Best Places in Canada to live

Canada is perhaps the most popular city in Northern America that everyone knows. Being the second-largest country on the continent, Canada hosts tourists all year long. Canada is also a minimally populated city making it a serene tourist spot for couples too. The Winter season in Canada can be regarded as one of the brutally coldest winters compared to any city in the world. Filled with lakes all around, Canada also has the longest coastline in the world. There are many famous places to visit in Canada if you are a first-time traveller. There are also some unique places to visit in Canada if you a nearby resident and have visited the city already. Have a look at these 10 best places in Canada that you can travel to with your family or friends, Best Places in Canada to live:

1. Niagara Falls

This one is a no brainier already, isn’t it? Located in Ontario, the world-famous waterfalls is the top attraction in Canada. Tourists can enjoy the viewpoint from the western shore standing on Horseshoe falls. An elevator is also available to go to a lower vantage point. This area will make you wet, but the sight is beautiful to behold. There is also a cliff-side park (Niagara Glen Nature reserve) in which you can walk while listening to roars of the waterfall.

2. Jasper National Park

Spanning over 11, 000 km of land, the national park of Alberta is the largest park in Canada. Located near Hinton, the park was established in 1907 in a bid to preserve wildlife. The ticket pricing is also cheap with <10$ per adult. The Jasper Sky Tram offers a bird’s eye view of the whole park which is thrilling to look at. There are also a lot of wild animals that you can see as you drive through the park. As of 2020, 53 species of mammals like Black bears, Bighorn sheep etc. find a home in this park.

3. Vancouver

Perhaps the most electrifying city in Canada, Vancouver is all about the outdoors. The seaport city is one of the densely populated areas in Canada. The place is famous for its Art and music culture. A lot of filming also takes place in Vancouver and you will come across a few on your trip. Famous places to visit are Stanley Park, Greenville Island and Capilano Suspension bridge. Skiing on Grouse mountain for adventure enthusiasts is a must.

4. Gros Morne National Park

Located on the west coast of Newfoundland, this National park spans 1805 km. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site that houses unique wild animals like Black bears, Arctic hare and Red foxes. The park has both land and water bodies which means you’ll also spot a few Whales and Harbor Seals. The best attraction though is the Hiking experience in Tablelands, rust coloured Earth mantle created a million years ago. Boat rides and are also available for all tourists.

5. Mont-Tremblant

Featuring the highest mountain peak range in Montreal, Mont-Tremblant is a skiing paradise. Filled with Ski resorts, the place receives a large number of tourists every year. There is also a Mont-Tremblant national park that is open during the summers. This park is filled with hiking trails and more than 400+ lakes and streams. Tourists can indulge in horse riding, mountain biking, fishing, skiing and other adventure sports while enjoying the landscapes.

6. Okanagan Valley

Located in the outskirts of British Columbia, the Valley is divided into different sub-regions each boasting its unique landscapes. Featuring more than 200 wineries, Okanagan Valley is for the people who want a serene place to spend time with their loved ones. Take a walk along Naramata Beach while drinking the world’s best wine. The beachside also offers Kayaking, Mountain biking and Rafting for those who seek adventure.

7. Royal Ontario Museum

If you’ve had enough of adventure, it is time to look into cities for some unique places. The Royal Ontario Museum is a premium museum that hosts unique items from both Natural history and Cultural Science. The visually striking appearance of the Museum is from the expansion it went through in 2007. Hosting both old and new artefacts, The museum is well situated in the city making it easy to access from hotels.

8. Thousand Islands

This maze of Islands is a scenic rich place that is situated within the St. Lawrence River in Ontario. The iconic islands are mounted on a granite shelf that divides both US and Canada. Its a well known popular Holiday destination for locals too and is filled with tourists in Summer. The Islands are filled with hotels that offer both cheap and luxury accommodations. Cruising through the 80 kilometre stretch of the Islands having Dinner is the main attraction of the place.

9. Parliament Hill and Buildings

If you have a tour guide along with you, this is the first place he’ll take you to. Located on the banks of the Ottawa river, the Parliament buildings consist of Peace Tower, Centennial Flame and the House of commons. Canada Day Celebrations are held every year at the buildings with hundreds of locals. The long-standing Peace Tower of more than 90 meters is a sight to behold when you stand before it and observe the architecture of the building.

10. Prince Edward Island

For all Luxury tourists that want a Royal vacation, look no further than Price Edward Island. Famous for its delicious seafood, Green hills and sandstone cliffs, the Island looks royal in each and every aspect. You can rent a luxury resort near the beach and enjoy your dinner. There are Golf courts available in each resort making it also a serene sports location. The Island also has four kinds of Ocean seals that frequently sail to the shores.

Whether you’re visiting Canada in Summer or Winter, the country has both mountain peaks and serene beaches making it a perfect holiday spot for anyone travelling to the US for the first time. With a diverse landscape and wild reserve, your kids too will enjoy the boat rides and wild animals in national parks. So, book a ticket and make sure you see these Top 10 Famous places to visit in Canada alongside the rest of your trip.

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