Malaysia is a country with 25 best beaches around the country it is south-east Asia. 3 states and three federal territories are part of the federal constitutional monarchy. And, divided into two areas by the South China Sea (Best Beach), Peninsular Malaysia and eastern Borneo-Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is the capital but the government headquartered is in Putrajaya and 31 August is celebrated as National day. Malaysia is the 43rd most dense country in the world, with a population of over 32 million. The new prime minister of Malaysia is Muhyiddin Yassin. The Ringgit is Malaysia’s currency and 1 MYR is equal to US 0.24641 INR18.0568. Secondly, In this article, we will help you with the best beaches around Malaysia. Finally, you can learn new and safe things to do, best friendly budget hotels, food, resorts are listed in details.

The following are a couple of Malaysia’s most important festivals:

Since the majority of tourists are from China to spend time on beaches. Thaipusam was the first festival of the new year, celebrated in the month of late January on the beach roads, followed by the Chinese New Year in February. As a result, Malaysian culture and food styles are close to those of China. Malaysia Water Festival in April, Tadau Ka’amatan Harvest Festival on May 30th and 31st, and Wesak Day in May are three festivals that highlight Malaysian people’s ancient religion. Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in June and Sarawak Gawai Festival on June 1st are two festivals that are often observed in Malaysia’s south.

Finally, All of these festivals, including the Rainforest World Music Festival in July, the Mooncake Festival & Hungry Ghost Festival in August-September, and Hari Raya Haji in October, depict the offering of prayer to God. Deepavali- nov is a Hindu festival. Also, celebrated in India, Sri Lanka, and other Hindu-majority countries. Malaysia’s other main gatherings are the Dragon Boat Festival in December and Christmas.

Here are some of the best places/Beaches to visit in Malaysia

1.Kuala Lumpur: Beaches in Malaysia

Once the world’s tallest buildings were Petronas Twin Towers. Cesar Pelli & Associates engineered the 88-story twin structures, which are now the world’s tallest twin structures, with both towers joining at the 41st and 42nd floors. There is no shortage of unique districts in Kuala Lumpur for exploration. Interesting sights, such as the towers of Petronas, the botanical garden of Perdana and the tower of Menara KL, offer many pleasurable attractions before you reach Malaysia further.

When visiting Malaysia, you’ll almost certainly fly into Kuala Lumpur, so this is a no-brainer. However, unlike some other Asian major cities, where visitors arrive and leave as soon as possible, Kuala Lumpur is a worthwhile destination in its own right. With its blend of Malay, Chinese, and Indian influences, Malaysia’s capital city offers a wide range of culinary experiences. Kuala Lumpur’s allure is largely due to its cultural richness. You can see the delights of various cultures by taking a short stroll or hopping on the extensive train network.

2. Best beaches near Penang: Beaches in Malaysia

On the west coast of Malaysia, Penang Malaysia consists of a peninsula and an island connected by the longest bridges of the country. Because of its colonial architecture, its connection to the 2nd World War. And, its numerous green spaces including formal botanic gardens to the tropical jungle. George’s Capital has become a major tourist destination in Malaysia. Penang is regarded as one of the most delicious street foods of all kinds in Southeast Asia. The Gurney Drive waterfront esplanade in Penang is lined with stalls and restaurants for local dishes, including Malaga, Chinese and Indians.
Also, Georgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has museums, a seaside castle, historic houses, and, most notably, a well-known street-food scene. Many artists have left their mark on the streets of Georgetown in the form of murals. There are cafes, restaurants, and things to do strewn around.

3.The Perhentian Islands: Beaches in Malaysia

These are the budget-friendly locations in Malaya where the day before parties begin in the evening, there are good sand and great snorkelling/diving. The big island near Perhentian Besar provides more family, couples and travellers who want to spend more time enjoying the blue water and skipping some party. Similarly, Whatever island you choose, it takes a speedboat to reach Perhentians. The establishment of a shop on the islands presents a few challenges. The islands of Perhentian are very seasonal. Accommodation in Perhentian Kecil can be hard to find in July, the highest month, but in the winter months, the islands are mostly empty because of rain and the stormy seas.

4.Malaysian Borneo: places in Malaysia

Firstly, A cheap, fast flight will transport you from dirty concrete to lush rainforests teeming with wildlife. But, Visitors to Malaysia frequently stick to the mainland, overlooking the natural wonders of the world’s third-largest island, which is just a short flight away. Sarawak in the south and Sabah in the north are the two states that makeup Malaysia’s portion of Borneo. Both have distinct personalities and charms. Secondly, The Rainforest World Music Festival, held each summer outside of Kuching, is one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting music and culture activities. Most people think about wildlife and nature first when considering what to do in Borneo. Borneo, on the other hand, has some of Malaysia’s best beaches, if not the best beaches in the world.

Here are some of Borneo’s most beautiful beaches:

  1. Sarawak- Permai private beach
  2. Sabah-Shangri La Rasa Ria beach
  3. Tanjung Aru beach
  4. Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

FCO affected beaches: Travelling around Borneo is a fantastic experience, but you should be aware of a few places where FCO is currently present. The Celebes Sea, east of mainland Borneo, contains some of the world’s finest scuba diving spots. The government has set a daily cap of 120 divers and snorkelers on Sipadan as part of its effort to protect coral and marine habitats.

