Best places in Venezuela for couples

Venezuela is an American country that is officially known as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It has Caracas as the largest urban city and the capital of Venezuela has a high population. The currency of Venezuela is Bolivar Soberano. Plan this 2021 Holidays to Venice.


The country of Venezuela was earlier colonized by Spanish people in 1522. In 1811 the country was able to free itself from the rule and became independent from any sort of control. During the 19th Century, Venezuela suffered a strong political turmoil that broke the regional and military dictators. With a number of economic shocks taking place during the 1980s and 1990s, the country has been constantly recovering and eventually able to establish itself by the end of 2013. Currently, Venezuela has the 113th ranking on the Human Development Index. It has the largest oil reserves and is known to be a leading exporter in the world. Although the country was under development earlier, now it is known to dominate the export of goods like coffee, cocoa and oil.

Culture and Food

The people of Venezuela are a combination of Spanish and Africans. Both the tribes together have a differentiated culture that has its own unique characters. The indigenous and African influence resulted in the introduction of drum and other forms of music and art. Strong Spanish influence can be seen in the place. As a result, most people follow the Spanish culture and language.

Venezuelan food is a mix of French Italian Spanish and Portuguese. People are mostly into consuming staple food like corn rice, beans, Potato, Onion, squash and spinach. White cheese is commonly consumed in the geographical region.

Things to do in Venezuela

The surprisingly beautiful country of Venezuela is full of breath-taking sites, magnificent waterfalls and pleasant escape spots. You would come across the famous Andes mountain that has a soaring height of 16000 feet. Also, there are lively and colourful cities that host some of the marvellous music and wildlife. The country of Venezuela has no shortage of cultural attractions that immediately impress visitors. Not all the best places in Venezuela are easy to reach. Some of the Destinations require special effort because they are on the offbeat and Pathways. Somehow we have composed a list of both easy and difficult tourist destinations so that you can fulfil your expedition to Venezuela peacefully –

1. Parque Nacional Morrocoy
Parque Nacional Morrocoy

The Morrocoy National Park requires a two-hour drive from the west of Caracas. The White Sand Beach allows you to spend a good day over here. The park can be easily accessed and enjoyed during the holidays. The park is famous for various flora and fauna and it attracts tourists to observe the variety of life that inhibits the place.

2. Angel Falls
Angel Waterfalls

We all have to agree to the fact that Venezuela is a place where there are sky-scraping mountains. Angel fall is a gigantic monolith that is indeed the highest waterfall in the entire world with a whopping height of 979 metres. The stunning waterfalls should be visited somewhere between the month of May and November during the rainy season. During the rest of the seasons, you might have to check whether there is plenty of water that makes a trip to it worthwhile or not.

3. Orinoco Delta
Orinoco delta

Moving towards the North-Eastern part of Holidays to Venice, there is a completely different experience that you get. The Orinoco Delta hosts some of the most interesting wildlife that has Macau, monkeys and piranhas. There are also multi-day packages that are just perfect for Night Safari. The quality of Lodges keeps on varying according to the prices and facilities they have.

4. Canaima National Park
Canaima National Park

Everybody knows that Holidays to Venice has some of the best wildlife spots in the world. Firstly, the Canaima National Park is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site. Associated with Angel Falls, the beautiful Park is scattered in a large area. It is going to give you a unique experience with some of the rarest species habituating in it. Moreover, there are plenty of waterfalls spread across the entire area. Most people often choose to swim and snorkel in these waterfalls to have a refreshed life.

5. Los Roques Archipelago
Los Roques Archipelago

The Turquoise waterfalls are so surprisingly beautiful that they would create a strong Nostalgia in your mind. You can reach the archipelago specifically with the help of an aircraft from characters. As the fairy service is absent, the boat can be chartered from the waterfront area of the town. Apart from watching it, you can also enjoy some breath-taking activities like snorkelling and diving.

6. Isla de Margarita

The most prominent tourist destination of Venezuela is bloody Margarita which is a beautiful beach that has a stretch of 40 kilometres. People who seek to lie under the sun can choose this particular Island that has everything to attract foreigners and Venezuelans. In addition, you can fly directly to this place and enjoy some good food in nearby hotels and restaurants. There are plenty of places in the beach area that offer good Venezuelan cuisine.

7. Roraima
Mount Roraima

Also, the alluring Appeal of Roraima mountain is something that would turn the nature lover completely crazy. The beauty of the Mountain has been leaving all the visitors intrigued for centuries. There are questionable rock formations, meat-eating plants and breath-taking waterfalls that would definitely convince you to come here once again. Canaima National Park is the highest tepuis in Roraima. Thus, it can be accessed for hiking and a multitude of activities.

8. Galipan

People often choose to spend a lot of time in Caracas in order to explore the sites of the area. Somehow, they would definitely miss something more important if they did not move to the small town of Galipan that has a tremendous amount of interesting tourist destinations. You can possibly drive on the twisty roads and look around the views that are spectacular because of the Hills and mountains. There are vendors selling a variety of goods and a number of restaurants that can give a good treat to your palate.

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