Maldives Honeymoon Package offers: Best places to visit in the Maldives

The Maldives has a long history among world tourists as an epic holiday destination. Everybody wants to visit the White sand Islands with their friends and family at least once in their lives. Located amidst the Indian Ocean, Maldives is the picture-perfect destination for newlywed couples. There are recent instances of Terrorist attacks in the Maldives making it an unsure location for foreign travellers. You should also take extra precautions to get to your resort before the night and dress modestly.

Visitors can both get to know each other instead of prepare for the long journey future, in addition to enjoying the Maldives Honeymoon Package. Since there are more than 200 islands in the Maldives, it’s easier for partners to know the most important ones. There are a few Islands where the locals aren’t a little friendly. But, these below places are safer than a hundred other isolated islands. So, choose any of these Top 10 Best Places to visit in the Maldives for couples for your lovely honeymoon. Also, make sure you check with resort owners and tour guides beforehand for a safe and secure journey.

1. Baros Island

This little known island is filled with fine sand and bridges in the ocean. The resorts and water villas here are not much crowded and will give you privacy. The waves are also gentle so that you can swim easily on the beach. The shores are filled with small shells and marble stones. A lot of cafes and water villas offer moderate pricing under 400$. If you want privacy with not many people around, this tiny village resort must be on your list. Maldives Honeymoon Package free to stay at local beach hotels for one night.

2. Male Island

Streets filled with Indian bazaars, scooters and spices, Male Island is a popular place in the Maldives to find everything for cheap. Though there is a safety concern, the Island has a few architectural spots like Century Friday Mosque and Islamic centre. If you have a trusted travel guide, you can find the best prices along with accommodation.

3. Maafushivaru

An offbeat island for tourists travelling on a budget, Maafushi has many local guesthouses. Famous for its coffee shops and palm trees, you can spend a day here. The Island is tiny in size making it only a beach party location. Together all beaches are abundant with palm trees with pleasant waves which really make sailing fantastic.

4. Miridhi Island

A posh Island with 5-star huts located on the beach with no television and sports is any romantic couple’s dream. Far away from the party sounds and cities, Miridhi Island provides 3-star and 5-star accommodations for couples. A famous romantic destination, the Island features a large bridge from land that connects It to various guest houses. Enjoy your mainstay in this Luxury Island for a few days.

5. Fihalhohi Island

Located on the tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean, Fihalhohi is a small Island with limited resorts. Your hut will be located on the beach and everything will be served to you at the door. Perfect for a romantic getaway, plan a day trip to these Islands and spend the night in one of the guesthouses. Many honeymoon packages are also available that offer discounts for newlywed couples.

6. Biyadhoo Island

Biyadhoo is a woodland island packed with many homegrown vegetables and fruits, renowned for its adventure sports packages. Along the shore of the beach, tour guides with adventure sports will be ready. A trusted guide is given for SCUBA diving, snorkelling and water diving.

7. Sun Island

A populous Holiday destination in the Maldives, Sun Island features a ton of hotels on the beach waters. The water turn to sky blue in the morning and green in the night. Glowing seawater under your villa is a view not to be missed. Smooth white sand fills the beaches of this beautiful Island along with trees along the shore. Adventure sports are also provided for Diving and Snorkeling enthusiasts.

8. Emboodhu Finolhu Island

The scenic Islands feature C shaped Water resorts stacked one after the other making it the most beautiful resort atmosphere in the Maldives. The aerial view of the resorts will provide you with a luxury feel. Connected with bridges, all resorts feature the same design and features. The flower-shaped villas are a luxury retreat for newlywed couples.

9. COMO Cocoa Island

Lined one after the other like a train, the beach resorts in Cocoa island are a perfect honeymoon destination. Situated alongside a small Island, there is only one main villa on the Island. This villa is connected to all sea resorts. Take a walk along the tiny seashore and the resort bridge in the nights to see the ocean turn blue. There are also Spas, Boating and Water diving options for adventure enthusiasts.

10. Huvahendhoo Island

Targeted towards family tourists, this Island is a budget-friendly option for families and newlyweds. Compared to other isolated Islands, Huvahendhoo is a populated Island with many family tourists spending their stay here. The Island also has a kids club alongside Spa for the recreation of both kids and adults. The Lily Beach Resort is the most famous resort here occupying more than 80% of the beach resorts.

As with any vacation, Maldives is going to be a costly trip but well worth it. Spending quality time with your future partner and agreeing on marriage rules can be a tiresome task to do. But it is well done in private between the both of you. While you can have all the fun in resorts, make sure to indulge in a few adventure sports to make the trip thrilling.

Even though there aren’t any cultural heritage sites in the Maldives, the serene beaches and gentle waters are more than enough for a short and sweet honeymoon trip. If you like these Top 10 Islands and Places to visit in the Maldives, make sure you add a few more from your recommendations to our list.

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