Greece is the southeastern European country, on the southern end of the Balkan peninsula. Further, It is at the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa. Athens is the capital of the country. The country’s currency is Euro which is equivalent to £ 0.91 and $ 1.23. Greek is the official language of the country. Greece is a true paradise for cultural tourism, a wonderful journey into history and art. And, the best places to visit Santorini Greece for a perfect holiday vacation is in all seasons.  Greece holiday Hotels.
  • Best Holiday time to visit: The winters may be too cold and the summers are too hot,  meanwhile Spring (April) and Autumn (September) are the best times to visit Greece/Europe/UK and the prices also drop by 20% in these seasons.

Best Holiday areas in Santorini Greece.

1. Athens:
 Greece/Athens tips and places
As Greece is a city famous for its culture, Athens is an ideal place to stroll around. It speaks of the ancient ways and tradition that have been followed. Athens being one of several oldest cities in the world carries its heritage as a point of honour. The Acropolis and its crowning glory, the Parthenon and many more. Everywhere you go you will come across ancient temples and monuments, towers and triumphal arches,   world-class museums, lively nightlife, beaches and ocean views.
The Acropolis, the Ancient Agora and the Archeological Museum are going to leave you in awe. Other vibrant streets and hilly districts are what fascinates you to live in those moments. The areas are limited to vehicles in the heart of Athens, therefore it would be best to travel around the city on foot to rooftop bars and restaurants with stunning views. This type of style can also see in Spain.
  • Preferrable Athens Hotels: Central Hotel, 360 degrees hotel, Centrotel Athens hotel etc., which may cost you less than £70.

Santorini is an Aegean island with whitewashed villages, beaches, a volcanic landscape and Minoan ruins. The Crescent-shaped Santorini, with its sheer mountains and blue lagoons, is the remnants of a much larger volcanic island torn apart almost 4,000 years ago by a cataclysmic eruption. The core of the island collapsed into the sea, leaving a huge caldera completely surrounded by pumice cliffs. Many hotels are concealed in the typical caves cut out of the cliffs, giving you an uncommon view of the island.
Besides these, Cruising and gazing at the beautiful place is one of the fun things there. Oia and Imerovigli are the most romantic locations to visit in Santorini. It’s an Island that amazes everyone with sightseeing and playful events. Along with this, you can expect delicious food and luxury lodgings, regional wines, multi tinctured beaches and sights that extend across the sea from the lagoon. Itlay is also one of the worlds richest popular places in the world.
  • Preferrable Stay:  Santorini princess spa hotel, villa Manos, Kaleidoscope cave houses, Aqua luxury suites and many more for a relaxing Greece trip.

3. Mykonos:
Mykonos is one of the most stunning islands of Greece making it a perfect tourist attraction to explore. Even though  Mykonos is a popular party island, there is still wonderful natural and traditional beauty to offer. It has a range of unique art and architecture set around a scenic fishing village harbour. The streets of Mykonos is filled with shops after shops and if you are up to some shopping it would be a treat to you. Visit as many restaurants as you can and fill your stomach with all the greek varieties out there. Enjoy the white cobblestone buildings, beaches, restaurants, shopping and beauty of Mykonos.
  • Preferrable Stay: If you’ve come on a cruise for an overnight stay you could spend your night in the cruise itself or if you wanna stay in the town you could stay at Grecotel Mykonos blue, Mykonian mew luxury suites, Royal Nikonian. Even if the prices are a bit high because of the popularity of this island, the experience would be a wonderful experience.

Greece/ Meteora
The Meteora is a rock formation in central Greece which is home to one of the largest and most precipitously constructed complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries, second only to Mount Athos. A testament to the confidence, ingenuity and devotion of the medieval monks, the monasteries of Meteora perched incongruously on the towering pinnacles of the rock, jumping out from the valley floor. The esteems have been moulded into their surreal, precipitous forms by water and wind erosion, with various natural caves offering shelter since the Palaeolithic period. Witness the beauty of nature by visiting Meteora.

