Top 10 Mount Everest base camp and safe tips

Not all places are as magnificent as Nepal when it comes to trekking and practising some hardcore sports activities. The Himalayas gets trekkers from all levels. You should know the best base camp places and follow the safety measures so that things can and on a safe note. Majority of the people who come for mountain trekking on Everest plan the entire trip for roughly 14 days. Kala Pathar is an important Hike to be covered during the trip. The trekkers have to walk miles every day and they need to properly divide the journey so that reaching out the destination is possible at Mount Everest base camp.

Here is what you should do while planning to Trek to Everest base camp-

  1. Arrival at Kathmandu
  2.  Reaching Lukla with the help of a flight and then trekking up to speaking.
  3. Moving to the colourful Namche Bazaar
  4.  Moving to the Tengboche monastery
  5.  Reaching out Dingboche
  6.  Trek to Lobuche
  7.  Trek to go Raksha up and then to the Everest base camp and coming back
  8.  Move ahead to Namche bazaar
  9.  Trek up to Lukla
  10. Moving back to Kathmandu
  11.  Finishing the trip and flying back from Nepal to wherever you want

Discovering some outstanding Everest base camp Treks No doubt trekking to Everest base camp is a unique and special experience. Every operator delivers you with absolute knowledge and expertise in exploring the beautiful region. The 16-day travel journey will expose you to a lot more things that you can plan. Here are a couple of Amazing things that you should expect during the trekking. Experience the season of autumn and Spring in the Himalayas. Indeed that is the best time to visit the Himalayan ranges.

  1. Check out the flight to Lukla
  2. About all the important information regarding the milestones like Namche Bazaar and goraksha.
  3. You need to collect every bit of information while heading towards the Everest base camp
  4. Find out proper accommodation in the tea houses of the Himalayas
  5. Eat the local Dal Bhat to fuel yourself
  6. Click Pictures and create an eternal nostalgia

List of best Everest base camp trekking companies –

Mount Everest base camp

1. Intrepid travel
2. Nepal hiking team
3. G adventures
4. ace of the Himalayas
5. Nepal climbing adventure
6. Nepal social trek
7. Nepal trekking routes treks and expedition
8. Himalayan heart treks and expedition private
9. Outfitter Nepal treks and expedition
10. Exodus travel

Important safety tips to be followed while planning a trekking trip to the Himalayas Before planning out a safety trip to the Himalayas, you should know the potential dangers that you are exposed to. Here are a couple of things that can happen without any prior notice and you should make proper arrangements for them from beforehand-

The Whiteout
Falling rocks
Loss tent
Severe exhaustion

There is roughly five per cent of deaths taking place on Everest every year. You can easily minimize the losses and adversities by taking the proper safety measures. The mountains are terribly unforgiving and any kind of negligence can put an end to your life immediately. You need to be very sensible and well prepared in order to survive and ensure your safety.

 Take a note of the weather

Bad weather can be seriously fatal to the climber. It is very unforgiving and unplanned. Make sure that you always take note of the wind and the freezing temperature because that can affect the blood flow in the veins. There is a complete possibility of death in case the weather affects you. Do not forget to check out the weather forecast and understand them in depth. Bad weather can strike at any point in time and you should always make arrangements to minimize the risk.

 Using Ropes

Mount Everest base camp: Many climbers die on Himalayan ranges because of the poor crop support. Check out the screws of the Rope and also make sure that you use the best one. Use certain self-learning techniques and also find out how to arrest yourself really well.

Stay hydrated

You need to indeed be over hydrated when planning out a trip to the Himalayas. There can be symptoms of dehydration in many forms. headache and confusion can occur because of lack of water and oxygen.

Make arrangements for oxygen, medicines and gear

You should know how much oxygen will be needed during your attempt and the number of bottles should be arranged according to that. What in case the regulator gets jumped because of Ice and in case you lose a crampon.


You just cannot do much about the snow falling in the middle of Nowhere. making some personal arrangements is always needed no matter what. Avoid climbing the rocks and the mountains specifically during heavy snowfalls. Keep your fingers crossed and also take note of the weather condition so that any unwanted situation can be avoided.

 Use the correct gear

It is very important to wear proper care for hiking and mountain climbing. Try to wear clothes that allow you to safely move from one place to another comfortably. Choose to Wear Well-fitting shoes and also maintain a proper balance while navigating on uneven terrain. It is very important to carry gear for managing different types of weather. Air is usually thin during high altitude and that can lead to extreme changes in the temperature. Make sure that you pack yourself in several layers of clothing and do not forget to wear the windproof outerwear material.

 Keep proper medication

It is very important to keep a proper dose of the drug in order to deal with mountain sickness. You should always keep the probable problems in mind and carry a proper dose of a drug to manage the side effects. Low oxygen level during high altitudes can also introduce sleep and make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day. In order to breathe better, take a proper dose of acetazolamide.

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