Best places to visit in Thailand

The South-East Asian country is naturally beautiful with hilly forests and well-maintained ecosystems. The rice fields of Thailand have their own story to tell. Currently, the nation is ruled by President Prayut Chan o cha. Each day spent in Thailand would introduce you to the unbelievable modern cities and the Buddhist temples. There are so many tribes that sell beautiful handicrafts worth buying in Thailand. The ancient ruins and stunning coastlines talk about gorgeous beaches and blue lagoons. If you carefully explore the country, it can give you an unforgettable tourist experience. Gripped by nature, the place has a beautiful mountainous landscape and so many tourist attractions to grab your attention. Here are the 10 Best places to visit in Thailand.

1. Ko Phangan

Among the largest Islands of Thailand, Ko Phangan is one such place that has beautiful white sand beaches and rolling hills. The lush green jungles and the neighbouring islands have plenty of activities to offer. The outdoor enthusiasts are definitely going to have a great time over here. You can enjoy the iconic sale Rock site and 30 different tropical beaches.  Each beach is best for a full moon party.

2. Sukhothai

The small Northern city in Thailand is a popular tourist destination that has some ancient ruins nearby. Divided into multiple zones, the place has a watt mahatma that is considered the most impressive Temple with standing Buddha relics. The historical Park has wonderfully manicured Gardens that completely eye soothing.

3. Ko Samui

In 1917, the island was not known by anybody in the country. Eventually, people started visiting the beach and praised it for its spectacular beauty. Currently, Ko Samui is one of the most convenient travel places in Thailand. It is also in close proximity to the International Airport of the country. You can enjoy full moon parties and have a great time with your friends here. There are plenty of mountainous forests with stunning waterfalls and perfect swimming options. It is very easy to explore the popular tourist destination that has so much to offer.

4. Chiang Rai

If you are exploring the country of Thailand through and through, travel to the northernmost part and there you will find the golden triangle that surrounds the borders of Thailand Myanmar and Laos. Chiang Rai is referred to as the place for museums, cultural heritage and art. You can find some of the great souvenirs and cultural performances taking place in the city. Gate of Siam is a special tourist destination where vegetables simply love to enjoy the views. The natural walks and the scenic waterfalls provide Picture Perfect experiences. The beautiful picnic areas are so much exotic when it comes to spending some good time in the best tourist places in Thailand.

5. Pai

Pie is A beautiful Village situated in the northern part of Thailand. It is stunning all because of Picture Perfect valley and the relaxing atmosphere. Pie is a favourite destination for visitors ever since decades. Located at the foothills of the mountains, you would get visitors coming to this area throughout the year. The waterfalls and the hot springs are additionally captured. You must not forget to visit the Pie canyon that is a powerful tourist destination in Thailand.

6. Phanom rung

If you are ideally searching for the famous tourist destinations of Thailand, do not forget to visit the phenomena that are a Hindu Shrine. The outstanding architecture was built back in the 13th century. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the place celebrates the festival every April annually. The ancient Brahman ceremonies also take place in this Hindu temple.

7. Phuket

The gorgeous beaches and the luxurious islands are not the only attractions of Phuket. The blue lagoons and the vibrant Resorts that include some of the best shopping malls and restaurants also give a lot of substance to this place. The world-class Spa services and breathtaking beauty makes it ideal for honeymooners. You would enjoy sea kayaking, Scuba Diving and river rafting with your loved ones, particularly at Phuket Island.

8. Khao Sok National Park

Thailand is not only famous for beaches and romantic destinations. It is also famous because of national parks that have admirable beauty. The visitors would love to explore The Wild fruit trees and hidden Caves over here. The ideal place for kayaking and water sports, Khao Sok is a very interesting place on its own. It has wild woods, Macaque, Malaysian tapped and several large-sized animals that take away all the attention at once.

9. Ayutthaya

Founded long back in 1350, Ayutthaya is a major attraction of Thailand with impressive sites and more than 400 temples. The popular destination recently became a centre of trade. It has the east and the west point’s connecting it very well. The Burmese attack conquered the place in a very astonishing way. There are some structures that still exist to the glory of the visitors. The majority of the people come to Ayutthaya after having a day trip from Bangkok. The local charm and the excellent food of the place keep everything alive.

10. Kanchanaburi

Located towards the western part of Thailand, Kanchanaburi is an admirable place with some of the most beautiful water parks and national parks. The place is most famous for the historic death Railway that has a very pitiable history. The thriving city has so many attractions including the Irwan and Headshrinker National Park/Best places to visit in Thailand.

11. Bangkok

The capital of Thailand is a bustling cosmopolitan city with ancient temples, magnificent palaces and glittering nightclubs. Bangkok alone has so much to offer that you must plan a trip Holy dedicated to this city. Located in Central Thailand, the capital has famous shopping streets of water parks, Wildlife sanctuaries Sporting venues and much more. Anything you name in Bangkok and it has it for you. The fantastic dining experience and the famous nightlife would give you reasons to come back to this place again and again listed in Best places to visit in Thailand.

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