We all agree to the fact that there are certain placFalkland islands in this world that are not so famous but are more beautiful than we can ever imagine. The Falkland Islands is one such destination that is extremely pretty and is situated in the east of South America. There are a total of 776 smaller Islands with internal self-governance. Stanley is the capital of the Falkland islands whereas the currency is a pound. Falkland Islands Tourism offered the best places list and tips.

The controversial was once acquired by the Europeans. During those times these islands have been ruled by various settlements including the Argentine, French, British and Spanish. The islands are located on the boundary of the Arctic Oceanic and have to draw climatic zones. English is the official language of the Falkland Islands.

Culture and food

The culture of the place is inspired by the British settlers. It also has an influence on Hispanic South America. Apart from English, people also speak Spanish. The local communities are very friendly and have a habit of stopping and chatting. The majority of the time people consume homegrown vegetables and survive on fish, lamb, mutton and beef. People love preparing homemade cakes, biscuits and have them with coffee and tea.

Things to do in Falkland islands

The area of 7500 square kilometres is enough to give you a number of tourist destinations. The Falkland Islands are also known as Islas Malvinas. It has more than 778 islands that have the most exquisite beauty possible. The largest islands in the archipelago are East Falkland and West Falkland where you would find people residing. The cold and hilly areas of the Falkland islands surprisingly attract tourists from all parts of the world. Indeed there are direct flights that exactly land on these tourists destinations so that one can immediately start enjoying it. Falkland Islands Tourism Guide.

The major attraction of the place is the wildlife that consists of numerous birds and marine animals. The tour operators will definitely help you to have a closer look at them. Also, there are prominent places where you can enjoy fishing, Mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and climbing.

Best places to visit in Falkland Islands Tourism Guide –



The capital of Falkland islands is also the place where the majority of the population exists. There are beautiful wooden homes that are painted in vivid colours. The picture-perfect beauty brags about the accommodations and best hotels. You can spend a beautiful day in the streets of the place that are particularly famous for Peculiar sides. There are military monuments and so many things to catch up the attention of the onlookers. Stanley is also a perfect destination for shopping and having some great experiences. You can purchase the best of leather and woollen goods and also have a good time in the harbourside restaurant and Cafe.

South Georgia museum


The South Georgia Museum was built by whalers from Norway. It has some of the most fascinating displays that the maritime excursions made. There are also things related to wars and the British military.

Cemetery and monuments


The place of Stanley is also home to a number of cemeteries that have interesting Tombstones. The cross on the sacrifice is a memorial that there were many people killed during World War first and the second. You must also plan out a visit to the victory green military monument that has seen the annual parade and Queen birthday.

South Georgia Island


The bountiful wildlife and the savage atmosphere is the major attraction of South Georgia Island. People would love to see the elephants that multiply every year in this place. The Penguins are inhabited In The Island and their reindeers are specifically spotted here.

Christ Church Cathedral


The tiny little Cathedral holds the beliefs of Christians living in Falkland. Perhaps one of the best things you can do in the Falkland Islands is to visit the Christ Church Cathedral where there is a unique whalebone arch that is made out of the jaws of blue whales in 1933. Falkland Islands Tourism

Historic dockyard museum


Another important tourist destination in the Falkland Islands is the Historic Dockyard museum that is a must-visit place. The artefact display includes ship figureheads and fishing items. There are also collections of fossils and bones that deliver great information to the visitors. The complex museum has a variety of interesting things to explore.

Small villages of East Falkland


Not only Stanley but the East Falkland is also a place where there is tremendous scope for adventure. You would love to explore the place of Port Louis that just takes an hour of drive from the north coast. There are spectacular scenery and colonies of penguins that look very pretty. Another tourist destination is Salvador that is not so frequently visited but is a true Retreat for wildlife lovers. There are penguins, sea lions, elephants and seals that are definitely going to take away your heart at the first glimpse. The place of Darwin also deserves your attention if you are looking forward to some racecourses in the Falkland Islands.

Sports Howard in West Falkland


The best Falkland covers an area of 4500 square kilometres and has a hilly and rugged interior. Port forward is the main settlement of West Falkland where major communities exist. You would find some of the most beautiful fan guest houses that offer luxury bread and breakfast facilities. Also, there are museums that portray war-related stuff. The surrounding Hills also do not deserve to be missed as the mountaineers can have a very nice time exploring them. Mount Mary is the third highest peak that is also a popular fishing destination.

The outer Islands


Outer Islands have fantastic wildlife viewing. The place is famous for the Rockhopper Penguins and black-brown coloured Albatross. There are also some rare bird species found. A sea lion Island is also a place where sea lions and Elephant seals exist. The wildlife lovers would never miss an opportunity to visit the outer Islands of Falkland.

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