Officially known as the Republic of Chile is located towards western South America. The capital and largest city of Chile is Santiago and the official language of the country is Spanish. People mostly follow Christianity as the religion that is divided into Romans, Catholic and Protestants. Chile is bordered by Peru towards the north, Argentina towards the east and Bolivia towards the northeast.

Culture and Food

From a cultural point of view, people mostly follow agricultural activities in the region. There are coastal Valleys towards the north and the southern regions that practice Mapuche cultural activities. Music and dance in Chile range from classic to folkloric. The largest geography of the country is responsible for different styles. People also practice cueca as traditional dance forms.

The cuisine of Chile consists of Spanish taste that specifically includes seafood. The oxygen-rich water helps in the survival of several species that help people to consume a lot of Mediterranean food. There are types of cakes and cookies prepared in the country in July. People consume a kind of Cookie filled with manjar. Other types of dessert consumed in the country are Kuchera, barquillo, pasteles and queques.

Things to do in Chile

The country of Chile has no shortage of sightseeing opportunities. A tour of Santiago itself would help the visitors to discover the majority of the interesting things that the country has. Enjoy walking in the park of Santa Lucia Hill that takes visitors to downtown Street. Experience the Plaza de Armas that is the social centre of Santiago with unusual street artists. There are so many cathedrals around. The old buildings talk about the colonisation of the place. The local fish market known as Mercado central has the best seafood and local dishes that are really enjoyable.

Best places to visit in Chile

When it is about exploring the most diversified region on the face of the earth, Chile is the name that must first of all come in your mind. Adventure lovers and nature admirers, everybody is going to have a nice time in the South American country. The stunning visuals, dramatic coastlines and tall peaked mountains are the Features of the country. Also, there are endless beaches and dramatic coastlines.

Chile is superbly blessed with national parks and conservation areas. It is a perfect destination for those who want to spend some time hiking and trekking. So, if you have never found a place for river rafting, camping, Mountain biking, horse riding, this is the place that requires you to visit.

Here are the topmost tourist attractions of Chile:

1. Easter Island
Easter Island

Visited by Europeans in 1722, the magnificent Island was inhabited for thousands of years. The fascinated island is known for its attractive stone sculptures that are recognisable far and wide. The main attraction on Easter Island is Anakena Beach, Ballet Kari Kari, Rano Raraku, Rapa Nui National Park.

2. Santiago
City of Santiago

Santiago is not only the capital of Chile but also serves as the entertainment and Cultural Centre. You would enjoy exploring the shopping centres, galleries, museums and entertainment spots of the place. While beginning the expedition in Chile, people mostly choose Santiago to begin things with.

Founded back in 1541, there is an impressive Palacio De La Moneda and Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts that should not be missed. Other important museums of Santiago include the Museum of pre-Columbian Art and the museum of memory and Human Rights. Furthermore, each Museum has different themes and a variety of collections. Enjoy the aerial tramway to San Cristóbal hills that is famous for the stunning views and interesting attractions.

3. Torres Del Paine National Park
Torres Del Paine National Park

Amongst the most important tourist destinations in Chile is Torres Del Paine National Park that has spectacular mountains, lakes, rivers and glaciers. There are 2850 metre tall granite peaks that are notably wonderful. Hiking in the park is also lovable and is one of the most enjoyable activities to do. Additionally, There are facilities for overnight Shelters as well.

4. Valerie De La Luna
Valerie De La Luna

The valley of the moon is the literal translation of Valerie de la Luna. The inhospitable looking landscape lies in the heart of the Atacama desert that attracts so many visitors because of its close resemblance to the moon. The main cause of the effect is sand erosion. Indeed, the surprisingly beautiful landscape has a human dwelling along with several species of flora and fauna.

5. The Atacama Desert
The Atacama Desert

Atacama desert is another noteworthy place in Chile that is a perfect spot for clicking pictures. It is the place where some of the world’s oldest mummies are preserved. Each of them you would find it very interesting to look at. The archaeological Museum in San Miguel de azapa should never be missed.

6. Chilean Lake District
Chilean Lake District

A Chilean lake district is a place worth exploring. It Stretches for more than 330 kilometres and somewhat resembles the Alpine region of Europe. Thick forests and deep lakes cover this beautiful place. Interestingly, some of the fun activities that one can enjoy in the place is river rafting, horse riding and kayaking.

7. Valparaiso

The city of Valparaiso is famous for its unique architecture and cobbled streets. The third-largest city in Chile has a lovely Harbour and a number of features that offer a lot of fun to the visitors. Naval and Maritime Museum is a major tourist attraction that displays the dealing with the War of the Pacific of 1879. Immaculate Place in Chile depicts battleships and survival.

8. Lauca National Park
Lauca National Park

Located towards the north of Chile, 140 kilometres east of Arica City, the beautiful National Park consists of mountain ranges and High Plains. There are also large volcanoes that the visitors would love to explore anyway. Likewise, the park also features a number of archaeological sites that evidently prove the existence of European settlers.

9. Pumalin Park
Pumalin Park

Last but not least in the list of best tourist attractions in Chile, Pumalin Park is one of the most important conservation areas of the country. There is a variety of flora and fauna that give the best wilderness experience to the visitors. There are visitors’ facilities available that are delightful to be explored.

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