Kamari and Perissa may also be reached by the beach. The little beach is popular in the summer, so make sure that you get here early to snack on the sand, where the red rocks overlook the ocean. Note too that the beach is collapse prone and tourists have clogged portions.

5. Beach at Perissa


On the south-east shore, between towns Perissa and Perivolos, Santorini’s best recognised and most popular beach is. A six-km-long length of black, fine volcanic sand with tamarisk trees and a series of seafood tavernas and coffee shops overlook it. Sun beds, umbrellas, water sports facilities are available for hire. The distance from Firá is roughly 12 km.

6. Ammoudi Bay

The port of Ammoudi Bay shines over turquoise seas at the base of the cliffs ascending to the town of Oia. Describe the 200 steps down to Oia and you will be in a beautiful location, Ammoudi, famed for picturesque Greek tavernas, which serve day’s fish inches away from the sea. Cliff diving is also popular if that is the result of your adrenaline rush. For a less risky yet nevertheless exciting adventure, charter a sailboat to swim in the hot springs to the volcano.

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