Best wildlife adventurous places in Australia

People who love wildlife always look forward to exploring it in different parts of the world. If you have planned a trip to Australia and want to discover the major wildlife spots of the country, we have brought an article for you right here. In addition, the paradise for wildlife, Australia has the following locations that can let you know what it actually means to preserve the wildlife of a place-Best Beaches in australia

1. Kangaroo Island

Situated in the southern part of Australia, Kangaroo Island is really about these wonderful kangaroos that are carefully protected in this area. You would find a variety of animals including sea lions, koalas and wallabies as well. All the photographer will have the best time in this place.  Easy to record and capture the funny things of animals on your mobile or camera.

2. lone Pine koala sanctuary

The iconic eucalyptus trees can be specifically found in The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary situated in Queensland. You can find more than 130 koalas living here alongside kangaroos and Platypus. The great place gets funding from the centre and works to generate a natural habitat for several endangered species.

3. Ningaloo Reef Western Australia

The Whale Sharks are absolutely harmless and are indeed playful. However, Some of them are as large as 40 feet and can have a weight of up to 20 tons. If you know underwater photography, it would be impossible for you to resist capturing them to create an eternally lasting impression. And, It is very much possible to snorkel and dive with one of the largest mammals of Western Australia. Coming to the place somewhere between the months of March to July will make your trip an ideal one, Best Beaches in australia.

4. Montague Island

Montague Island, located on Australia’s southern coastline, is known for its marine birdlife and abundant sea animals. Unbelievably, at this location, there are more than 1000 creatures that can be found having a home. Enjoy snorkelling with the seals and click some underwater pictures to brag about your wildlife tourism in Australia.

5 Healesville sanctuary

Platypus is very innocent and notoriously shy but interesting enough to explore more about them. This sanctuary offers a variety of wildlife species that are protected and kept very safely over yours. The visitors can plan out a trip to this place and enjoy spending some time with their loved ones. For example, the above image shows some people are feeding, likewise you can see the loss of different human-friendly animals.

6 The Eyre Peninsula

If you are still not satisfied with the wildlife spots in Australia, probably this place would quench the need for sure. There are caged white sharks that can eat away a man in just a second if set free. Spend time with the dolphins and the sea lions and also feel nostalgic by creating some good memories over here. dolphins give the best time in your life, you can see the dolphins playing, jumping, kind of dance.

7 Fraser Island

The largest sand island in the world is located in Queensland Australia. The freshwater swimming holes and the rainforest can give you an immersive experience. You can even spot Turtles and dugongs at this place. In case you are lucky enough, maybe you would spot The whales as well. This place is very famous for movies shooting and Tv shootings.

8 Taronga zoo

Sydney is a wildlife Retreat and Taronga zoo is one of the best options for wildlife lovers. The conservation society has a rich diversity of flora and fauna that includes the bettongs, pademelon, and the beautiful black koalas. Do not forget to take a tour to the stronger Institute of Science and learning because there are the scientists involved in displaying the public access to the genetic lab.

9 Devil cradle

The captivative building facility is also a Sanctuary having the Tasmanian devils and Eastern quills. Over than 120 native carnivorous animals or even some orphanage animals are properly frightened and protected at this site. Do not forget to visit the meeting with Joey, which is a small community located behind the scenes. The city will be awesome with mindblowing buildings and lightings at the night. In addition, you will have a great viewing of the hotels.

10 Daintree rainforest Queensland


If you move from the south cairns, it would help you to reach the oldest rainforest that has an explicit place in the country of Australia. The lowland forests have a variety of animals including the saltwater crocodile that is pretty active over the year. You can take a boating trip through the mangroves and discover the reptilian beauty of the place.

11 The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef has always been a Prime geographical destination in Australia. You must plan out to reach there anyhow because that has a rich treasure of Underwater species. Enjoy exploring the Coral reefs and spend time with the playful dolphins. Have a look at the colourful fish species and take up a joy ride on the boat with your loved one.

12 Phillip Island

Whether people assume Australian wildlife has just a small amount of stuff to do, head to explore Penguin-filled Phillip Island and some mind-blowing wildlife species. Hundreds of creatures need to be explored. To enter the place that is actually the colony of the Little Penguins, you only have to drive about 90 minutes from Melbourne. You would just enjoy watching them all over the sea and then pedalling back to the nests.

13 Werribee open range zoo

Werribee the African Safari on the outskirts of Melbourne. enjoy and spend some time covering the animals at Werribee open range zoo. You would find a variety of animals in the 225 Savannah. Zebras, antelope, Cheetah, Rhino and giraffe are not the only animals present there. In Fact, there are many more that you would love to find out.

14 Alice spring desert

Similarly, If you want to discover a part of Central Australia, check out the Alice Springs Desert Park that can literally change your views. The 1300 hectare zoo is all about vibrant landscape and native plants. Similarly,  All Travels will discover the local animals in this location that has been very carefully protected. Many people are calling Australia a wildlife park because of the endangered species that are protected in many wildlife sanctuaries all over here.

Elephants, big cats and Rhinos can be commonly found in wildlife tourist spots. Apart from everything else, each wildlife destination has some of the Other types of accommodation facility so that you don’t have to hunt for a place to reside in Australia.

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