Beautiful The Best Countries to visit in Asia

The Asian beauty is unbelievably exotic and spectacular. You would find the beaches changing colour and the lakes that are dramatic in their own way. Spend some time in the landscapes That Give perfect picture goals and shop at the local markets that sell unique souvenirs. In addition,  the Asian tour is like no other in this world. Here is a list of places that you should visit in Asia to add the worthiness to your life- the best countries to visit in Asia. The Best Countries to visit in Asia;

1.  Tiger nest Temple, Bhutan

Bhutan has the famous tiger nest Temple that is somewhere around 3000 feet above the par value. Whenever you plan for an Asian trip, do not forget to visit the tiger’s nest temple in Bhutan that talks about the flying tigress that was converted from Bhutanese to Buddhism. The must-visit place is very unique and will leave you amazed in different ways. Similarly, there are so many stories related to the place that you would love to discover.

2. Siem reap

The beauty of Cambodia is unhidden and unrivalled. Above all,  One of the most famous sites in Cambodia is the Angkor Wat temple. you would Discover a lot about the Cambodian cultural village over here. Apart from that, there are plenty of tourist attractions that would give you a flawless experience without giving a feeling of suffocation or overcrowded.

3. Bokeo nature reserve

The nature reserve, located in the Bokeo province, was explicitly established to preserve the black cheeked gibbon. In the form of a gibbon waterfall, you can encounter the natural beauty of the place that can be discovered after 3 hours of trekking along the banana river. This incredible experience can be found nowhere else. The beautiful nature and the gibbons that were once thought to be extinct will encourage you to discover them.

4. The rainbow village

Imagine spending time in the most colourful village in the world. The Rainbow Village is located in Taiwan and has a story to tell. An old man began to paint the place and it was later known as the grandpa Rainbow. The military dependents live here till date and the place is more colourful than any other destination in this world. Each corner of the village is filled with unique colours that are going to you are a complete nostalgia.

5. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is not just the capital of Malaysia but also a great place to amaze the tourists. There are numerous varieties of things to be discovered here. Enjoy the Petronas Twin Towers and Central Market at this place. Do not forget the Chinatown and the Boota Caves that are interesting in their own way. The city has a number of tourist sites that give a lot of fun when discovered. The place has age-old beauty and traditional buildings that spell perfection and talk about next-level modernisation.

Also visit Menara KL Tower, Batu Caves and Sultan Abdul Samad building. There are so many tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur that you can give a completely satisfactory experience. The vibrant events and colourful festivals are celebrated all year round over here.

6. Shinjuku gyoen

The beautiful Park is situated in Tokyo and it was originally compiled in 1772. The layout was reconstructed once again in 1906. The garden has an area of 58.3 hectares and has around 1700 subtropical plant species including the tropical and subtropical zones and  Yolyn am The Yolyn am has a deep-down narrow gorge that is unique because of the thick ice layer forming there. Situated in the Gobi desert, the place always remains cool like an Oasis.

7. Ha long bay

If you are looking forward to having pocket-friendly tourism in Asia, visit Vietnam as it has some great places and tourist destinations. Visit Halong bay that is also a World Heritage site listed by UNESCO. There are more than 3000 Islands inhibited by 1600 people who reside in the floating villages. The place is a great destination for excursion and experience in life in the middle of the water. The beauty of nature and the way people survive here will surely give you a lot of things to learn.

8. Danxia landform

The beautiful landscape town is made out of red sandstone and has strong forces. Added to the world heritage sites in 2010, this is a place that has a lot to be discovered in itself. For example, you can see lots of games and architecture in this place. Most of the Tv models have shot their promotions or ads in this place. It will be a very great experience for everyone to track the mount.

9. Taj Mahal

The emperor began with the construction of a Mosque somewhere in 1632 and it became a wonder of the world because of its stunning beauty. There are so many stories that lie behind the Taj Mahal. You ought to discover all of them by taking a trip to Agra and spending a good time here. The beautiful gardens symbolise true love and give a feel of heaven on the earth itself. For Instance, you will have great experiences to your eyes and heart by looking at the white marble Mosque is definitely a wonder to be visited in Asia. Tajmahal is the symbol of the eternal love of Shahjahan and queen Mumtaz.

This deserved to be experienced by every person on this planet more than once. Walk along the route that represents the pool and look at the fountains that are made using soft pure marble in a very special way. The semi-precious stones of the Taj Mahal are what gives the tomb its actual beauty. Therefore, the mystique of the place and the stories that are related to the construction are very interesting and can be heard from the tourist guides in complete detail.

10. The Great Wall of China

The gigantic structure was originally built as a defence wall. It is 3945 miles in length and is also known as the longest word on the face of Earth built by mankind. The Great Wall invites you to discover its uniqueness in China. Beijing is partially opened for foreign visitors to explore the place. You need to know the rules and details to discover more about the Great Wall of China. The wall has existed for more than 2300 years. It is 2119618 kilometres in length and has several unique features. To know places The Best Countries to visit in Asia.

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