Best Places to visit in India

India is a land of emotions and culture more than being a place of tourist destination. The magnificent country of India has places that are matchless in terms of beauty. There is an amalgamation of happiness, discipline and culture scattered all over the country of India. The immense tolerance for different religions and cultures exists because India itself has people from different caste and religions. Places like Goa and Kerala are known for their open-mindedness and natural beauty. The gigantic Asian country is a powerhouse of people. It has beguiling beauty and Incredible travel spots that are impressive and not just one way but many and Places to visit in India.

Places to visit in India –

1. Madurai

The city of Tamil Nadu is known for its epic cultural attractions. The busy streets themselves give evidence that Madurai is not a usual place otherwise. It is a very disciplined place that has the glimpse of having Metropolitan history all over. Even the foreign visitors come to Madurai and have a tour of the Meenakshi Amman temple. The impressive part of the country is specifically known for religious tourist destinations in India.

2. Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is The most prominent place for sports lovers in India. It has enchanting monasteries, beautiful mountain ranges and stunning natural beauty. The place of Leh Ladakh can give you a lot of mental peace. It is the most preferred tourist destination for the newly wedded as well. The ideal time to visit the place is somewhere between the month of May and October. The majority of the time it is Winter over here and you can plan out your visit at any point of time you feel like. The ideal places for trekking in Leh Ladakh include the Indus valley, nu bra valley and snow leopard. Get into the tranquillity of Pan gong Lake and also feel the true Buddhist culture.

Buddhist culture

3. Mysore

Whomsoever plans out a tour in India must visit the incredible city of Mysore. The mystified culture of the place makes it an ideal choice to spend a number of days here. The magical golden glow of the city is all because of the illuminated night falls. There are so many monuments in Mysore that you would be able to click endless pictures and create nostalgic memories with your loved ones. The kanji lake is a special tourist spot mostly visited by foreigners in Mysore.


Because of the Golden Temple and the Gurudwaras, Punjabi City is popular. Amritsar, the holiest place for Sikhs, genuinely represents Punjab’s history. The streets are full of frenetic people and you can find all kinds of hand-embroidered items in the marketplaces. In Amritsar, the delicate ornaments and the beautiful setting of Salwar suits will surely cause you to spend some time shopping here.


You are looking forward to visiting the most beautiful place on earth, Srinagar can be your first option without any doubt. The heavenly beauty includes lush green garden houseboats and lakes. Srinagar is the capital of Jam mu and Kashmir and is a prominent tourist destination of India. There are snow-covered peaks and the beautiful gardens forever attract the honeymooners. Indeed known as the Venice of East, Srinagar is a place that will leave you awestruck with incredible beauty.

The ideal time to visit during the month of March – October. You can enjoy the adventure of snowfall during the month of January in December every year. Do not miss out on the Shikara ride on the Dal lake and spend some time camping on the Sindhi riverside. Sonmarg is the best place for water rafting and enjoying other sports activities.

6. Delhi

If you want to get a glimpse of India all at once, visit the national capital Delhi and plan a tour for at least 4 – 5 days over here. You would be able to get a glimpse of the entire north of India by simply visiting the place of Delhi alone. The city is a centre of entertainment, fashion, politics and Commerce. The best city in India has an ideal climate from the month of November – March. Madame Tussaud Museum, theme park Heritage walk and the Red Fort are a couple of places that the tourists should definitely experience.

7. Munnar

Located in Kerala, God’s own land, Munnar is a popular tourist destination for tourists. I calling several tourists constantly to this location for the speechless beauty and the immersive culture together. When you arrive at the heavenly tourist spot, you will never feel like bidding farewell to Munnar. The peak season for visiting Munnar occurs sometime between September and March. During the months of June-August, you’d witness monsoons and that would be perfect if you were a honeymooner.

8. Jaisalmer

The rich culture of Jaisalmer includes the royal palaces and the Rajput Gharanas. The beauty of Jaisalmer is breathtaking and nothing can supersede it no matter what. The best time to visit the place of Jaisalmer is somewhere between the month of November and March. The best activities to do here are enjoying a camel safari and exploring the palaces of the city. Do not forget to be a part of the annually held Jaisalmer desert festival. The famous Jaisalmer Fort has everything to take away the attention of the visitors.

The golden city in Rajasthan has images of Arabian Nights and is still the formal trading centre. Jaisalmer is also the favourite spot for clicking pictures and creating nostalgic memories. The summer desert heat is something that the tourists must completely avoid and specifically visit the place after the month of September.

9.ย  Manali

Manali is a very soothing place and can give a lot of relaxation to your senses. The small town in the mountains is a perfect tourist destination for the newly wedded. The Syrian forests and the monasteries of Manali have forever been the favourite of young couples. Visit So lang Valley for paragliding and Experience hiking at Anjani Mahadev Rani. Click pictures with your friends and beloved partner at Beas river and set out to plan out Jagat Sukh Trek.

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