8 popular Best places to visit in Japan


Japan is an island country in East Asia located in the northwest Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most advanced countries in the world. Maintaining its cultural heritage while rapidly growing industrially, Japan has become a popular tourist attraction. The people in Japan speak Japanese but most of the people can also speak English. People in Japan are kind and welcome people from every culture. You could ask them for any guidance if needed and they would gladly help you. The Japanese currency is Yen which is equivalent to 0.0096 USD or 0.0072 GBP. This ancient advanced fusion country would not make you regret your decision to visit. Here is the list of the Best places to visit in Japan.

1. Tokyo :

Tokyo is the capital of Japan with visually enhancing the beauty of its own. The city is famous for both advanced and ancient architectures. From shrines to bars and Cherry blossoms to markets Tokyo has that both peace and energising vibe. The view from the Tokyo Tower and Tokyo’s Sky-tree is perfect bliss for the human eye. The rainbow bridge, Tokyo’s Disney land, Imperial Tokyo palace are some tourist attractions of Tokyo. Similarly, Along with them the cherry blossom gardens and parks like Shinjuku gyoen, Inokashira Park, Chidorigafuchi greenway, Asukayama park, Kyu-Furukawa garden, Jindai Botanical garden are some picturesque and lovely gardens. The museums of art, technology and history give a lot of information. Visit all those shrines in the day and hit those markets and bars at night for a perfect Tokyo day.

2. Kyoto :

Kyoto which was an ancient capital of Japan is now a lovely place maintaining its cultural heritage. The city contains up to 10,000 shrines and Fushimi inari is one of the most famous shrines, also known as the red gates shrine. The city is full of Japanese traditions and lovely gardens. Arashiyama bamboo forest and monkey park are some of the tourist attractions of Kyoto. For people who love hiking Mount Kurama, Mount Atago, Mount Hiei are some best places to enjoy nature and hiking. The city also has some traditional hotels, ancient castles, museums, aquarium, studio park, traditional markets and many more. To experience a traditional Japanese culture along with traditional food and places, one should definitely visit Kyoto.

3. Mt. Fuji :

Mt. Fuji is an active volcano in japan about 100 kilometres southwest of Tokyo. It is commonly called ‘Fuji-San’ and is the country’s tallest peak at 3,776 metres. It is known to be a pilgrimage site for centuries and considered to be one of the 3 sacred mountains of Japan. The summit hikes remain a popular activity at Mt. Fuji. The view of this enormous peak floating on the clouds keeps you awestruck. So, go for a hike and don’t miss the beauty of this place.

4. Hiroshima :

Hiroshima as we all know reminds us of the atomic bomb explosion of world war II. The city is the first one to be targeted by a nuclear atomic bomb on 6 Th August 1945. The city tells the history of devastation. Also, It has a peace memorial park commemorating WWII destruction. Even though it is a bit sorrowful to recall the event, the place shows the affected buildings and infrastructure. There are a lot of museums which tells the history, how it is affected and what happened. Besides these, there are a lot of parks, gardens, art museums, ski resorts, beaches and Islands you shouldn’t miss.

5. Kamakura :

Kamakura is a seaside Japanese city in the Kanagawa prefecture just to the south of Tokyo. The city has a lot of temples and shrines and hence known as the Kyoto of eastern Japan. The city also has sandy beaches in the summer attracting a lot of tourists. The main place which is mostly recognised in Kamakura has the Great Buddha statue of Kotoku- which is an approximately 13m high bronze statue staying still even after the 15 Th century tsunami. Yuigahama beach of Kamakura on the Sagami Bay is popular for its surfing spot. Best places to visit in Japan.

Ryuren bell of Love which is also known as the ‘Bell of Dragon’s love’ in the Enoshima’s Tatsunogaoka shizen-no-Mori forest is not only known for its breath-taking views but also said to be that couples who ring this bell together will never break-up. Also don’t forget to drop by those eye-catching ponds, gardens, bird watching hills, trekking and hiking mountains, caves, museums and beaches.

6. Akihabara :

Akihabara is a buzzing town of lights and electronics in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo. If you are a technological geek just drive to this town which is also known as the Electric town of Japan. But, you could see all the electrical goods from small stalls to big departmental stores. From household electrical goods to Industrial electrical goods you could fin everything in this geek town. Not only is it famous for technology geeks but also for Anime and manga freaks. A whole street is dedicated to Anime and Manga fans which have Anime DVD’s, costumes, manga stores and arcade games. Hit this town to experience a different vibe of Japanese originated Anime and Manga.

7. Hokkaido :

However, Hokkaido is the largest and northernmost prefecture of Japan. It is mostly famous for volcanoes, natural hot-springs which are known as On-sens and skiing resorts. The place is full of spectacular natural hot spring resorts, valleys, lake, skiing resorts, museums, TV station and natural volcanoes with walking paths. One would never want to miss this stupendous place for any cost. Finally, a warm bath in the hot-spring, traditional Japanese food in the hotels and scenic views of the lakes and gardens are a treat to your soul.

8. Naoshima Island :

Also, Naoshima is an island town in the Seto inland sea of japan. The Island is mainly famous for its Art museums, sculptures and architectures. If you are a person who loves art, this is the right place for you. The Art house project on the island is full of art pieces of architecture. Watching the sunsets and art sculptures of the pumpkins in the Miyonara port are definitely to feel experiences. Secondly,  The Monet’sWater Lilies’ series in Chichu art museum, Benesse House museums which have a contemporary standard art are the other famous art attractions of the Island. Feel the art through your veins and feel the touch of the beach sand on your skin and make your holiday a soothing experience.

Besides these don’t forget to visit Nara Nara park, Osaka, Okinawa, Hakone, Ishigaki and others. Japan is a wonderful place and don’t rush your trip, take at least a 15 days trip to Japan to enjoy and experience every little thing. So, pack your bags and visit this country of fusion and don’t forget to click a lot of pictures to post them or keep them in your Travel Diary. Please share more Best places to visit in Japan.

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