The country of Bahamas is basically an archipelago state with a good number of population. Nassau is the capital of the country, and English and Bahamese are spoken in the official language. The majority of the people follow Christianity over this place. Earlier, the Bahamas was inhabited by Lucayans. Eventually, the Spanish people came to the place and enslaved the local people. It was a slave country for a long time, and in 1973 was liberated.

Food and culture

People of the Bahamas are completely fond of Music and live concerts. They tend to listen to folk music and OBeah is regarded in the country as illegal. Most people sell crafts and basket articles made of palm fringes in the less developed islands on the outside. Traditional African-Asians are known every new year for dancing and portraying art. Bahamas society is inundated with rich customs and values. They believe in doing good and following the path of honesty.

The Bahamian cuisine is more Biased towards seafood such as fish, lobster, and shellfish. People also prefer consuming tropical fruits, potatoes, pigeon peas and pork. There are Rum based beverages that are quite popular throughout the island. There is a multitude of binge-worthy culinary variations that you would love to have in different places in the Bahamas.

Things to do in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is particularly the place of islands and beaches. It is no doubt one of the most interesting places in the world that have exotic resorts and coral reefs. The Mid December and April is the peak season of The Year. You will enjoy purchasing the local souvenirs of the Bahamas specifically in Nassau province. Head towards the historical tour in Exuma where there are a lot of historical landmarks to watch and visit. Experience the deserted fish and visit the Marketplace Lucaya, effectively a 9.5-acre market on the waterside.

Places to visit in the Bahamas

The beach lovers are going to enjoy the powdery sand that is nested in God own lap. Enjoy your vacations in the Island country that has more than 700 islands including the famous Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The national capital attracts tourists from all parts of the world and is a pure mix of restaurants, Resorts, shops and entertainment centre. Here are some of the best places that you must visit in the Bahamas-

1. Harbour Island
Bahamas-couple- in Harbour Island

One of the oldest settlements of the Bahamas is harbour Island that has English loyalists living here ever since 1700. There are beautiful cottages and a rich history that attracts the visitor to explore it. you would easily find the picture-perfect pink coloured sand beaches that are very attractive for the Travellers. One of the most popular things to do in this place is fishing, diving and snorkelling.

2. Nassau
Nassau swimming attraction

Whenever it comes to enjoying the best things in the Bahamas, Nassau is a place that can easily manage to impress visitors. There are plenty of options to explore including the museums, colonial buildings and Souvenir shops. You can also take a short catamaran ride from the place and encounter the beautiful dolphins, Adastra Garden and zoo. There is also a local conservation Centre that is a fun place to visit.

3.Exuma cays land
Exuma cays land

Exuma cays land is a very striking place if you love to explore the water of different Shades. The electric blue Water creates a dazzling appearance. The place is marine protected, the first of its kind, in the far eastern edge of the Bahamas. Boaters and divers are very common because people usually come here for a while. The place is so beautiful that the leading movie stars of Bollywood such as David Copperfield and Johnny Depp have a home here.

4.Grand Bahama Island
Grand Bahama Island

When you are exploring the best places to visit in the Bahamas, do not miss out on the Grand Bahama Island that is a popular destination for foreign visitors. The second biggest city in Bahama is now converted into a pure shopping centre and a place to explore. You would easily find people selling jewellery and local produce. The Garden of grooves is yet another place that one can explore here.

5. Diving and fishing on Andros Island
Diving and fishing on Andros Island

Andros Island is the third-largest Barrier Reef in the world that has underwater caves and freshwater blue holes. It is also known as the fishing capital, as there are many marine creatures. If you love shopping, the Andros handmade batik factory has bright coloured fabrics that represent the Bahamian culture to some extent.

6.Treasure cay beach
Treasure Cay Beach

Voted as one of the most prominent beaches of the World, The Spectacular stretch of Aqua water and flour soft sand always impresses the visitor’s magnanimous people. The charming beach allows local people and visitors to enjoy the most famous fishing tournaments in the Bahamas.

7. Elbow cay
Elbow cay

The colourful Cottage place is going to give you a lot of relaxation and escapism from your busy life. It is basically about a relaxing village feel and absolute sanguineness.

8. Green Turtle cay
Green Turtle Cay

If you want to step back to the olden times of the Bahamas, the green turtle care is a place that will give you a very relaxing feel because of the Peaceful atmosphere over here. The main way of transport is to select golf carts and look perfectly at their own image. You can also pay a visit to the fishing boats bob in the harbour that has clear waters and numerous Sports activities going on.

9. Long island

Last but not least in our list of beautiful islands in the Bahamas is the long island. The islands are not much visited but are the best if you want to explore some natural and unexplored beauty of the Bahamas. The 130 km stretch includes the Rocky cliffs. The Dean blue hole and Island Regatta are a couple of tourist places that one can visit during leisure.

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