Ecuador is a Spanish country that is officially known as the Republic of Ecuador. The South American country is bordered by Columbia and Peru. People locally speak the Quechua language and the official language of the country is Spanish. Quito is the capital and the largest city of Ecuador. Currently, the country is ruled by Lenin Moreno as the President. The country uses the US dollar to make payments. Ecuador beaches are famous for the salt, Sandy, Black sand, white sand.

Food and culture

Ecuadorian culture is vibrant and is mostly based on local art. There is a rich history associated with the country that exists till today. In the cities where tourism is prominent, people mostly prefer to speak Spanish over there. You can also hear people having conversations in English. The majority of the people follow Catholicism as their religion. There are special holidays during the Seasons of Easter and Christmas. People enjoy festivals through music celebrations and have a very engaging way of enjoyment. There are special communities that perform special rituals that mark the reenactment of Mary and Joseph.

The food of Ecuador mostly consists of rice as the staple diet. People also prefer having stews and soup made up of potatoes and yuca. Guinea pig and Trout are also consumed in the Highlands as popular delicacies. Ecuador beaches are very attractive shops and food on beach roads.

The relatively small country of people does have the ability to deliver exemplary tourism experience. You would be able to come across some awesome places in the country that can give you the most pleasing experience possible. If you have a plan to discover the country of Ecuador, here is what you need to do –

1 Galapagos Island- Ecuador beaches

The islands of Galapagos are so beautiful that there is nothing like them that exists on the face of the earth. Their beauty has remained untouched for centuries and the visitors are going to experience a very unique feeling over here. There are endemic species and wildlife that can arrest your interest at once. You would easily come across species like flamingos, blue-footed boobies, sea turtles, tortoise and bird species. The island remains accessible for travellers very easily.

2 Quito and Cuenca- Ecuador beaches

Quito was founded in the 17th century and is recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the colonial capital of Ecuador. There are narrow, paved roads and gigantic churches that never will allow you to return to your ancient destination. The Cosmopolitan hub has so many art shops that some excellent souvenirs can be purchased. Quito has many tourist destinations that have impressive views. If you want lesser labour-intensive tourism, Quito can be your choice for a tourist destination in Ecuador.

Ecuador beaches

Quito and Cuenca are also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are streets that are centuries old and roaming on them feels like you have gone back to that era. The historic centre of Plato has its own cultural significance and. The capital of South America has some of the most exemplary architecture that has been celebrated for nearly half a millennium.

There are Grand Plaza and historic churches that tend to fascinate the wanderers. Cuenca is yet another place that is filled with colonial streets having a European charm. Popularly known as the Athens of Ecuador coma Cuenca is a hub of artisanry, culture and art. There are several historical sites and colonial architectures that have been far and wide recognized by UNESCO.

3 Andes

Ecuador is flooded by several exceptional rail lines, one of which is the Andes. The world-famous mountain range can be clearly seen in the train journey that is not intended for any kind of transport but explicitly fulfils the purpose of day trips. The passengers can have a scenic ride to explore the interesting destination through and through. After they have explored the amazing vistas and developed some pleasant memories and their minds, they will be returned to the main stage. The rail trips are extremely affordable and start at a price of Just $25.

4 Devil nose train

The Devil nose train tourist destination talks about the amazing creation that the engineers of those times gave birth to. Just sitting on the train can give you some of the best outlooks of mountains and thundering waterfalls. You would also be able to view the glistening rivers that are indeed very gorgeous. It would be better to at least spend a night in the area to fill yourself with maximum energy and to avoid excess travelling. None of the places can give you a better experience during the month of June this particular tourist destination in Ecuador. You can also have a visit to the nearby local villages that trade in animal, fruit and fishes. There are also some of the best food courts that have homemade tasty dishes.

5 Go Through the Amazon jungle

The Eastern part of Ecuador is not less interesting. It has the famous Amazon rain forest that has several tributaries to the Amazon River. It takes some extra effort to reach the place but the idea is worthwhile. You would not get a better experience in the entire Ecuador then what the Amazon rain forest can give. It is quite possible to spot pink river dolphins and Anaconda over there. Also, some common reptiles and monkeys can be seen in the Jungle. The lush green rain forest has several trees that are quite invigorating.
You can also visit the nearby Yasuni National Park that is mostly a choice of local visitors. It is always a sense of adventure that can be felt while visiting the amazing Amazon rain forest.

6 Peak of Cotopaxi

The peak of Cotopaxi is of the most beautiful volcanoes of South America that is home to foxes, wild Horses and several endangered species. It Just requires a 2-hour ride from Quito. You would love to spend time horse riding and take pictures of the beautiful sceneries that have a glimpse of wildlife. There are more than 90 species of birds that fly throughout Cotopaxi.

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