Best places to visit in Switzerland: The name Switzerland quickly reminds us of the Swiss chocolate, Yummy cheese, Rolex watches and the Swiss bank with the currency which we can’t even imagine the zeroes it has. Besides these, the country is famous for its astonishing scenic views of lakes, towns and mountains. Switzerland is a European country situated in the convergence of Western, Central and Southern Europe. Moreover, this blended country is in the midst of four other countries, Italy, France, Germany and Austria embellishing a mixture of cultural regions. It has four official languages-German, French, Italian and Romansh.

Swiss Franc is the currency of Switzerland and is generally indicated as CHF. One Swiss Franc is equivalent to 1.10 USD or 0.83 GBP. Especially, this alpine country is famous for outdoor activities. From Hiking and Rock climbing to Paragliding and Sky Diving, one could experience a series of adventurous events in this wonderful country. Following are some amazing Best places to visit in Switzerland.

Here is the list of Best places to visit in Switzerland 

1. Bern :

Bern is the capital of Switzerland and referred to by the Swiss as their Federal City. The city is of medieval times and still maintains its history. This mesmerising Swiss capital is most famous for the ancient swiss museums, Fine art houses and Architecture. Besides these the Zytglogge clock tower is also a famous tourist attraction, where the clock not only shows the time, date, day, month, phase of the moon and zodiac sign but also strikes a puppet show every hour. Bern is a small city, and one could tour it by walk or bicycle.

It has one of the longest shopping areas in Europe covering four miles of arcades. The city is safe with a low crime rate and the people there, are also kind of helping nature. So, rent a bike and hit this small town or take a walk around to experience every vein of this little city.

2. Geneva :

Geneva is the second most populous city and the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Even though it is known to be a French-speaking part, you could see a mixture of cultures and languages throughout the city. As there are so many cultures, you could see a variety of restaurants with different tastes all along the roads of Geneva. It is the birthplace of the UN and it is one of the diplomatic hubs of the world. Nevertheless, this amazing city has an amazing lake known as Lake Geneva which is one of the charming lakes of Switzerland. One of the cheapest ways to cruise on Lake Geneva is to use the Mouette waterbuses.

Lakefront offers some water activities like boating and cruising. Swimming is preferable in summer as the lake maintains a moderate temperature during the season. One can also explore the depths of the lake through scuba diving.

3. Montreux :

Montreux is a beautiful Swiss town on the foreshore of Lake Geneva. It is a traditional resort town and is famous for museums, cathedrals, castles, lakefront views, parks, and gardens. The town is a fairyland with Chillon castle which makes your dream to be in a fairyland come true. Nevertheless, the town also has some beautiful traditional architectures, buildings and sculptures which are some swiss artworks. You could drop by the Casino Barriere Montreux to play some games and have quality dining at the lakeside casino.

Montreux is famous for its Jazz festival held in July and this could be the best time to experience some classic jazz which will be heaven to your ears. This town is a must on your bucket list while visiting Switzerland.

4. Interlaken :

Interlaken is a Swiss town in the Interlaken-Oberhasli administrative district. It used to be known as a watchmaking centre, but now it is most popular as a tourist resort. The town is located in between two Alpine lakes, the Thun and Brienz paving the way to some energizing activities such as boating, swimming, or biking around the lakes. Moreover, this beauty offers spectacular views of three famous Swiss mountains, the Monch, the Jungfrau and the Eiger.

Your childhood dream to fly high to the sky can come true by the outdoor activities like paragliding in the surrounding Bernese Oberland Alps, presenting you with the awestruck views of the Jungfrau region.

5. Zurich :

Zurich is the largest and most populous city in the Alpine nation of Switzerland. The city is one of the financial hubs of Switzerland because of its banking and finance sector. The world-famous bank, The Swiss Bank is in Zurich. It is mostly famous for banks and business company buildings. Nevertheless, the city also offers some spectacular tourist attractions such as Limmat River, Lake Zurich, the Swiss national museum, 11 Th century Fraumunster church and many more. Uetliberg mountain in Zurich offers some picturesque views of the lake and the Alps.

If you are a football lover, you should not miss dropping by the FIFA World Football museum which also has a sports bar. You can also go for a forest hike to feel nature and explore some wilderness in the Sihlwald. Go for some retail shopping on the riverside street Limmatquai. If you are here in summer Enge swimming area is just as it is a summer-only outdoor waterfront bar.

6. The Rhine falls :
The Rhine Falls

Rhine falls are located on the high rhine on the border between the cantons of Schaffhausen and Zurich. The falls may not be the highest waterfalls but are definitely the most powerful waterfalls of Europe in terms of their flow rate. It is one of the classic sights of Switzerland. It’s just an hour away from Zurich and can be reached by train, car or motorbike. The average flow rate of these falls is 250 m3/s during winter and 600 m3/s during summer with a height of 75.46 ft and width of 490 ft. There is no entrance fee to visit this spectacular waterfall and you could take some perfect photos without a boat ride.

However, if you still want an experience of the boat ride you experience it for 24 Swiss Francs. Going close to all that power of the waterfall on a boat will make your ride magical. There are also some fun adventure ropes, a platform view of Rhine falls and canoes to experience around. Grasp all the powerful energy, letting out the negativity by visiting Rhine falls.

7. Zermatt :

Zermatt is a small town in the district of Visp in the German-speaking section of the canton of Valais. The most famous tourist attraction of Zermatt is the Matterhorn which is a mountain in the Alps and one of the highest summits in Europe. Besides this, Zermatt is full of mountains, glaciers, lakes, and fields attracting skiers from all over the world during winter and hikers during summer. Gasoline-driven vehicles are not permitted in the town, but no need to worry as you can find cable- cars, electric vehicles, and horse-drawn cabs. Nevertheless, it is a small town and you could walk from one place to another place with lots of fun and beauty. Feel the fresh air of Zermatt and visit all the beautiful places this small town offers.

8. Murren :

Murren is a lovely traditional Walser mountain village. The only way to reach the village is via a series of trains and cable cars. Even Murren doesn’t permit Gasoline-driven vehicles. You could walk or rent a bike to go around this charming village. This pretty village has some sweeping mountain views, underground waterfalls, and turquoise lakes. If you are a Skier or a snowboard enthusiast, you would definitely love this village. Even if you are not a snow person go for a hike in the mountains of this wonderful small traditional village. This swiss alpine village gives a Bond World  007 exhibit and subterranean Trummelbach falls which are a view to live for.

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