9 Essential World Tour Tips for a safe journey (For any Travel)

Often times in our travel period, we always get the feeling of missing something or worse, losing it. When you are having the best time of your life enjoying the scenic beauties of the world, travel mishaps must be the last thing to happen. But alas, they are the most probable thing to happen on a world tour. Not only missing things, but bad planning, no travel plan and few minor mistakes may take a toll on our experience. This is where planning and accounting help the most and these travel tips will help you organised your tour better.

Yes, world tours are exciting. But, deeply exhausting too if you don’t know what to visit. There is also nothing worst than getting stuck between office calls and meetings on your first world tour. So, follow these International travel tips that will help you in your daily navigation as well.

1. Source of Money https://worldtourtips.com/

Most of the people who plan for world trips are couples in their retirement age. Years of saving money from salaries enable older couples to engage in a world tour. But what if you are young, and want to experience world-class travelling as a part of your growing up. You have to decide long before if you are going to work or if you are taking a loan package. Whatever option you choose, make sure that you have enough finances for making the whole trip. Nothing spells disaster like an empty wallet in the middle of the Himalayas. You can look through various Private Touring packages in your country, or contact the Embassy for more details.

2. Travel Listshttps://worldtourtips.com/

Your travel lists can be divided into two lists. One is the places you want to visit and another is for all the items you brought on the tour. You can also maintain a list for tracking expenditure. Updating these lists every night of your travel will keep confident about where to go, what to take and how much to spend. A bad trip is one that is expensive without the thrills. So, research prior to the trip and choose locations that will give you the maximum thrill. If your trip involves hiking, rock climbing or any other outdoor activities, its better to contact the travel company prior to your trip. You can also use your smartphone to use apps like ToDoIst, Daily Planner to keep track of all lists in a single app.

3. Visa and Permissions

Everybody gets excited when planning a world tour, but will neglect to plan another essential task until the last moment. Yes, reading Visa rules for each country will be boring as hell, but would save you a lot of trouble. Visa is necessary to be shown at all airports that you are travelling to. But that doesn’t mean there is only one Visa. Different countries have different restrictions on tourist Visas like time period, places allowed and fee for Visa. You have to start the application process for all countries you are visiting before 5-6 months of your estimated travel date. This will ensure that you have enough time for Visas from all countries to be approved. Once approved, you can proceed with booking your flights. All rules for Visa applications can be found on their Embassy websites. If you are travelling with a company, chances are they would do it for you.

4. Flight Booking

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You can either book flights prior to your travel or you can book them one by one as you visit the country. But the price difference for both options is drastic. To keep your booking expenditure minimal, it is better to book all your flights in advance of 2-3 months for a lower ticket price. You would have to pay a lot more money if you book closer to your travel dates. If you are planning on visiting only a few countries, you can just land in your favourite country and go by mood from there. But remember, that if you book all your flights prior to the trip, it is important to catch each flight at the right time. This means keeping things on schedule and saying NO to last moment drunk night overs.

5. Stay and Accommodation

Accommodation is another aspect of travelling that will eat up most finances. If you are a family and want to enjoy solace during travel, it is better to opt for Hotels that will charge on a per-day basis. But if you are young and flexible, all countries have PG Accommodations and Dorms that you can stay for weeks to months in cheap. Just download any Dorms or PG app on your mobile and search for your near this stay. Staying in a Dorm room will allow you to spend your full expenditure on the trip, rather than renting a luxury hotel only to sleep in it for a few hours. You can also talk with touring packages of the specific country so they may arrange the stay themselves.

The above five travel tips are essential to any world tour. Once you get done with the basics and finally land at your destination, it is time to update your rules too. Because once you step into a new country, they will treat you as a foreigner. This will make you susceptible to crimes or scams. We hear news every day of someone getting robbed in stark daylight, and we really don’t want that for us. So, here are 4 other security tips that you have to follow to make your world tour safe, secure and pleasant.

General and Security Tips for World Tour:

World tour tips

6. Carry Important documents:

You have to prove your identity in a lot of places to get in. You may also be asked to show your documents by the police if you are lost and seem suspicious. So, keep photocopies of all your important documents and leave the originals at the hotel.

7. Research on Internet before trusting locals

A lot of tourist places become baits for scammers to rob money from foreigners. If you find yourself visiting a busy tourist place, its better to research Quora, Travel Advisor and other forums to know the prices, deals etc. This will enable you to talk with locals in a more confident tone taking away chances of seeming innocent.

8. Pack Extra Innerwear

When you are travelling swift, there are fewer chances of laundry every day. But all our inner would get sweaty from the previous day’s tour. Packing extra underwear and other essentials will be crucial to feeling fresh from wearing repeated clothes. You can visit the local laundry services to get your clothes washed or ask the hotel attendee to do it for you.

9. Be flexible and open

When we plan a trip, we look at some specific photos on the internet and plan a trip there. But by arriving, you will see that it’s not the same that it looked in the pictures. This may lead to disappointment. So, our final tip is to be flexible and open to your travel places list. There may be many instances where the place you want to visit is closed. By being flexible with the locals and open to their sights, you can find other tourist spots quickly.

A few other important tips:

  •  Don’t carry too much cash
  •  Wear sunscreen to protect your screen
  • Let someone know all the places you are going to visit
  •  Keep a First Aid kit ready and available
  •  Keep a ready brochure for travel pricing
  •  Never get drunk with strangers
  •  Pack an extra camera and carry a Power bank

The above tips may seem nit-picky but are essential. You must take the utmost care of keeping your sanity the whole trip. Frequent episodes of disappointment and fear will not only ruin the experience for you but will ruin it for the ones travelling with you too. So, keep these Word Tour tips in mind and follow them.

If you also like to tell us any other Travel tips you found useful during your voyages, post them on the comment below and let us know. To know more about safe and popular places click here 

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