10 Reason to Best places to visit in Germany

The European city of Germany is the third most powerful economy in the world. Because of World War 2 and Hitler, there is a lot about Germany that people do not know. Currently, Frank-Walter Steinmetz is the president of the nation. Euro has been the currency of Germany ever since 2002. The ancient country of Germany has a wide variety of landscapes and natural beauty. The magnificent country is known for standing villages, castles and churches. Ever since World War II, Germany has always tried to make a lot of efforts to wipe off the crimes and commemorate the victims. It is now emerging as a developing Nation with more migrants entering it every year. Here are the 11 Best places to visit in Germany.

1. Regensburg


Located in Bavaria, Regensburg is one of the oldest towns in Germany that is widely selected as a tourist destination. The well-preserved medieval old town has fine architectures and historical landmarks to attract visitors. It also has chapels and churches that lie in the ancient Street and are excellent for The Scholars. The gorgeous Gothic Cathedral is something that should not be missed by anyone. The lively culture of the place is all because of the easygoing atmosphere. It is referred to as the northern city of Italy.

2. Black forest


The place of the black forest is all covered with dark dense Woods, mountains and Valley Hills. The Picture Perfect destination in Germany has a lot of natural sites to visit. You will find the sparkling Lake, floral beauties and gushing rivers in the black forest area of Germany. It is also perfect for sports activities like snowboarding and skiing.

3. Lu-beck


The northernmost state of Germany is the first place to be bombed and damaged during World War II. The place still retains the medieval architecture that makes it a popular tourist destination in Germany. There are seven churches that preserve the old age history of the country. Apart from everything else, there are historic sites to view and enjoy. The standing Cathedral will definitely keep you Amazed and Happy during your tourism.

4.  Hamburg


Situated on the banks of the river, Hamburg is a famous tourist destination in Germany with some of the busiest and important ports located there. It is also the second-largest city in Germany and is known for its pulsating nightlife and beautiful Maritime. The old brick houses and the beautiful history of the place are what attracts the visitors here.

5. Lake Constance


Amongst the most commonly visited cities in Germany, lake Constance is one place that will always give you ample nostalgic memories. The popular place is blessed with Crystal Clear Water that lets it create gorgeous scenery. The sports lovers are definitely going to have a good time while sunbathing, sailing, cycling and swimming. There are recreational activities and picture-perfect towns dwelling nearby the beautiful lake.

6. Bamberg


Among the most attractive places in Germany, Bamberg is one important tourist destination that every Tourist must explore. the place has several Roman Catholic churches and a holy Roman empire that are well erected and maintained to date. The history and heritage of Germany can be seen well preserved in the city of Bamberg. Then Arrow medieval Street are quite enthralling in nature.

You will find Cathedrals that are not less than a century-old. Recently, the place has been made all the more pleasant and attractive by creating an abundance of parks, payment and cafes. There is also no shortage of the best restaurants that serve the most famous food in Germany.

7. Cologne


Being one of the largest cities in Germany, Cologne is situated on the Rhine river which makes it all the more interesting. The buzzing nightlife and the cultural scene of the place can be easily felt overhear. The cathedral has magnificent medieval architecture and a wide collection of museums. Moreover, The details of German history can be easily found in this particular City.

In addition, Cologne hosts the annual carnival festival of Europe where you would find the streets and pubs filled with costumed people. One of the most interesting cities to visit in Germany is the first choice of nightlife lovers. You can easily find a great collection of alcoholic drinks in the leading bars of the place.

8. Nuremberg


We must never miss out on the holy Roman empire that is the unofficial capital of Germany. The second-largest city in Bavaria is very important from a social, economic and cultural point of view. Nuremberg is the epitome of architecture and beauty. It has some of the most marvellous museums and interesting Gothic churches that are quite impressive in nature. There is much explained about the history in this place.

Several people associate Nuremberg with stunning nightlife and authentic German prisons. The largest Christmas market in Germany is available nowhere else but Nuremberg.

9. Romantic Rhine


The place of medieval castles in Germany is famous because of the Roman touch. There are so many paintings and legendary architectures available in the space. The beautiful and stunning place has many accommodations that allow overnight stay.

10.  Munich


Interestingly, The major International hub for Research and Technology, Munich is the capital of Germany. It has several research centres and Global University that act as an important attraction in Germany. The vibrant city is famous for its cultural scenes and sophisticated Opera houses. But, the lush green spaces in Munich include the famous English Garden is definitely going to let you create some good memories over here.

It is also famous for the beer festival that annually takes place in the city. There are fun competitions and millions of litre beers sold during the festival. The famous beer Gardens of Munich and beautiful beer halls are also something that deserves the attention of the visitors.

11. Dresden


For example, If you are thinking about where to stay in Germany, without a second thought book your stay at Dresden. The largest urban districts of Germany hold importance from a cultural and legal point of view. There are interesting landmarks and beautiful Plaza all over the place. And, the old town comprises historic sites and impressive art galleries. Similarly, The green world is one of the most famous places with exquisite jewellery pieces and precious gems.

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