  1. Sipadan
  2. Pom Pom
  3. Kapali & Mabul Islands
  4. Selingan Island (Turtle Island)
  5. Lankayan Island
  6. Kalampunian & Kelambu Beach, Kudat

5. Best beaches in Malacca: Beaches in Malaysia

For cultural, historical, and colonial sites, Malacca is a worthwhile stop. In 2008, UNESCO designated Malacca as a World Heritage Site. The old town of Malacca seldom disappoints visitors. At the very least, the laid-back atmosphere is enough to keep people coming back for a few days. Because of its near proximity to Kuala Lumpur, getting there by bus is easy. In Malacca, taking the train is not a choice. Malacca is firmly rooted as Malaysia’s historical capital, and visiting it is like taking a trip back in time to experience the adventures and discoveries of Malacca’s golden age. There are several historical sites to visit today that provide a peek into Malacca’s illustrious history. Other modern attractions, such as water theme parks and cultural parks, help to balance this.

Boardwalks places around the Malacca

  1. A’Famosa
  2. A’Famosa Resort
  3. Baba-Nyonya Heritage Museum
  4. Bukit Cina
  5. Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary
  6. Cheng Ho’s Cultural Museum
  7. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
  8. Coral Wonderland Melaka
  9. Maritime Museum & Naval Museum
  10. Melaka Wonderland Theme Park

6.Taman Negara: Beaches in Malaysia

Taman Negara means Malay’s “national park,” and well, that’s what it is! The oldest national park in Malaysia, Taman Negara, is also one of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests. Visitors can see life high in the trees that aren’t visible from the ground thanks to a long canopy walkway. There are waterfalls and beautiful trekking, as well as bird spotting, rafting, fishing, night safaris, and the possibility of seeing wild elephants. Tourists stay in Kuala Tahan across the river and then take cheap boats to the park entrance. Taman Negara is known for having the highest number of bird species of any part of Peninsular Malaysia, with 380 different species. Taman Negara offers serious guided trekking as well as caving. The longest trek in Taman Negara National Park is Gunung Tahan, which takes visitors seven days and six nights to complete.

Best beaches in Malaysia, Taman Negara

  1. Hike to Bukit Teresek
  2. Hike to Gunung Tahan
  3. Rapid shooting
  4. Boat cruise to Lata Berkoh
  5. Kelah Sanctuary
  6. Spelunking at Gua Telinga
  7. Four Steps Waterfall

7.Cameron Highlands: places in Malaysia

The lush Cameron Highlands in Malaysia are one of the few places in Southeast Asia where a jacket or warm blanket is needed at night. You would enjoy the change of climate after sweating through tropical climates. However, You’ll see plenty of lush scenery, tour beautiful tea plantations, and hike through plantations and around volcanoes on good hiking trails. Anyone who enjoys birdwatching will not be disappointed in the Cameron Highlands, thanks to the diverse range of species that can be found here.
In addition, in the Cameron Highlands, you’ll find strawberry fields, butterfly gardens, and flower greenhouses, among other things. The climate is ideal for growing fresh vegetables and producing delicious locally produced honey. The Rafflesia flower is well-known in Malaysia because it is the world’s largest flower.

Best beaches in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands

  1. Boh Tea Plantation
  2. Mrs Robertson’s Rose Garden
  3. Mount Brinchang
  4. Strawberry Farm
  5. jungle trekking
  6. Mossy Forest

8.Tioman Island  : Beaches in Malaysia

The island is near Pahang on the east coast of Malaysia and this Best beaches in Malaysia. And, it is part of the Mersing Marine Park, which is not far from Singapore. This is also one of Malaysia’s most commercialized islands, with visitors flocking here to dive, snorkel, or simply relax on the beach.
Surprisingly cheap accommodation and excellent diving. For such a nice island, development is relatively small. Paya Beach is one of Tioman Island’s most famous beaches and is an excellent place to relax if you are there in peace and tranquillity.
Also, Tioman has been sculpted into several beaches. Some beaches are isolated with jungle surroundings. ABC Beach, in particular for the budget traveller, is probably the best beach in Malaysia. It’s a regular choice to move from beaches with a boat except for an inner jungle walk. The duty-free status of Tioman Island is as Langkawi does, but don’t even think about taking a tax-free drink to Singapore across the frontier!

9.Langkawi: Beaches in Malaysia

Pulau Langkawi, located off the northwest coast of Malaysia, is a popular tourist destination for both international visitors and Malaysians. Although Langkawi is a small island, there is a lot to do here, including museums, shopping, and other attractions such as aquariums and craft villages. Also, Langkawi offers numerous tourist attractions such as the largest indoor aquarium in Malaysia, a cable car and the Sky Bridge, overlooking the island. Unfortunately, the drone of jet skis detracts from the tranquillity of the busiest beaches. Alcohol is sometimes only slightly more expensive than bottled water due to its duty-free status.

Best beaches in Malaysia, Langkawi

  1. Eagle Square
  2. Mahsuri Tomb and Museum
  3. Langkawi Cable Car
  4. Kilim Geopark
  5. Gunung Raya
  6. Pulau Payar Marine Park
  7. Paradise 3D Museum
  8. Langkawi Sky Bridge

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