5. Rhodes:
Greece/ Rhodes
Rhodes is also the largest of the twelve Dodecanese islands on the eastern coast of the Aegean. The well-preserved medieval town of Rhodes is situated in the north of the island of the same name. High-rise hotels line the north and east coasts. Small villages and resorts surround the other coasts of the island. If you’re interested in beaches, bars or ancient ruins, Rhodes promises an array of all three. While it is home to a range of vibrant resorts, there are also many areas of exceptional natural beauty to find and explore. Here you can find the beaches of Lindos and St. Pauls which are famous for their white sandy beaches and emerald green water.
  • Preferrable stay: Casa cook Rhodes, Mitsis La vita beach house, St. Artemios Boutique hotel.

6. Zakynthos:
Zakynthos is the largest of the Ionian Islands, and it is as prosperous as it is stunning, with an abundance of olives and grapes. Music is a big part of local culture and you can attend a concert or festival nearly any night of the week and you’ll be captivated by the sights and sounds of the Zakynthos artists. The Islands are beautiful, cinematic heaven. The seas are blue, the beaches are excruciatingly silky and soft. All seems pretty much Photoshopped. However, that’s Zakynthos, in all her idyllic beauty. Adventure and thrill-seekers can surf or hire a sailboat, hike through the beautiful mountains, snorkel, swim with the sea turtles, and scuba dive in the underwater caves between rocks in crystal clear surroundings. And not to forget the food, get your tastebuds a taste of Zakynthos cuisine. To know more about the Europen culture and most visited places click here. 
  • Preferrable stay: Phoenix hotel zante town, Zakynthos-villa golden July, Bianca luxury villas, Porto Zante.

Ionian Islands
Ionian Islands

On the western seaboard of grace, we see the 7 most popular and beautiful Islands and ancient architecture. These Islands are also famous for film shooting and celebration. Due to covid 19 some restaurants and pubs are closed but the beach line shopping is still open you can buy good clothes, flowers for your loved once. Every travel will experience Greece culture by end of there trip. Safe tips, don’t take more luggage with you on your travel, because you may miss it or you can not carry it all, make sure you use only the card payment, keep less money. You can trust the locals but you need to be careful. It is good taking all covid preventions and medicines with you.

The Ionian Islands are popular in history, here you will many things to do, you can boating, rafting, swimming and you can also see some water games near beaches. The people who don’t want to get in the water have a great time in the market around the beach with many interesting things to shop and window shopping. Here you can get delicious seafood, with white sauce and ginger beer and great wine.


One of the biggest market city and the largest beach of the Ionian Islands, the city and beach will be beautiful without culture like you can see more people on the roads even at the night. As this is the market city you will get great fashion for women and children. The sunset will on the beach be very colourful.


It is also known as sub Island of Kefalonia, Odysseus’s rugged capital. Here you can see more mountains and rocks to climb and trekking, All the tourist join together and form a team and they will start clime the mountains, this place is one more romantic you can also find a partner. If you are lucky.


This is a connecting the Island of Kefalonia, this place looks like surrounded by big rock mountains and clear water, very less tourist but you can get more private time if you are with your partner, the food and pubs are highly top rated. Hence this is listed in Best Holiday places in Santorini Greece.


This is the second biggest island in Greece, it is of over 20 sq kilometres, here carpeted in pines and dotted with olive groves more. This is the best place to take a rest and relax have some beer, the local dance floors are very amazing, every age people will stand on the dance floor. Hence this is listed in Best Holiday places in Santorini Greece.


Corfe is the cool Island of Ionian, here you can see most of the painters and writers, poets. The Temperature will be not so high or low, we can feel a friendly climate.

Therefore this is listed in Best Holiday spots in Santorini Greece.


Paxox Greece Holiday

It is a small Island with less population and 3 villages, more industrial area. Facilities will be not bad, okay we can adjust and hotels will be very less and make sure you book your hotel before if you are willing to stay the night. And, Hence this is listed in Best Holiday places in Santorini Greece.


EPIROS COAST/ Greece Holiday

Epiros coast is the place you see more tourist with scuba diving water race boat for very cheap. However, you can also see water paragliding. explore all the water games. Hence this is listed in Best Holiday places in Santorini Greece.  To know more about grace tourism please click here, to book your hotel click here.

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