Popular places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Located in the Indian Ocean southwest of the Bay of Bengal and southeast of the Arabian Sea, Sri Lanka is an island nation in South Asia. Because of its form and location, Sri Lanka has been called the pearl of the Indian ocean. Colombo is the capital of the country. And the currency of Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) and one Sri Lankan Rupee is £ 0.0037 or $ 0.0050. Here are the top 10 tourism package places to travel to in Sri Lanka for Couples.

Food and Culture

Sri Lankan cuisine is renowned for its special blends of herbs, spices, fish, rice, fruit, and vegetables. The cuisine is highly based on many rice varieties, as well as coconut, which is a ubiquitous crop throughout the country. Be it fresh or preserved fish, seafood has an important role in Sri Lankan cuisine. As a nation that was the centre of the ancient oceanic silk route, in addition to the local customs of the ethnic groups of the country, interaction with foreign merchants introduced new food products and cultural influences, all of which helped form Sri Lankan cuisine.

Sri Lanka culture combines contemporary elements with traditional elements and is famous for its ethnic richness. With distinct creative types that include music, dance, and the visual arts, the country has a rich artistic heritage.

1. Sigiriya

Sigiriya- beauty

One of Sri Lanka most important historical landmarks is Sigiriya. This ancient palace and fortress complex, referred to by locals as the Eighth Wonder of the World. Has important archaeological significance and draws thousands of visitors every year. It is potentially Sri Lanka most-visited tourist destination. Besides this, there are many more places you would love to visit Sigiriya. If you are nature and wildlife enthusiastic you could visit the Minneriya national park and Sarath safari of Sigiriya. And if you love to explore ancient times, you could visit the archaeological museum where you may find some interesting facts about Sri Lanka. There are also Sigiriya lion rock and Sigiriya art museum where you could enjoy exploring.

2. Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

With its colonial-era bungalows, Tudor-style hotels, well-tended hedgerows and lush gardens, this genteel highland neighbourhood has a rose-tinted, vaguely British-country– village feel to it. And this made Nuwara Eliya to be called “Little England” and is a good place for a few days of relaxation. Have a cool photo-shoot at the Lover’s leap waterfall and take a tour of a tea factory, you could also have a private tea leave plucking experience. Nevertheless, you should not forget to visit the botanical gardens and Pidurutalagala which is the tallest mountain peak in Sri Lanka. Other than this you could have some water sports at Lake Gregory and have a stroll around the Gal way’s national park.

3. Colombo


Being the capital of the country, it is not only a financial metropolitan city but also a tourist destination for many tourists. Take a stroll around the Galle faces green, which has a scenic waterfront area with some food stalls. Besides these, there are also some temples and a historic mosque you could visit to feel some inner peace. These temples and mosque are not only for inner peace but also to have a look at some unique architecture they have. And also, do not forget to have a look at the National Museum to know more about the history and ancient times of Sri Lanka.

4. Negombo

Sri Lanka Negombo

Negombo city which is mostly famous for Negombo lagoon is a spectacular place to visit. A number of small rivers and a canal feed the lagoon. And by a narrow channel, it is linked to the sea. You could take a boat ride which costs you £ 9.5 or $ 13 USD approximately. Not only this, but Negombo is mostly famous for its Dutch fort. The remains of the old Dutch castle, which has a fine gateway, are close to the seafront at the mouth of the lagoon and is accessible for visitors.

And after visiting the fort, you could stroll around the fish market where you could find a range of fish varieties and choose your dinner. Besides these, their many water parks, natural parks, and a harbour to look around and have some fun. You could find a service called Pick and go, where you could rent a bike and stroll around the city.

5. Bentota


While visiting Sri Lanka, one should never miss Bentota as it contains a range of scenic views and fun activities to look around. Bentota is a resort town that is mostly famous for its beach, paradise Island and Galapota Temple. Besides these, there are a lot more places to visit such as Barberyn Island which has a lighthouse with some spectacular views. And the town has many water sports centres you could visit if you love to enjoy some water sports.

If you want a serene boat safari you could have it in the Bentota boat safari near Bentota beach. Nevertheless, the garden road with some garden plantation landscapes along the road. The harbour and the sea turtle conservation centres are also some must-visit places. So do not miss visiting Bentota to have some fun and to explore beautiful nature.

6. Kandy

Beauty Kandy

Kandy is a hilly large Sri Lankan city that is home to a Buddhist relic, the temple of the tooth shrine. The city has a lot of temples you could visit to explore some great architecture and the culture of Sri Lanka. Not only the temples, but there are also many places for you to visit and have some fun. For instance, you could go to Udawatta Kele sanctuary where you could go for a hike and also have some wildlife viewing. And the Kandy city viewpoint, clock tower, lake and museums are some of the places you could visit for some beautiful things to explore.

7. Ella


If you are a nature lover, you should not miss Ella as it has some spectacular natural beauty hidden in it. To escape from the busy streets, loud vehicles and pollution take a visit to this beautiful town. Clear your thoughts watching the clear waterfall from the top of Rawana falls and explore the storied caves in it. Visit Nil Diya Pokuna in the Rawana Ella sanctuary where you could have a view of a scenic and large pond of maximum depth around 92 feet.

After exploring Rawana take a train and have a spectacular view from the Nine arches bridge. And Ella is mostly famous for the Little Adam’s Peak which is a modest mountain with some picturesque views. Also, have a visit to the Indagiri Viharaya- Komarikagoda a Buddhist temple for some serene time.

8. Galle

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Sri Lankan  Galle coastal city is most famous for the Galle fort, lighthouse, and National maritime museum. As it is a coastal area there are many beaches. Many forts for you to visit and have some great pictures. Besides these, there are also many Buddhist temples and also churches for you to visit and have a view of the spectacular architecture. Also, there are many sea turtles’ farms and hatcheries, textile and handloom centres, art museums and many more for you to explore. And don’t forget to have a nice coffee at cafe bod-hi which is an interesting point for many tourists. Nevertheless, one could not cover all the beautiful places in a day so take your time and visit every beach, fort, harbour and museum in Galle.

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