Best Beaches in Spain

There is no other place in the world that has such vivid cultural offerings. The European country is more than just beautiful. That has its own exclusive tourist attractions, which for their beauty and fascination are celebrated. Spain gets Travelers from all parts of the world and has a good ranking when it comes to choosing the most influential countries in the world. So, if you want to find out the best tourist destinations in Spain, we have a whole list that can help you to have good travelling experience-Best Beaches in Spain

1. Marida

Founded long back in 25 AD by the Romans, Merida brags about some of the most well-preserved remains of Spain. The place lies in the Western Central part of the Liberian Peninsula. The thousand-year-old history and the ancient historical sites are so impressive that you would come back repeatedly over here. The great theatre performance and the wonderful remains of the Moorish Fortress are appreciable. The Gothic churches scattered all over the place are very interesting and informative as well. There are museums that talk about the rich history of Spain in detail.

2.  Segovia

The largest capital city is the province of the same name. Segovia is all such a scenic spot and has mountains Rising scenes that are specifically impressive. There are several historical sites that are related to Segovia and its beauty. In beautiful locations, in the form of Gothic cathedrals, churches and museums, you can eventually identify Roman history being displayed. There are event Convent monasteries that form the major attraction of the place. The medieval castles and the palaces feature a lot of fine architecture that has once been the favourite of Royal residences.

3.  Ronda

The most spectacular city of Rhonda is unimaginably artistic and is located towards the south of Spain. The non-exhaustive beauty of the valleys and The Hills lie completely before it. There are stunning breathtaking beaches that were built in 1793 and now act as the major landmark in today time. The modern El Mercadillo is also a very beautiful town with pretty Gardens and elegant palaces. The town is known as the cradle of modern Spanish bullfighting with neoclassical buildings. The rich cultural heritage and the history of the place are quite dramatic and enigmatic at the same time. There are ancient streets that draw the major attention of the tourists. The picture-perfect towns are worth visiting and spending some time.

4. Cordoba

The unlimited beauty of Spain also includes the city of Cordoba that is the capital of one of the provinces in Southern Spain. The mid-size city offers a lot of cultural and historical sites of Spain. The bustling Metropolis is one of the oldest towns of Europe having a variety of medical streets, courtyards, Plazas and tourist attractions. Cordoba is also the location to find the best tourist attractions in Spain. The red and white striped arches in the Islamic theme transport tourists back to the place’s history, which seems to be well preserved to date. The shopping streets of the place are very interesting and have some of the best Spanish souvenirs that you should immediately bag.

The city of Cordoba brightens up specifically during the month of May with a couple of lively festivals. The Cordoba fest is very enjoyable and you should specifically participate in the Flamenco dancing festivals, contests and enjoy the streets filled with all sorts of food and drink.

5. Valencia

One of Spain’s biggest cities is Valencia, which is also the main tourist attraction. Valencia, famous for the Falls Festival, is a must-see spot in Spain. It’s also named the City of Arts and Culture. The town suffered from a lot of devastation during the previous century, it is said. It has some of the best churches and ancient monasteries to date that speak about the past. The Turin River built a long time, is also the most impressive tourist destination in Spain. Near the same river, the lovely buildings of the Museum, Arts and Science are also included. A vibrant mixture of architecture and ethnic groups is present.

The venue hosts the annual festival, which lasts for a full week. You will find the city being decorated vibrantly every night for no reason. There are a lot of night clubs and bars glorifying the whole of Spain/Best Beaches in Spain.

6.  Madrid

The largest city of Spain is known for its sizzling nightlife and educational universities. Madrid is a place for diverse ethnic groups. It is also the most colourful city in Spain and is amongst the Cosmopolitans. Madrid as a city is a beautiful mix of new and old architecture. It has several neighbourhoods that offer unique characters and attractions. The Universities and multicultural districts make Madrid a perfect place to explore. The most famous tourist destination in Spain is all because of the royal palaces and glorious churches. The lovely parks and Zoos are also quite pleasing. The art galleries witness several concerts being organised in a whimsical way.

7. Mallorca

Surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, Mallorca is specifically known for its beauty and beaches. The popular tourist destination is quite lively and spectacular. The Incredible sceneries and mountainous interiors are home to ancient monasteries. The sleepy villages have their own stories to tell. You can enjoy sunbathing and swimming on the beach/Best Beaches in Spain.

8.  Granada

Situated towards the base of Sierra Nevada, Granada is one of the most visited places in Spain. The best tourist destination of the country is basically a mid-sized city that has some of the most vivid spectacular attractions and animated lifestyles. The architectural sites of Europe can be well seen at this place. The city is the home to Nobel landmarks. It has the Christian abbey that majorly impresses the visitors. During the evenings, you can roam out here and there from one bar to another and also get immersed in the entertainment choices of the city.

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