About us, The web site helps you to travel around the world and helps you to explore the beauty of the world travel with safe and easy travel. We upload the best places in the world and different types of travel places like sports tour, weekend trips, honeymoon. This site helps you in the must-visit list of places around the globe with culture, history of the place, safety, current currency value and many more…

Who are we:

We are two friends who have come from different backgrounds in engineering. Our encounter was a strange event, we met each other while working for an organization in Hyderabad, India. We were in our training session when our trainer put a question in front of us and my answer made the whole class laugh. Sree is doing the website stuff all along during his graduation and me, on the other hand completely clueless about this stuff. I have worked in that organization for more than 2 years before moving on to a different career path but #Sree continued to do the same job until we decided to pursue a master’s abroad and then here we are in London doing our masters.

Why Worldtourtips.com

We might be from different backgrounds but our collective interest in creating a website of our own has been a goal since the day we landed in London. but then things went a bit awkward when the whole world was hit by Covid-19 and it did affect us badly. Our education, our jobs, everything seemed to be shut down, we were in the same situation for about three months, we did see the other people struggling to get back to their home countries as they were not able to survive or cope up in London. We two were stubborn, we didn’t want to go back instead, we invested our time in getting to know the website and which one would be the best to start with.

After a few days of brainstorming, we decided to start a website that should help the people who are travelling be it a tour or journey back home or a day trip. We started collecting information from the people who have been to places so that we can integrate it on our website. We just kick-started our website and there is more and more exciting content to be revealed. We are not travellers or wanders, but enthusiasts who do not have enough money or time to travel but love to invest our time in our interest and that’s how we created this website.