Best places to visit in Singapore

Singapore is always on the top not list while planning tourism with family. The Marvellous destination has Sky kissing buildings and some brilliant tourist destinations. It feels like living on the stars while still being on earth. As well as, There are exquisite shopping malls and venues to die for, Singapore has everything to give a fantastic tourism experience. In Addition, Explore the botanical gardens and seek some comfort in the wallet-friendly destinations. Here is a shortlist of the Best Places to visit in Singapore Singapore

1. Universal Studios

Situated at Sentosa Island Singapore, The Universal Studios are undoubtedly exquisite. They are full of enthusiasm, entertainment and excitement. There are a number of restaurants, shopping areas and cafes situated over here. Enjoy the adrenaline-pumping roller coaster rides and also spend some time in the sky fi City that will upsurge your knowledge levels significantly. Pay Attention to ancient Egypt that is known as the Lost World Dinosaurs and Places to visit in Singapore

2. Gardens by the Bay

Unquestionably pretty, the place is a perfect tourist destination because of its attractive appeal and magnificent aura. The floral domes and the cloud forests are eye-popping and give good entertainment to the visitors. Visit the coffee shops and Dine at some of the best restaurants in the place to give yourself maximum fun and relaxation.

3. Little India and Arab Street

Amongst the most popular tourist places in Singapore, Little India has a significant place. There is a Paradise on the earth itself with some of the most historical mosques, Cafe shops and general shops existing here. You can purchase some authentic Arabian stuff and also gulp the palate tickling Arabian cuisines to feel heavenly during your tourism. Little India is all about the Indian community that exists in Singapore in the present and the path Era. There are little shops, temples and cuisines that have an Indian touch and give a glimpse of the Hinduism community.

4. Singapore flyer

Want to have a glimpse of Singapore from above? Enjoy the view from the Singapore flyer that is around 165 metres tall. One of the gigantic Wheels of the entire Asia, Singapore flyer is the epitome of Technology and evolution. It is also one of the best places for kids to have a breathtaking view.

5. Botanical garden

The Extremely famous botanical gardens should not be missed at any cost in Singapore. A combination of Luscious greenery and Charm is going to give you a thorough refreshment for no money. Botanical gardens are also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are known to store the natural flora and fauna along with acting as a perfect place for migratory birds. You would love to hear the Birds chirping over here and wind blowing the trees and creating a magnanimous sound. People who want to spend some time in relaxation and desire some escapism from the busy life can come here with the family to feel happy.

6. China Town

There is a lot of excitement and Hustle in The Chinatown market as it is filled with authentic Chinese stuff. You would love to visit the busy destination time and again to discover something new every time. There are bright red colour lanterns hanging all over the place. Further, the shops sell souvenirs and traditional Chinese goods that are quite impressive from the cultural point of view. Do visit the famous Shri Mariyam Hindu temple and the Buddha tooth relic Temple that form a major attraction of Chinatown in Singapore.

7. S.E.A aquarium

Imagine walking underneath an impressive seaquarium that is located on Sentosa Island. The interesting attraction is perfect for everybody and all age groups. The unmatched experience that you will get over here will leave you thrilled for several hours. There are dolphins, Coral Reefs and turtles swimming all over your head in the magnificent arrangement. You can also find the endangered species and sea sharks floating in the aquarium. During your Singapore trip, do not forget to plan a trip over here.

8.  Singapore zoo

You will feel jaw dropped to see the exotically beautiful and endangered species in the Singapore Zoo. The family zoo has more than 300 species including the white tigers, giraffes and zebras. It also has the beautiful koalas that happily dwell over here. You can further find the Tundra region species like racoon dogs and Polar Bears as well. Insects like beetles and ants are stored here in a separate man-made environment in the zoo. The Singapore zoo is all about perfection. It is all the more interesting with the splashing Safari show, Jungle breakfast and orange you can exhibit.

9.Sentosa Island

The extremely famous Sentosa Island is definitely going to leave your mind boggled with its unprecedented beauty. mentioned as the major tourist attraction in Singapore, there is a sense of rejuvenation felt over here. Jam-packed with a lot of interesting sports activities, the Sentosa beach will always remain unforgettable in your mind once visited. Experience the noteworthy underwater World aquarium and also swim with the dolphins. Take your kids along and feel the place at its best.

10. Changi museum

Amongst the most popular museums of Singapore, the Changi museum narrates the old historic story through its block letters. It has drawings and photographs that are displayed in the form of stories. The entire place has been divided into five different zones and each of them is dedicatedly different from another. There are paintings that have been recreated from the originals. Travellers can also get to know more about the museum from the audio guides that are available all over.

11. Changi beach

Visiting Changi beach during a day trip to Singapore is extremely necessary. If you want to get a glimpse of the beach culture of Singapore, perhaps visiting the Changi beach would fulfil it all in a short span of time. The famous tourist attraction in Singapore is a great place for bbq parties and overnight camping. Additionally, the place has some of the best restaurants in Singapore that offer different cuisine options and  Please share your Places to visit in Singapore.

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