Best Places to visit in Peru: Machu Picchu Peru

Peru is a South American City located on the borders of Ecuador. The place is famous for its vast landscapes and nightlife. As the city shares borders with Columbia and Brazil, there is always a constant flow of tourists from all South Western Cities into Peru. Home to rich wildlife and rare animals, Peru has a population of 350 million people with a large per cent of them settled in Lima. Its borders are sparsely populated giving way to vast spaces of undiscovered land. So, before you book the tickets, learn about the Top 7 Places to see in Peru and include them in your trip. A recent cat etching discovered at a 2000-year-old Nazca Lines site is a testament to this land’s undiscovered history, Machu Picchu Peru.

When to visit Peru?

Peru is a green land that has the same temperatures as a tropic city. This means, the summer months between April – September are the best time to visit Peru. With temperatures ranging from 20-25 degrees, trekking and other fun activities are made possible. All the other months are occupied with moderate to heavy rainfalls that will make your journey unpredictable. So, pack your bags this summer and visit these Best Places in Peru in 2020 with your family: Machu Picchu Peru.

1. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Peru: A hikers delight, Machu Picchu is a world-famous tourist spot that has stood the test of time. Filled with the ruins of Inca Citadel, the houses of a per historic tribe, Machu Picchu is a green mountain established on the top of Andes Mountain in the Cusco Region. Once you reach the top, you are delighted with views of the Urubamba river that flows adjacent to the mountain. Discovered in the 15th Century, the place was used by tribes for some time as a place of living but was abandoned due to uneven weather conditions. A hike to Machu Picchu is a must-to-do on your list and the first thing to do in Peru.

Top Sights: Putucusi, Huayna Picchu and Temple of the Moon

2. Lima City

The Capital city of Peru is more than just a place for the locals to live in. The high rise buildings, Museums and Columbia Architecture will please you as you roam through the city. The Colonial Center and Cathedral Church, both established in the 16th Century are the Pr Columbia architecture you can visit. Also, the nightlife here is very popular with each street filled with at least 2-3 pubs that allow parties until late at night. Being an Urban City, Lima lies on the Pacific Coast of Peru making it easy to access the beaches from the city.

Top Sights: Basilica and Convent of San Francisco, Larco Museum, Huaca Pucllana

3. Cusco (World Heritage Site)

A place of great historic value, Cusco lies beside Machu Picchu amidst the Andes mountains. Similar to Machu Picchu, Cusco also contains In can Empire ruins making it worthwhile for Culture enthusiasts. There is also 17th Century architecture like Cathedral and Vibrant Plaza de Armas that lie below the Cusco mountain. Located in the South East region of Peru, Cusco is a beautiful landscape of Archaeological ruins, that offers a stellar hiking experience. Being the Incan Empire’s Capital city for a few centuries, Cusco has a huge Spanish influence on the locals. The place is also famous for Llamas, an acute variety of sheep.

Top Sights: Tambomachay, Sacred Valley, Cusco Cathedral and Plaza de Armas

4. The Amazon

It’s no wonder that Peru is 60% forest land and a large percentage of that is occupied by The Amazon forests. A Biologically rich and diverse area, the forests are not easy to navigate. Canoes are used by local guides to navigate the narrow waterways. Be ready, too, to be wild animals and tree crawlers who take an Iron heart to survive. But, local guides make sure that the journey is safe for you. Lakes are inhabited by river otters and howler monkeys that greet you at every stop. Also, the Canopy walk bridge is one of the most haunting bridges that you can take a walk.

Top Sights: Lake Sandoval, Twilight river excursion, Canopy Walk

5. The Sacred Valley of the Incas

Machu Picchu Peru: Located along the shorelines of the Urubamba River, the Sacred Valley is an archaeological site that is filled with ruins from the 17th Century. Known to be a gathering place for the Incan tribe, it is also called Urubamba Valley, its name derived from the river. The place also offers many outdoor activities like Plantation maintenance, paragliding and a tour of the Nazca mountains. One can see a lot of farmers tending to their crops, especially in the Summer seasons. In addition to the resorts, guided walks and excursions are also offered to guests. Your food is served from the farm to the table, the best thing of all.

Top Sights: Inkaterra Hacienda, Inca ruins, Plantations, Ecological farm

6. Iquitos

A paradise for nature lovers, Iquitos attracts thousands of visitors every year. Located towards the port side of Peru, Iquitos can only be reached by air and water. Without any roads connecting the city to Peru, Iquitos operates as a standalone attraction for nature enthusiasts. To get to Iquitos, you must take a boat from Peru to Loreto, and then land on the water city. Surrounded by the ocean from all sides, the entry point to the Amazon jungle is both a holiday/adventure destination. The open-air street market in Belen and the Rustic houses alongside the Itaya river is a sight to behold. We can also observe a lot of European influence on the culture and architecture of Iquitos.

Top Sights at Machu Picchu Peru: Quistococha, Casa de Fierro, Plaza De Armas De Iquitos

7. Mancora

Once you are done bustling through the Ancient architecture, forests and cities, it’s time to take a break and what better place than Mancora. Mancora is a large resort town located on the northwest coast of Peru, which is a baby beach. Famous for the Cafes, Nightlife, Bars and restaurants, Mancora is a peaceful place to spend the last days of your trip. The streets are lined with cuisines of different cultures. The accommodations are also within budget making it suitable for both bachelors and families. The beach also has gentle waves throughout the day, making it perfect for surfing. To get to Mancora, one may take a cab or local transport from Peru to the Piura region. If you are lucky, you will come across the dancing migrating whales that visit the offshore waters of Mancora beach.

Top Sights: Playa Mancora, Las Pocitas, Mancora Beach

These are our top picks for 7 Best Places in Peru to visit in 2020. Peru has long been the hidden gem of South America and recently became famous by tourists from around the world. Even though there was a safety concern a few years prior, tourists are flocking to Peru in recent years. With humid temperatures, all summer, the winters and rainy season can be tricky. So, we recommend that you visit Peru in the Summer season to get the most of your trip.

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