Top 12 Sports Destinations in Europe for Vacation

Adventure activities are on everyone’s list when they plan a world tour. Ranging from mild to extreme, adventure sports can take many shapes and forms depending on your choice. From Cheese Rolling to Kayaking, Europe offers something for everyone liking. If you are an old couple or a group of friends, you can take part in sports adventures with a well-trained guide beside you. So, take a look at these Top 12 Sports Destinations in Europe and make time for at least a few in your next Europe trip, Best Places to visit in Europe.

1. Cycling in The Balkans

Balkans is located in SouthEast Europe and is famous for its cycling trails. With rides ranging from 10 miles to 40 miles, you can choose any ride for your level of fitness. The trail goes along from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo via Montenegro. The Scenic path includes The Ciro Trail, a stiff climb that is carved into a cliff in Montenegro.

2. Caving in Iceland

Being a Nordic Island nation, Iceland offers landscapes worth a lifetime. Filled with volcanoes and hot springs, Iceland has many historic garden caves that explore deeper into the earth. You can team up with a local sports guide and visit Raufarhølshellir (a Lava Tube cave), Thrihnukagigur (Inside the volcano magma chamber) and King of caves. Prices range from 50$-500$.


3. Skiing in France

France is famous not only for its Architectural cities but also for its Ice mountain landscapes. March and April are the best months to go Skiing in France. You have to visit any Ski resort and check into the hotel. Depending on your package, your sports guide will take you to the safest skiing spots where you can have fun. Courchevel, Chamonix, Meribel, Serre Chevalier are some of the famous places.


4. Cheese Rolling in England

We do not recommend that you participate in the competitions, but you can attend the Cheese Rolling and Wake festival in England. The event is held at Cooper’s Hill every year. All the participants are needed to roll down a hill and catch the Cheese boulder. The first one to roll safely to the endpoint wins the game. Touted as a dangerous sport, the events are taking mainstream notice for their lunacy. The locals still enjoy the game though.

5. Triathlon in Spain

If you are an athlete travelling across Europe for your next expedition, a Triathlon should be on the list. You are teamed with a small group of participants and are assigned a coach. After training with the coach, you will be permitted to start your Triathlon. Even if you are a beginner, an eight-day training session will be given by the coaches. You can book a hotel or stay in a hostel to save on expenditure. Your cycling, running and swimming skills will be tested. So, it’s better to stay a whole month if you plan to participate here.

6. Snowmobiling in Greenland

Greenland is almost 80% covered in Ice glaciers making it a perfect spot for snowmobiling. All you need are skis and a tour guide to hike up the snow glaciers and start skiing. Even if you are a beginner, a few resorts arrange for a safe snowmobile experience with tour guides.


7. Igloo Islands in Sweden

Staying in an Igloo is a nice way to experience how Eskimos spend their daily lives. It is hard for them to survive in such conditions for many years. But, it will be fun for you if you spend a day with your loved ones inside the Igloo. The Igloo islands is a famous tourist location in Sweden that attracts thousands of visitors each year. The experienced guides will allow you an Igloo or will build it anywhere you want.

8. Ice Climbing in France

France has many undiscovered Mountain trails in the French Alps and southern parts of the city. Ice climbing is a challenging sport that is undertaken only by professionals. But if you are a beginner, you can learn to scale frozen waterfalls and small altitude trails. If you opt for a holiday package, the tour guides will take you through the basics of Ice climbing, Skiing etc.

9. Horse Riding in Spain

The high forests in Andalucia’s Sierra Nevada are vast landscapes of grassland. With most of the forest filled in Pine, chestnut trees, the countryside offers horse riding with a saddle. The highest village in the country, Trevelez, offers six hours of horse riding per day. At nights, you can picnic in the forest or spend at the hotel.

10. Kite Skiing in Chamonix

Kite skiing is ice more fun when experienced rather than seen on screen. Located in Northern France, Chamonix is filled with glacial ice plateaus that are flat. This makes it easy for kite skiing in a safe capacity. Col Du Midi is the most popular Alpine Sports arena in Chamonix. The high altitude mountains make it easy for snow to stay hard for a longer period of time, Best Places to visit in Europe.

11. Shark Diving in Scotland

The idea of surrounded by sharks is a living nightmare that you have to experience in order to believe. Swim along with Angel, Tope, Sand Tiger Sharks, Crabs, Rays and 2000 other species of fish. A professional diver will accompany you into the 1.2 million gallon aquarium and then take you into it. The aquarium sits inside the ocean making it the perfect scuba diving experience, the Best Places to visit in Europe.

12. Kite Surfing in Sicily

Kite Surfing is much more adventurous than Kite Skiing. In one, you float on ice and in the other, you float on water. The constant waves making you sail along at high speed will make the heart skip a beat. Spain, Italy, Greece all offer Kite Surfing. The famous being Lo Stagnone nature reserve in Sicily. It is a shallow lagoon that also serves as a training ground. You will be left on your own tied to a boat for adventure once the real Kite surfing begins.

Adventure sports are not for everyone. But, everyone includes at least one type of sport in their trip schedule. Choose one or two sports if you are heading to Europe for the first time, and spend the rest of your time visiting various cities. If you come to Europe only for an adventure, you would skip the many serene, breathtaking places that the continent has to offer. If you’ve participated in any other interesting sports adventures in Europe, please tell us about your experiences in the comments below, Best Places to visit in Europe.

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