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It is not just Makka Madina and gold that make Dubai famous. Indeed There are many things that still need to be highlighted in the place of UAE. The wildlife adventure spots in Dubai are more interesting than any other place in this world. Unbelievingly, there are world heritage sites and some of the most exquisite Wildlife sanctuaries that are sure to give you some great photography goals. Click here for Dubai holiday packages.


Dubai is already famous for indigenous species like sand snakes, Arabian red Fox and spiny-tailed lizards that cannot be found in any other part of the world. The climate is just appropriate for a variety of animals to survive over here. There is a long list of endangered species that exist in the wildlife sanctuaries of Dubai. Let us know about some interesting adventure spots in Dubai holiday packages-

1. Desert conservation reserve


Dubai has a dedicated piece of land to the world first national park. It is rightly said that Dubai is not just about shopping malls and skyscrapers. It is also about some exotic species having a permanent residence in this place e. The Dubai Desert Conservation Centre is systematically planned and has been constructed to save the devastated desert habitat. If you travel just one hour from Dubai towards the DDCR enclosed, you would find a great stretch where there are a lot of sand animals including mammals and reptiles existing.

2. RAS AL Khor wildlife sanctuary


The wildlife sanctuary of Dubai holiday packages is the first wetland site of the place. There are mangroves, small lagoons and a couple of islands that make it a very exotic place to be discovered. Well known for providing a good Habitat for wintering birds like Asian African – Asian flyway, the place has admirable biodiversity. The combination of flora and fauna would definitely compel you to preserve some memories from this place. Make sure that you plan out a visit to the century somewhere between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. in between Saturday – Thursday.

3. Green Planet


Dubai is not just famous for oil tanks and lavish Lifestyle. It is also a Majestic place for natural habitats and lush green lands. The green planet can give you an immersive experience with the evergreen rainforest that has more than 3000 species of birds, animals and plants. Visiting the place alone or with the entire family is a splendid experience. you would feel like spending a lot of time at this place and enjoyed the flora and fauna in the best way possible. The longest man-made tree is one of the most interesting things to look at at this park.

With a height of 35 metres, there is a tree that would leave you stunned with its uniqueness. It feels like becoming a part of the forest the moment you visit it. There is a fair chance for you to feel quenched if you had the thirst of exploring the wildlife places in Dubai. The quiet dark and humid environment of the place is suitable not only for the wildlife existing here but also for human comfort.

4. Miracle Garden


Miracle Garden is not a wildlife spot but it can be categorised as an interesting and adventurous place in Dubai. The garden is home to 50 million flowers that literally cover the entire place. The stunning Aroma from each flower mesmerises the olfactory nerves at the next level. One must never miss out on the butterfly garden that is home to 15000 butterflies existing in the custom-built domes. The man-made structures have helped a lot of endangered species to live in safer homes in Dubai. Avoid visiting the place during the Summertime season and make sure that your visit is planned specifically during the winter season.

5 Dubai Creek Park


Situated in the heart of the city, Dubai Creek Park is one of the oldest existing parks that is a very popular tourist spot for people of all ages and sizes. The amazing park has a lot of floral beds, grassy areas and themed Gardens. You love the cool wind blowing in the open space of the park. Enjoy some moments of tranquillity and also hire a bike to take a miniature ride to different areas of the place. Do not forget to take your children to the bbq and the play area of the park. The children city and Dubai dolphinarium are also worth visiting.

6.Dubai Desert conservation reserve


The United Arab Emirates government has declared the Dubai Desert conservation reserve as a protected area for nature. It is a must-visit place for tourists because of its suitable environment. The entire area of the Dubai Desert conservation reserve has been planned in a way to grow vegetation that can naturally thrive in this area. The fencing is suitable to protect life in this area. You should visit the place at least once Because it is home to more than 50 plant species. There are more than 100 species of birds and a variety of reptiles and mammals existing here. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is an ideal place for enjoying camel riding, sandboarding and horse riding.

7. Sealion point


The places for a wildlife adventure in Dubai are unending. Animal lovers Always have a fair chance to enjoy and interact with the sea lions specifically at sea lion point Dubai. You would observe the homely behaviour of the mammals and their extraordinary activities are surely going to leave you nostalgic. The visitors can even get some kisses and cuddles from these innocent aquatic animals that are duly preserved in this area. Enjoy and take a bath on the long clear beaches in Dubai. Also indulge in a perfect family trip by finding suitable accommodation in the nearby areas.

8. Wasit wetland centre


Bird lovers are going to have a Gala time at waist wetland centre that is a great place for both entertainment and education. located at Sharjah in Dubai, a wetland Centre for migratory birds that can be seen soaring up in the clear blue sky. The swampy wetland was built somewhere in the year 2007 and is around 4.5 square kilometres wide. It is a perfect place for migratory birds that are on the verge of extinction. The delightful sight has several arrangements for entertaining kids.

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