Best places to visit in Thailand and Islands in Thailand

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that is greatly known for its religious and cultural harmony. It is one of the most popular travel destinations of Southeast Asia because of its scenic mountains, islands, beaches, landscapes, temples, historical monuments and many more. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is natively known as ‘Krungthep’ and has a Guinness world record for its longest city name. The Thai currency is Baht, and 1 baht is equivalent to $0.033 USD or £0.025 GBP. We could say Thailand is one of the less expensive travel destinations. Be it with friends, family, partner or alone, Thailand could be one of the memorable and adventurous trips you have made, as it ranges to have places from a peaceful temple to an all-night fun beach. For more Interesting Best places to visit in Thailand click here

1. Bangkok

It is the largest city in Thailand. One should never miss Bangkok while visiting Thailand. The city is full of blazing lights and shimmering markets. The towers reaching the sky, the Grand Palace, flower markets for a beautiful sight. Shrines and Temples which has astonishing and wonderful architectures. It is the place of large Museums and performing theatres for information on rich cultural heritage. The Historical monuments, Markets with local food and local products, Parks for a walk or cycling. We can also see the memorial bridge over the Chao Phraya river to watch a beautiful sunset.

Ocean world for a view into the marine world, Samut Prakan crocodile farm and zoo, fun nightlife on the streets of Soi cowboy and Patong. The city is full of adventures and wonderful experiences. You would never forget your visit to Bangkok and you would make a lot of fun memories in this fun city of Thailand.

2. Phuket

It is Thailand’s largest island full of Beaches, resorts and hill viewpoints. This is a land of experiences, from farming to viewing and from Hills to beaches everything gives you a new experience. The Koh Tapao Noi and Koh Tapao Yai are the two islands of Koh Tapao Phuket province with white sand beaches and crystal- clear water which makes you feel like to be in dreamland.

For the most part, in Phuket are tendencies such as the Vanich farm, Phuket 3D museum and Aphrodite cabaret show which is one of the big events in Phuket, we can also see many more like Aquaria Phuket, Hai Leng with a golden dragon statue, the central market of Phuket town, wat Koh Sirey temple, the coconut island resort of the village, and viewpoints such as Khao rang viewpoint, also known as monkey viewpoint and Laem Panwa viewpoint. To know more about Phuket click.

3. Krabi

For people who love to explore and want to have an adventurous experience, Krabi is the right place for you. Krabi is a paradise of heavenly islands and fun adventures. From Rock climbing to Snorkelling one could go through a series of adventurous experiences. Railay in the Krabi beach attracts rock climbers from all over the world. Phi Phi Islands and other small islands around the Province has Elephant Sanctuaries, Resorts, Spas, Rainforests, Caverns, Fishing villages, Mineral pool, Jungle, Wildlife and many more things to experience around. Maya bay has become a popular tourist attraction after the movie ‘The Beach’ by Leonardo Dicaprio. So for an overall Fun trip don’t miss to visit Krabi.

4. Chonburi

Chonburi is a province on the east coast of Thailand. People who love nature, Cultivation and Animal farming would definitely love this place. The place is full of Animal sanctuaries, Farming and Entertainment. There are places like Sriracha tiger zoo, Dolphinarium, Underwater Pattaya, Pattaya elephant village, the million years stone park, Pattaya sheep farm, Pony club, Bee hiving and other Animal sanctuaries and Farms.  The main tourist attraction of Chonburi is Pattaya which is mostly known for its restaurants, shopping and nightlife that include cabaret bars and clubs. Pattaya floating market is one of the new shopping experiences where people buy stuff riding on a boat from the fellow selling boat.

The market at night is an eye-catching sight with the lightning and the fireflies around. Other than these there are Water parks, Shows, architectural sculptures like Frost magical ice of Siam, Go-karting, Beaches and many other entertainment purpose places in Chonburi which are must-visit places.

5. Chiangmai

Chiangmai is a northern province of Thailand which is a mountainous land mostly consisting of Waterfalls, Elephant sanctuaries and a lot of temples. A perfect place to know more about yourself and find your inner peace. The spectacular view of waterfalls and the historic temples all around the province makes your soul feel lite. Along with these, taking care and playing with elephants is heart-warming in a peaceful place like Chiangmai. One could also explore the Chiangrai near Chiangmai which has the same atmosphere as Chiangmai. Go explore yourself in the drizzling waterfalls of the Chiangmai province.

6. Hua-hin

Hua hin is in the southern Thai province of Prachuap Khiri Khan. It is a seaside resort in the Gulf of Thailand. Looking for an escape from a crowded city to have some alone time to treat yourself? Then Hua hin is the one you are looking for. With picturesque resorts, high-food restaurants, beaches, waterfalls and hill viewpoints, Hua hin is a stress-relieving place where you can treat yourself to some good food, a spa massage in the resort and relax on the beach staring at the night sky. Best places to visit in Thailand.

7. Koh Samui

Koh Samui lies in the Gulf of Thailand off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus and is the second-largest island of Thailand. The place is full of coconut groves, Palm trees, Beaches, high-class spas and resorts. To experience posh and luxury resorts and food with some entertainment around the Island, Koh Samui is one of the best places in Thailand. You yourself and your happiness is the most important thing in this world, you live for yourself and hence treat yourself as a royal highness, forget all your worries and have a luxurious trip to Koh Samui.

8. Ko Tao

Ko Tao is an island of Surat Thani province of Thailand on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand. For people who love snorkelling, diving and exploring the underwater, this is a go-to place for you. The Island is full of beaches where you could go scuba diving, snorkelling, bouldering and climbing. The sandy beaches give you a laid- back vibe and the island has a jungle trail with a scenic view. Get a massage and visit the bars of the Island. If you really are a water person get yourself in that water and explore the underwater beauty and the marine life which is second for none.

9. Khao Sok

Khao Sok National Park is located in southern Best places to visit in Thailand also a part of Surat Thani province of Thailand. It is a nature reserve with dense forest trails, jungle-covered peaks, waterfalls, dams, caves, hot springs and mountains.  It is a home for some rare species like hornbill birds, giant parasitic Rafflesia flower, Gibbons and tigers. The park can be explored by the elephant ride safari, canoe, raft through Sok river or hiking trail. If you are up to some physical activity and explore some beautiful rare species, Khao Sok is where you need to drop in. Feel nature through all your senses and feel the nostalgia.

10. Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is a city in Thailand, north of Bangkok. The city has a historic background and consist of various temples, monuments, museums and historical architecture. We could also see the ruins of the old palaces which has now formed into the city. If you are up to some archaeological findings or a person who is interested in gaining knowledge about history Ayutthaya is a preferable location. The historical architecture of the palaces and temples entertain your sight Similarly even if you are not more into history, so do not skip this Historic Wonder of Thailand. To know more about the Best places to visit in Thailand click here.

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