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What is Happening in Afghanistan / 12 top places?

Because of its landlocked location at the crossroads of south and central Asia, Afghanistan has been shattered and altered by numerous cultures. In ancient times, Neolithic tribespeople from the Indus Valley settled here. Then came Alexander the Great’s phalanxes, which spanned the Hindu Kush’s greater phalanx of mountains. Putting an end to the old Persian …

Holiday places

10 most beautiful places in Norway

10 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Norway Norway’s attraction is strikingly simple¬†it is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. Norwegian fjords with impossibly steep sides and breathtaking beauty rip gashes deep into the interior from a rugged shoreline. The interior of Norway’s hilly landscape resembles the ramparts of a natural castle in other …

Holiday places

25 Best places to travel in Portugal

Portugal is a little country with a big punch, 25 Best places to travel in Portugal. This little nation provides an amazingly broad choice of visitor attractions, from metropolitan cities to out-of-the-way towns and villages. As well as bustling beach resorts and stunning national parks. Portugal’s location in this sun-drenched part of Western Europe provides …