If you are looking forward to travelling to an unusually beautiful destination that can give you some great moments, Costa Rica can be your option for that. Officially known as the Republic of Costa Rica, the place is a beautiful country situated in Central America that has San Jose as the capital. People of the country speak Spanish and use Costa Rican colon currency to pay off their bills. The country has Carlos Alvarado Quesada as the current ruling president.

History and Facts:

Costa Rica was partly populated during the 16th century by local people mostly under Spanish rule. The place remained a peripheral Colony until the first independence to place. The Costa Rica civil war in 1948 helped the nation to receive permanent freedom. Currently, the country has a great place in terms of the Human Development Index. It is known to have a much better Human Development status in comparison to other countries having the exact income levels. In fact, Costa Rica is the twelfth happiest country in the world according to the world happiness report.

Food and culture:

Costa Rica’s food is not very spicy and very delicious. The majority of the dishes revolve around seafood. Rind and beef, rice and vegetables are also consumed. People prefer having Fresh fruits supplements and taking proper safety measures for hygiene. The people of Costa Rica usually love to enjoy local activities. They primarily engage in deep-sea fishing, windsurfing in the summer and observation of birds.

Best places to visit in Costa Rica:

Tourists love to visit Costa Rica because of its beauty and positive atmosphere. The inexpensive standard of living contributes significantly to people’s appeal. There are amazing features, weather and friendly locals that further add to the reason for visiting Costa Rica. Here is the list of best places to visit in the country of Costa Rica-

1.Monte Verde

Monte Verde rope walk

The exceptionally beautiful cloud forest of Costa Rica would take away your heart in the first glimpse itself. It is the largest Eco-tourism hub in the country where more than 250000 people visit on an annual basis. the place experiences high winds and different weather patterns because of the continental divide. The entire area remains green and wet throughout the year and the sky bridges are specifically the thing to explore.

2.Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo gondola manzanillo

Puerto Viejo is a great option for backpackers who love to explore beaches and have a special affinity towards party atmospheres. A lively town is a perfect option for enjoying the nightlife. There are many hotels that can give you some peaceful holiday memories. Apart from everything else, there is a Jaguar rescue centre that rehabilitates the local wildlife and sets them free after they are in good shape.


Arenal Costa Rica Rope Swing

Amongst several volcanoes of Costa Rica, Arenal is One that attracts visitors. If you are lucky enough, you would probably get to see the volcanic eruption that helps Lava to flow down the volcano. The area encourages wonderful activities and has an awesome waterfall, sunset views and great hiking options. It is also a place for river rafting and caving. There are so many things to do in Arenal that you would hardly get any time to explore the rest of Costa Rica.


Tortuguero Parque Nacional

The land of Turtles quite a lot resembles the Amazon rainforest. Tortuguero spreads over 770000 acres. It has a massive area with canals and rivers that Crisscross the Jungle and give it a beautiful appearance. People are mostly attracted to this place because of the Turtles that are nestled along the Shoreline. You must specifically plan your visit during the month of April – May. In case you are specifically interested in hiking and river activities, prefer visiting the place during the offseason.


Corcovado Christ and Sugarloaf

The national park of Costa Rica was established back in 1975 and covers an area of 424 square kilometres. It is indeed one of the largest parks in the country that is known to be a great option for hiking and camping. Is also a nice place in the entire Porto Rico country to plan out escapism from a busy life.

6.Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is a White Sand Beach that is accompanied by warm blue waters where people come and spend leisure. The nearby National Park is also a great Tourist attraction for the visitors of Costa Rica. The native monkeys are also quite pleasing to watch as you would get to see a variety of them. The place has recently become quite populated and therefore you should plan out your visit very carefully over here.

7.Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa surfers beach

A nice place to lay on the sand, spend time with people, and refresh at Santa Teresa Beach. Most individuals end up remaining in Santa Teresa for days, and even months, on end, because of it’s “chill” atmosphere. At the bottom of the Nicoya, the coast is the hippy backpacker town of Santa Teresa. In reality, “town” is more than a beach, a road full of restaurants, restaurants, surf shops and campsites. Everybody wakes up to hit the waves early, so the overall mood in the city is very comfortable. You’re not going to find many wild parties here.

8. Poas Volcano

National Park

It, a perfect day trip from San José, is an active volcano filled and sulfuric lake with parallel calderas. It located within the Poas Volcano National Park is an active 2,708-metre stratovolcano in central Costa Rica. For almost 17 months, the volcano and the surrounding park were closed, with a protective perimeter of 2.5 kilometres set around the erupting crater. The ponds are so quiet, you’re going to look at your image and think it’s the colour you built on. The forest has officially opened but restricted access only to the volcano security assessment as of October 1, 2018, which needs a booking to be made on the National Park Site. At the park entrance, complementary trails to Lake Botos and perhaps even the zoo remains open.

In September 2019, the volcano suddenly exploded again. The very last volcanic eruption was in 2019, and more then 40 times there is a volcanic eruption in the city since 1830 have actually ignited! In the city, there are some small trails. To stop the clouds closing in and destroying the view, arrive early in the morning.

9.La Paz Waterfall

La Paz Waterfall WorldTravelAdventurers

La Paz is a waterfall in central Costa Rica. Between Vera Blanca and Cinchona towards the north face, the waterfalls are situated.  In Spanish, it is called Catarata de La Paz. The waterfall is located in the middle of the forest and another side you can see the beautiful city.  The River La Paz forms the waterfall after traversing 8 kilometres of volcanic terrain and then continues through the rainforest of the eastern side of Poás Volcano. Behind the waterfall, a narrow pathway takes to the location of a memorial plaque. The La Paz Waterfall Orchards, a resort and park, is uphill from the waterfall, where tourists can encounter several different species of local wildlife. In the 6.1 magnitude earthquake on January 8, 2009, the waterfall and the surrounding region were significantly affected. The path that sits alongside the waterfall was destroyed by slope failures.

Things to do in Costa Rica

Firstly, The paradise of the world is flooded with green jungles and Pristine waterfalls. The landscaping beauty of Costa Rica is very diverse and attracts people to spend some time over here. Costa Rica is the gateway to Latin America and encourages water sports activities. There are plenty of beaches and waterfalls that make it easy to indulge in river rafting and skydiving. Secondly,  The eastern coast of Costa Rica is a must-visit if you wish to discover the wildlife and beautiful side of the country. Enjoy snorkelling and travel in the local boats to explore the rich Marvels of the place. Costa Rica has a variety of animal species in the rainforest and mangroves. It is quite exciting to explore the sea Turtles specifically during the month of October and February.

The Caribbean sea coast is one of the most interesting spots of the country where you can sloths, dolphins and exotic birds. Explore places like San Jose that is the capital of the country and has the biggest International Airport as well. You can easily fly here and explore the most adventurous places like cloud forest Caribbean Coast and the Pacific coast with your loved ones. Also if you love to learn about the local culture of San Jose and want to explore the museums and architecture of the place, there is no better option than the capital of the country.

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